Sochi International Street Circuit, 2014

Sochi track will be ‘fast and competitive’ – Whiting

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Sochi International Street Circuit, 2014In the round-up: FIA race director Charlie Whiting has high expectations for the Sochi street circuit which will hold Russia’s first grand prix later this year.


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Charlie Whiting: “I’m sure drivers will love the Russian Grand Prix (Sochi Autodrom)

“It will be a fast track, and I think it will be a really competitive track as there will be at least two or three places where drivers can overtake properly. I think that will be a very interesting track and a very spectacular race.”

Parry hungrier than ever to reach F1 after Silverstone experience (Bury Free Press)

“’I dream to be here and I dream to win here,’ said [Matt] Parry, who was a guest of the BRDC for the weekend. ‘I’ll be here in October in a McLaren F1 car for testing so it’s great to be here and see how the drivers are driving while also enjoying it as a spectator.'”

Hamilton is a decent human being but has a habit of presenting himself as a spoilt brat (Daily Mail)

“He seems to think that a few gushing Tweets can smooth over his sullenness, but I am not sure this is the case. Nor does the fact that he was perfectly well-behaved after his victory the next day, saying the right things, make up for his puerility when he is losing.”

Kate Walker: Piero Taruffi (Crash)

“So impacted was he by the incident that Taruffi wrote an imploring article entitled ‘Stop us before we kill again’, reflecting on the twin tragedies of that years Mille Miglia and the 1955 Le Mans disaster.”


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Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

“All I see is Alonso’s gearbox!”

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On this day in F1

Williams claimed their first ever Formula One race win 35 years ago today in their home event at Silverstone.

They were heading for a one-two when leader Alan Jones dropped out with a broken water pump seal. That left Clay Regazzoni to seize the team’s first win – but Jones took victory in the next three.