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Rate the race: 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

2014 Hungarian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Start, Hungaroring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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230 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix”

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  1. Now THAT, Ladies and Gentleman, is a proper 9/10 race. Brilliant action. Not quite Brazil 08 or Spa 98, but close.

  2. Changing, tricky conditions, drivers struggling and spinning, some interesting/poor strategic choices, Hamilton recovering, Alonso being PHENOMENAL, a fight for the lead at the end, Rosberg catching them.


  3. 7/10, very fun to watch, but too much chance instead of skill involved

    1. I do agree, but the race was still bloody brilliant. Ricciardo only won because he was outperformed in qualifying basically, which feels a bit backwards.

      1. What??? What are you on about??? “Ricciardo only won because he was outperformed in qualifying basically, which feels a bit backwards”???

  4. You can’t get better than that.

  5. There’s a category of races that are above the other races. Today’s race was one of those. Rain that delivered the unpredictability, battles, an amazing recovery drive by Hamilton, one of the ultimate drives of the decade by Ricciardo. Sheesh, I’m shaking. That’s the F1 I love. And the waiting for Spa is already immense.

  6. I find it difficult to criticise F1 (the racing bit). These guys raced today and for that I give you 10.

  7. Best race ever man

  8. Vettel told he is going to make ALO-2012? Where?

    1. BTW 8 points for a race, not that bad.

    2. @slava

      What are you on about. Use English please.

      1. Learn English, please.


  10. Solid 9, Daniel is fantastic but my goodness Alonso is absolutely phenomenal !!!!!!

    1. Definitely, a racer of the day. Wins over Ricciardo because of better start.

  11. The safety car was around for a very long time (and rightly so) and it made the race into a dramatic slow burner. With everything that is wrong with Formula One at the moment, it cannot be forgotten that Formula One can be absolutely phenomenal at times. The top three drivers today were the top three on the podium and that’s how it should be, remarkable stuff.


  12. Ricciardo, ladies and gentlemen…who wanted to see Vettel with a normal car? Here you go guys!

    1. @palmerstoneroad

      What’s normal about it?

      Want to see Vettel with a normal car? Here you go guys!

  13. 10/10!! The best race I’ve seen since Brazil 2012. It had a wet start, crashes, mighty save from Vettel, Great comeback from Lewis, great defence from Vergne and Alonso. It was epic! Slightly ruined by Rosberg being a whining idiot and complaining about how he couldn’t get past Lewis but still an epic race!

    1. What about Ricciardo winning? Where is the congrats for him? Some just forget the ability that it takes to be there in the top 3 for every race in an inferior team with a 4 times world champion as your team mate. Great race Dani and you deserve every accolade that people give you or begrudge you.

  14. Brilliant race, had absolutely no idea how it would end up throughout the whole race! Drama and action all the way… On a track that doesn’t always deliver.

  15. 1/10 – Rosberg not on the podium so I gave it 1.

    LOL, deffs a 10/10 race… even my dog was barking at me for shouting at the computer

  16. The race was a 9/10. Fernando best driver on this day – and probably most days if I’m honest. :)

  17. 10. nothing else.

  18. 10/10 any less would just be an understatement!

  19. 9/10, brilliant race, totally enthralling from start to finish.

  20. Very entertaining – 9/10.

    Missing 10th point because all three on the podium needed a lot of luck (besides there good driving)

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