Rate the race: 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

Start, Hungaroring, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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231 comments on Rate the race: 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

  1. Alex Brown (@splittimes) said on 27th July 2014, 15:49

    I usually rate the race after I’ve seen the TV coverage, which for me is BBC highlights for most races, and listen live to the race on BBC radio 5 Live. Today, I’ve rated straight away, because I probably won’t watch the highlights show, because it is always a disappointment, and by leaving off my rating, I’m doing a disservice to the radio broadcasters (not the producers though, who seem quite happy to have the coverage start late or end early or be constantly interrupted by something that could be broadcast on 5live Extra). Honestly though, the simple fact that it is LIVE makes all the difference. The best race in the world is nothing if it isn’t live.

    • In_Silico (@insilico) said on 27th July 2014, 16:02

      @splittimes I too listen to 5 live for english commentary, as I watch german TV for the races that the BBC aren’t showing. So I depend on that. Quite frankly I was appalled at what happened today, prioritising the commonwealth games and a test match (which goes on for all day), instead of F1. They said they were switching to Hungary for the race start but they were too late, only switching to it when the car’s were midway through the first corner. And then dropping it to go back to the commonwealth games after 20-odd seconds. Just terrible.

  2. 9/10

    As much as I enjoy seeing Danny Ric smile on the podium, it’d be nice to have one of the “old guards”, Lewis – 4 victories or Fernando – 3 victories, on the top step.

    But overall, a great race, plenty of surprises.

    Move of the Day: JEV on Rosberg.
    Driver of the Day: RIC, HAM

  3. Aqib (@aqibqadeer) said on 27th July 2014, 15:54

    there should be an option to rate 11/10 i wanted to rate 9/10 but by mistake i rated it 10/10 for some reason lol!

  4. Nick (@npf1) said on 27th July 2014, 15:56

    What a dramatic race! Everything from Hamilton spinning on the opening lap, denying Rosberg track position and finishing 3rd, to JEV denying Rosberg a handful of times AND overtaking him fairly and squarely, Alonso ending up leading the race, Riccirado winning, the crashes, the strategies..

    Yet, there were a lot of moments in the race where there was drama, yet little overtaking. If we had this drama at a track like Interlagos or even Hockenheim, it would have be a 10. Yet, I’m going to to one up from last race and vote a 9, even though I would vote a 9.5 were it possible.

    It’s not often I find myself cheering this many drivers on, purely because they make some absolutely amazing moves, though!

  5. Win7Golf (@win7golf) said on 27th July 2014, 16:05

    Driver of the day – 1- Lewis / 2- Ricciardo / 3 – Alonso

  6. David Not Coulthard (@davidnotcoulthard) said on 27th July 2014, 16:07

    8/10 for me.

  7. Bendanarama (@bendana) said on 27th July 2014, 16:07

    9/10 for a properlygood, combatative race.

    1/10 for my choice on bets for the result this week. £6 spent, zero back!

  8. MarcusAurelius (@marcusaurelius) said on 27th July 2014, 16:12

    My first 10 point ever. Although the top 4 was a bit unlucky, the others played it very well (apart from McLaren) to get a super race.
    Big problem though: who is the man of the race? Ricciardo for his perfect drive? Alonso for outdriving the Ferrari? Or Hamilton for the Pits (+barrier) to Podium?

  9. budchekov (@budchekov) said on 27th July 2014, 16:13

    Gave it a 9, almost a 10, great entertainment, no way was I going down the road for a Starbucks break during this one.

    @Post race interview with Will…..Rosberg came across as a whiny little spoiled brat, I thought he was about to cry..

  10. Gareth J (@gjessopp) said on 27th July 2014, 16:14

    It wasn’t a 10. The opening and closing stages of the race were worthy of a 10 but the middle of the race was rather lacking. Had the rain come when they thought it would have, it may have spiced things up a bit. A solid 8 though overall.

  11. Jorge Lardone (@jorge-lardone) said on 27th July 2014, 16:16

    9/10. A great race, another superb drive work by Lewis Hamilton, a real champion. also great race for Ricciardo and Raikkonen.

  12. Lorenzo (@thegamer23) said on 27th July 2014, 16:21

    Why not “11” button?
    This race was legendary, it had everything: crashes, pit stop drama, overtakes, wheel to wheel fights, team mates clashes, amazing recoveries, and a three-way battle for the win in the end.

    Bahrain, and Hungary. Two classics

  13. Lari (@lari) said on 27th July 2014, 16:25

    8/10, alot of racing and overtakes when considering what track it is. Would’ve been 9/10 or 10/10 even if all this happened without any SC involvement. Reserving the best points for that. Good efforts from Ricciardo, Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg, Kimi. Feel bad for Bottas and Vettel.

  14. tmax (@tmax) said on 27th July 2014, 16:36

    Wonderful race !!! makes up for the dull race last week. It was a strategy fest…… the timing of the first Safety Car did the trick. Wow… I was thinking Alonso will win the race. Rosberg did a good drive in the last.

    After the safety car Roseberg, Vettel and Bottas might be thinking what the hell happened…we did nothing wrong here…….

  15. Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 27th July 2014, 16:37

    Epic race. It had all the drama. Championship contenders battling over position, Hamilton fighting from a pitlane start all the way up to the podium, Ricciardo winning the race (not in a Mercedes), different strategies used with Rosberg getting the strategy all wrong and Alonso en Ricciardo getting it right.

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