Felipe Massa, Williams, Monza, 2015

No progress in Italian Grand Prix talks

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In the round-up: The future of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza remains in doubt after another setback.

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Mercedes and Manor: the new Ferrari-Haas?

It has to be significant that the deal includes using Manor using Mercedes’ 50% scale wind tunnel. Surely some Manor aero guys are going to end up having a coffee with some Mercedes aero guys. Or even more… dinner! :) Ferrari/Haas is a model Mercedes were specifically interested in, and Manor have the same allocation of aero hours. Tombazis won’t need to have all the ‘i’s dotted and ‘t’s crossed will he? An engineer or two might move for a promotion.

Mercedes actively want one of Manor’s drivers to do well. So I would not be surprised to find Manor’s chassis is quite passable, quite quickly.

Points? Well say if Wehrlein is worth a few tenths over Nasr, Ericsson, Palmer and Gutierrez, the engine is worth a second or so over a few of the others, it only needs a good weekend to coincide with a few bad weekends. Just about odds on to score a point, I’d say. Twice, why not.

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