Monte-Carlo – spectators’ experiences

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Rubens Barrichello, Honda, Monte-Carlo, 2006Tell us about your experiences of visiting the Monte-Carlo street circuit.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

Please use the reply box below to leave your comments.

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339 comments on Monte-Carlo – spectators’ experiences

  1. If it’s possible to upload a photo I can post one taken from opposite K grandstand with an F1 car in the foreground so you can get a perspective of the view. Perhaps someone can tell me if this is possible and if so how to do it then you’ll be able to make an informed decision Jack.

    • Jack said on 30th March 2010, 1:45

      Would be nice. Maybe you can upload your pic on

      After the upload the site gives you a link for the picture which you can post here …

      • Jack, I’ve uploaded 6 or 7 images to filefront for you and i tried to post the links but every time i click submit i’m told it’s spam and wont let me submit the links.

        if you send me an email address i’ll pm the links to you.

        if anyone else wants to see the images they can either get the links from Jack or PM me on

  2. Tamara said on 1st April 2010, 6:10

    We are arriving on Thursday 5/13 for the Monaco race. I don’t want to buy advance tix, as we might be late. Does anyone have an opinion on getting last minute Thursday tix (at low rates..)? We bought tickets for Grandstand K high for Saturday and Rocher for the race (for the full range of experiences.) If we don’t buy tickets on Thursday, do you recommend a pub to watch practice on TV? Is it even televised?? Thanks for all the help!

    • quigley said on 3rd May 2010, 23:37

      We MAY have two GA’s (Stand T) for Thurs
      I will know in a couple of days.


  3. Dave said on 20th April 2010, 11:19

    I have a question about radio commentary I am going to be in block K near the Marina.
    Does anyone know if you can tune an FM radio into any stations and what frequencies are they to hear radio commentary in english during the race ?

    • jayb said on 22nd April 2010, 22:10

      There is commentary which is in french, English and Italian (i think) but the noise of the cars can sometimes drown out the commentary but there is a large video screen to the left of K which you can just about make out the running order. there is no kangaroo TVs on sale this year which is a shame as it had BBC radio. Not sure about any FM radio.

  4. Marco said on 23rd April 2010, 8:52

    I have to sell many tickets for Monaco GP, if you ‘ re intersted contact me.

  5. Mark said on 10th May 2010, 14:48

    What time does the general admitance area (Rocher) open on the Saturday and Sunday?

    What time do you need to get there for a good spot, and where are the good spots!?

    Many thanks for any help!

    • F1_Gal said on 10th May 2010, 16:17

      The good spots are in the center and on the actual face of the Rocher. When you’re near the top your view is blocked by trees and such.

      I know that the people who saved our spot slept out there all weekend to make sure no one took it but I don’t think you’re technically allowed to sleep overnight. Ask around once you get there what the policy is and how other people do it. You should be able to figure out quickly who the regulars are.

      Either way, I think you need to be there by 6 AM on race day to be assured of a decent spot. I got there later and it was packed, even in the rain.

      Let us know how it goes!

  6. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 11th May 2010, 15:15

    For people going to this year’s (2010) Monaco Grand prix you can find a discussion page here: 2010 Monaco Grand Prix discussion

    • Danilo said on 31st May 2010, 10:55

      Finally I went with my family to the GP in the Secteur Rocher. It was hard, very hard, but really amazing. We came at 6 in the morning, by car. The secteur was quite empty so we found the places we wanted. The best places were already occuped by other italians and brasilian fans of Ferrari. They offer two places to us (me and my friend). Great!!!!
      I watched all the races (Porche, Renault and F1) in the best places of the Rocher with my baby (3yr), sitting on a little wall, in front of the last turn of the circuit and a giant screen.
      My wife was sitting under the shadow of a tree.
      When the GP started the Secteur Rocher was clouded but the people was wery kind
      So all the family enjoyed very much.
      We never forget this experience, also if Ferrari didn’t win (but Alonso made the show with his aggressive drive) and the race finished with the safety car.
      I can say that the Rocher is a very good place to see the Monte Carlo GP spending nont alot of money (70€), but only if you go there very early in the morning and with a opend mind!!!

  7. Danilo said on 11th May 2010, 17:16

    We are a small group going to see the race in the rocher.
    There is a couple of friends and my family Me, my wife and my little baby (3yr).
    The problem is that my wife is pregnant, so I hope that the experience would be not to hard for her.

    We are located in Nice, and we will go to Monaco by car very early in the morning at 5AM.

    We will take food and seets to resist for 10 hour there.

    Could you please give me some information to have a fantastic experience?

  8. Ray said on 29th May 2010, 17:33

    My wife and I just came back from a visit to the south of France where we also wanted to experience the 2010 Monaco Grand Prix. We had a limited budget and we got the tickets online for “Sector Rocher”. We have been to Monaco before and we had the wrong assumption that even at the cheapest location we will be able to experience the Monaco Grand Prix. Unfortunately this was the worst sporting event experience in our whole life. The so called Sector Rocher was jammed with thousands of people pushing and shoving each other. You couldn’t even see the giant screen located nearby. After half an hour of suffering we decided to go back to the ticket office and complain. But the people at the ticket office (Platinium Group SAM) did no care at all. We asked if we can pay the difference and get a better place and the answer was NO. Amazingly we were not the only ones. We met more people who abandoned Sector Rocher and requesting an upgrade or their money back but the nasty and arrogant people at the Platinium Group SAM ticket office ignored everybody. We decided to leave Monaco immediately. We could have watched the Grand Prix on the TV at the comfort of our apartment near Nice and had a much better time without spending 200 Euros.
    If you are planning to experience the Monaco Grand Prix here is my advice to you:
    1. Unless you are rich and you can afford the over priced tickets for good seats DO NOT BUY TICKETS AT “SECTOR ROCHER”. All the experience you will have is the sweat of the people pushing and showing you.
    2. Unless you want to be 100% sure that you will have tickets take a chance and buy ticket on location. The Sector Rocher tickets that we paid 100 Euros each were selling for 70 Euros each and all the other locations were about 30% less then the online price.

    Shame on you Platinum Group SAM
    Shame on you Monaco for letting this kind of non-sense happening in a classy place like yours.

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  11. Daniel P said on 14th September 2010, 0:59

    Hi all,

    Can someone comment on how much of a view is there from the terrace of Cafe de Paris? I am trying to assess if it’s worth paying 550 Euros for a ticket for the 2011 grand prix for Saturday and Sunday or just try one of the grandstands like K or L (with a view of the pits). If someone has some pics of the view from the Cafe de Paris terrace or grandstand L, I would appreciate it if they sent it to dpetrovita at rogers dot com.

  12. Denise said on 19th November 2010, 13:51

    Booking tickets for Monaco 2011, for Husbands 40th, where is the best place, thats reasonalble too around £250ish, race day to sit???
    Been looking at Grandstand N first choice or O, P, are these any good or would anyone suggest anywhere better?
    Need as respone asap to book
    Many Thanks

  13. Daniel P. said on 22nd November 2010, 16:26

    I have just booked a ticket for Saturday’s qualifying in the T2 grandstand for row R, seat 59 for 220 Euros. It seems to be in the upper portion but don’t know exactly if I will see the pits from there.
    For Sunday, I reserved a spot at the La Dolce Vita restaurant, on the start finish straight.

    • Denise said on 3rd December 2010, 16:45

      Apparently Row P and above you can see into the pits. Where did you book the restaurant? Was it direct or a website? Was it expensive?
      Otherwise I think I’m going for O high can see in and out of 2 Bends I hope and distance view of Pitts, can see who’s coming in and out?!?!?!?

      • Daniel P said on 3rd December 2010, 16:57

        First I called the restaurant then I communicated via fax to reserve a spot. Price for Sunday is 500 Euros.
        Phone: +377 93 30 99 10
        Fax: +377 93 50 15 91

    • Nikhil said on 25th February 2011, 9:13

      where is the offer available for ‘cafe de Paris’ for euros 550/-, sounds like a good deal, does it inclus
      de the lunch and waterbottle and the wine+coffee etc.

  14. stephanie isherwood said on 27th November 2010, 19:34

    I went to Monaco this year for the first time. Sat in K on the Thursday and T upper on the Saturday and Sunday.

    Am just on the point of booking tickets for next year and am trying to work out the best place to watch the race. ‘T’ grandstand is good and I’m going to sit there on the Saturday as you get more action in the pits but it’s so expensive for race day. Has anyone sat in ‘V’? Is it any good?

    btw if anyone wants to see my photos –

    • Jean Pierre Auger said on 11th December 2010, 17:36

      Steph thanks for sharing, you’ve got great pix. I jsut added a comment about my 72 gp experience, hope you enjoy. I live in Buffalo, NY now and I watch every gp on ESPN live if i can stay awake that late. thanks again. JP

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