Silverstone – spectators’ experiences

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David Coulthard, Red Bull-Ferrari, 2006Tell us about your experiences of visiting Silverstone.

You may wish to include:

  • When you visited the track
  • Where you watched from
  • How easy it was to get to
  • How much of the track you could see
  • What support races there were
  • What you liked and didn’t like
  • How much it cost and whether it was good value

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  1. Link to 2009 map showing position of club A

    2009 Race Timetable also now available

    If you want to be front row in prime general admission, spot you will need to be up pretty early – and have someone to reserve your position when you want to grab some food or go for a toilet break!

    If you are less set on a certain position though, you will still be able to get decent views of the circuit much later in the day.

  2. Thanks for the info Ian. But where would you suggest is “prime general admission”? Also, what is “pretty early”?

    I’m thinking of sitting either at the end of the hanger straight – possibly see some overtaking – or round by Club. Can someone recommend one of these, or even somewhere else if that would be better?

    Thanks very much!

  3. I’ve booked grandstand tickets for last few years – so not best placed to comment, but would think you need to be getting in as the gates open to get the very best spots at Club, exit of Becketts, Copse.

    Later on you will still get a decent view from Maggots/Becketts – masses of room here, but the catch fencing is a fair way back from the circuit.

    Hangar straight then fills up from either end towards the middle

    1. Ian, thanks very much for the info!

  4. Michael Baker
    29th May 2009, 21:45

    Does anyone have any idea if Vodafone still own the rights the “Copse B”?

  5. Thanks for all your input everyone. Ian, that updated map was really helpful…. cheers.


  6. Hiya,

    Anyone else going to be in the Pit Straight B Grandstand?

    We have a car parking ticket – so do you think it’ll be for the parking that’s directly behind the grandstand – would make sense?

    Presumably if you have a grandstand ticket, there isn’t the pressure to get there so early? We’re staying at Newport Pagnell Services – closest accommodation we could get – anyone else?

  7. The car park you get sent to has more to do with the direction you approach the circuit from than where your seats are.

    No need to be there early with a grandstand ticket – although the GP2 race starts at 9:30 and is usually well worth watching.

  8. Thanks for that useful tip Ian – will tell hubby to head for Gate 5 then!
    Just spotted your link to the timetable too – v. useful – thanks!

  9. No problem Feline-Fan – but I’m not sure I explained what I meant very well! – You will probably be being directed to a specific car park long before you actually get to Silverstone. ie.e if you approach the circuit from the East, you will be directed to a car park on the east side of the circuit. To aid traffic flow, they don’t let people drive around the circuit perimeter roads. You will also have to leave on the same route you entered (a bit of a pain if you are travelling somewhere other that your original departure point as it can involve a long diversion).

    Also worth mentioning that the gate number on the map are “foot gates” – you will have parked your car before going through these.

    1. Thanks again Ian,

      All useful info!
      Which grandstand are you in?

  10. Anybody have the answer – I have got two tickets for pit straight A and was wondering how it is numbered?

    I have numbers 121 and 122 at which end is number one?

    please help so i can show my Dad were he will be sitting.


    1. Hi Anthony,

      Yeah I was wondering if there was some sort of seating plan available somwehere!

      1. we have stowe a t65 t66 would love to know where seats are located

    2. Matt Hubbert
      17th June 2009, 15:58

      Hi Anthony,I have sat in the grandstand for the past 2 years the numbers start from the woodcote end judging by the numbers that you have you should be about opposite the podium which was where i was 2 years ago great seats!!!

  11. Hi

    This is our first visit to GP we are going with the kids and have a general admission ticket with roving grandstand seats. Does this mean that we are able to choose any grandstand available once we are there? What are the chances of getting grandstand seats this way. What time do you recommend we arrive, we are there on Saturday. Our boys love GP and hopefully we would love this to be a great experience for them.


    1. Not sure about the roving grandstand seat, i think you can take any empty seats as they come and go. However to be honest its better getting up close to the action, best place is maggots, you can get so close to the track and really appreicate the speed, not to mention the SOUND! Trust me if this is your first GP experience your gonna love it!

  12. Hi all –

    We’re taking a troupe of small boys to the saturday of the GP this year. Got Familly tickets with roving Granstand – any suggestions for what works best with kids?

    Many thanks

  13. All grandstand tickets are “roving” on a saturday – which means you can sit in any public grandstand which is all of them except BRDC grandstand, Club Silverstone (one end of the Becketts stand), the Silverstone Racing Club stand and hospiltality stands.

    Take no notice of anyone who claims “that is my seat” – seats numbers are only reserved for Sunday.

    I often sit around Luffield / Woodcote for quali – It is good especially if it is wet (or I guess really hot & sunny if you have young kids in tow) as it covered and you get to see a lot of cars in a small space, plenty of screens and a view of the pit entry to see who is on flying laps or in laps.

    Not usually noted as an overtaking spot – but thats not a problem in quali. You do see a few mistakes here though with drivers missing braking points on the entry into the complex.

    Its alos close to the main merchandising areas.

    I’d then head to either pit straights to see the grid formation antics at the start of the GP2 race, or head the other way down to Club to watch some overtaking

  14. Meant to add, you shouldn’t have any problem picking a grandstand of your choice for Saturday – they don’t fill up very early

    1. Thanks for the reply. We can’t wait.

  15. We are camping at Whittlebury Park (first time camping), are the facilities good here and is there shops nearby for supplies and getting ice-packs re-frozen, etc?
    Will be in Luffield A this time – last year was in Copse D – great views of corner and pit exit and tv straight across from us (binocs needed tho).

    1. Hi Bev,
      I’m camping for the first time too at Whittlebury.(praxis)..with my son.Got gen admission for 3 days.Flying down from Glasgow to Luton on Fri Morning.Not got room for ice-packs but wish I did!!!

  16. Whittlebury is a great campsite. There are two distinct areas – golf course plots and farm plots. As the names suggest, the golf course plots are on slightly better / more level ground with well manicured grass whilst the farm plots are a little more “rural”, but still fine for camping.

    Facilities are good with mobile showers available around the site and also in the Pavilion. These are kept clean and supplied with hot water throughout the weekend and minimal queueing is needed even at busy times.

    There is a beer tent and “stage” with DJ & live bands, plus a hog roast over by the farm plots.

    There is another bar at the Pavilion where you can also buy breakfast, & evening snack food such as pizzas with a large “posh” marquee to sit in. You can also buy bacon, bread, milk etc from here.

    There is a another shop/bar/cafe by the main entrance. I’m not sure about facilities to re-freeze ice packs.

    There is also the Atrium. This is the main golf club house and is open to campers. There are nice toilet facilities and a large bar / restaurant serving Pub food such as steaks, scampi, chicken etc plus a carvery doing roast dinners. If you plan to eat here on Saturday or Sunday evening I would advise you book a table on arrival.

    It is not a party all night campsite – you have to be quiet after midnight, so a good night sleep is possible!

    1. Thank you Ian – really useful info. Can’t wait !!!

    2. thanks for info staying there for the first time hopefully arriveing fri morn

  17. Great info from everyone. I am going to GP for the first time this year as well and was wondering if you are allowed to take your own food/beer in?

  18. Yep – no problem with taking your own food & beer in.

  19. I had loads of questions about the weekend but they have all been answered thanks to this forum – great work guys, thanks!

    Hopefully see you all next week!!

    1. I hope you dont turn up next weekend because we wont all be there! just under 2 weeks now! hehe : )

      1. Forgive me if I am wrong but it is not this weekend and it is next weekend? :-P

        Why would I not want to turn up next weekend :-P

        1. Yeah, you said see you all next week, but its more like 2 2bh!

          1. The race weekend starts Fri 19th which is factually next week – not more like 2 :-)

            Either way not long.

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