F1 Fanatic Live: Formula One

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143 comments on “F1 Fanatic Live: Formula One”

      1. No, ‘just now, after others went out for longs runs I thought I saw nothing, then a red PIT next to his name before, but I might be wrong, could indeed be saving the engine a bit (or other parts, after that off).

  1. Fastest ever lap of COTA by Hamilton just now. For reference that’s almost exactly ten seconds faster than the best time set at last month’s World Endurance Championship race:

    Hamilton 1’34.668
    Jani 1’44.656 (Porsche 919)

  2. I wholly agree with Crofty that televising the drivers briefing is not the right choice – it might make for entertainment, but that is not what that briefing is supposed to be about.

      1. I must say that I am curious whether that will improve for next year with the ESPN with Sky footage deal. Off course you aren’t any better off if they put as many ad-breaks in though.

        1. The Sky/ESPN thing is still unconfirmed and I don’t believe it for a moment. ESPN has been quiet about their plans next year except they’re not using the present on-air talent. Will it improve? I hope so because it can’t get any worse than now.

          1. I think they will go for that, because it gives them quality footage (they could improve it by being somewhat less brit focussed) for no extra cost to the owners.

          2. ESPN is owned by Disney. Sky is owned by its media arch-rival News Corps(Fox). Sky pays FOM for that additional access and I’m sure they don’t want to share it to a small but fertile US market for free or additional costs.

          3. Yeah, but Sky will probably happily sell the footage, maybe even part of negotiations to keep the UK deal for another few years. But you have a good point about ESPN being their competition.

          4. I rather like Steve Matchett’s commentary and analysis. Will Buxton is decent and Hobbs is like a comfortable old shoe.
            My biggest complaint would be the ridiculous number of ads!

      1. They went to Jo Bauer to ask about why it’s Hartley getting the engine penalty on “Kvyat’s” car while Kvyat doesn’t. The answer was that Kvyat is actually replacing Sainz, so takes Sainz’ allocation while Hartley replaces Gasly who took over for Kvyat, and is stuck with the penalty. So Gasly will next time replace Kvyat in Sainz’ car

        1. And Sky checked the rules (Symonds) and think that bc. Kvyat is actually coming back into the same team, he should be in ‘his’ car, w. engine penalty (but, STR probably expect him to qualify better, given his greater experience in the car). So, bit of a messy situation there to fill a greasy and slow FP1 :)

    1. Well, since you can’t run cars in different liveries in F1 and Martini sponsors the team, I don’t see haw they’d do it differently. OFf course his overalls do NOT have the MArtini branding though.