Debate: Has F1 been brought into disrepute?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Jean Todt, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2007 | Ferrari mediaSince McLaren escaped last week’s World Motor Sports Council hearing without punishment last week, the war of words between Ferrari and McLaren has escalated profoundly.

First Jean Todt attacked, saying that Ferrari would have been punished had they been in the same position, adding there was, “not even a sign of logic in this verdict.”

Yesterday Ron Dennis hit back, accusing Ferrari of cheating in the Australian Grand Prix, and leaking misleading information about the trial to the press.

Have either of these two brought F1 into disrepute – and should they be punished?

When the story first broke I was happy to suggest that the massive publicity might draw some attention to F1 in a positive way.

But the open accusations of cheating (by both teams) and inconsistency by the sports governing body are deeply serious. Should the FIA respond by sanctioning either – or both – of the teams involved? Have your say below…

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