Debate: Going to a race in 2008?

Jenson Button, Honda, Magny-Cours, 2007 | HondaRacingF1.comIt may be many months until the start of the new season, but those thinking of going to one of the early races will already be getting their tickets and hotels sorted.

What race would most like to go to in 2008? Are you planning to visit either of the new additions to the calendar in Singapore or Valencia?

I usually end up going to the British Grand Prix and for the last two years have managed to fit in an extra trip to Istanbul and Monza (you can read about my experiences below).

I’ve always wanted to go to Monaco but it’s a bit too expensive for me. And having just bought a house I might not be able to afford much next year!

What race would you most like to go to? Are you going to one next year?

If you’re thinking of going to a race but haven’t picked one you can read other people’s experiences of the different circuits.


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30 comments on Debate: Going to a race in 2008?

  1. Eric M. said on 3rd December 2007, 9:48

    I’ve never been to an F1 race, but I would like to go to the Montreal race next year if I could, as it is my “home” GP. From what I’ve read Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is fantastic for spectators, as the stands are postioned reasonably close to the action on the track, which is a big plus for me. I have a friend who went a couple of years back, and he said it was an amazing experience. I’m not sure which corner I’d like to sit at though. Probably the hairpin, but any recommendations would be appreciated.

  2. I have never been to an F1 race, mainly because it costs far too much, and time is limited – I have problems getting to the Renault World Series as it is, and those tickets are for free!

    However, me and my mate always say “we’ll go this year” and would’ve gone to Barcelona had we not already had another trip booked there later in the year.

    However, he is going to the Singapore race next year as he knows people there that can get him free passes and has invited me . . . I could also visit family there so it would be quite good.

    Ironically, even though I haven’t been, Silverstone doesn’t appeal to me that much. There’s been some great races there of recent I’d say, but I’d rather make a trip out of it. Besides, I know I’d be in the presense of Hamilton-mania now, so nah!

  3. I went to a practice session last year at Silverstone and I have been to a few other Renault events and to be honest I would rather stay home and watch it on TV. I had no idea what was going on the whole time I was there.

  4. If I can get the money to do it, I’d like to go to Spa next year. And then Singapore in 2009. The former because it’s a great circuit and I gather several other bloggers would like to arrange some sort of get-together, and Singapore because my best friend lives there (2008 would probably be financially impossible, though).

  5. Tommy B said on 3rd December 2007, 12:46

    I’ve already booked a tour to Valencia next year. Just need to wait for the tickets to go on sale. The new track looks amazing :D

  6. SoLiD said on 3rd December 2007, 15:56

    I’m from Belgium, so I always go to the Belgian GP, and next year I’ll be there again.. maybe Friday and Saturday only, as Sunday was pretty bad this year..I had to go alone, that might have been a reason…and the dull race (******** V8 rev limited)… and it’s so crowdy then :)… but hell I’ll be there :)

  7. Journeyer said on 3rd December 2007, 15:58

    I’m currently booking for Singapore 2008. I’m also waiting for the race tickets to go on sale. But my plane is definitely sorted, while I’m finalizing my hotel. Since I live a couple of hours away from Singapore (by plane), booking plane tickets now are cheap (only around US$200 or 100 pounds for a round trip).

    Any others going to SG next year?

  8. I just got back from Singapore from sort of pre race research :-) Definitelly going there for the race next, no way I will miss out on that… I also plan Melbourne and probably Shanghai. And if I manage to get to Europe over summer may check out 1 race there, not sure which one yet.

  9. Daniel PT said on 3rd December 2007, 16:48

    I’ve never been to a race. But now since i have the money, i will try to be at Magny Cours or Spa or yet Hockenheim to see a GP since those are the nearest from the place i live now.

  10. Johnny said on 3rd December 2007, 20:09

    I am considering going to the Canadian grand prix, but I live in California and for the price I might consider going to the ALMS 12hrs at sebring instead.

  11. Being in Canada getting to many races is just not in my wallet. Have been to the Canadian Grand Prix 8x and will be going this year again. That’s the only one on my calendar so far.

  12. Eric M. said on 3rd December 2007, 21:08

    “Being in Canada getting to many races is just not in my wallet. Have been to the Canadian Grand Prix 8x and will be going this year again. That’s the only one on my calendar so far.”

    Where would you say is the best spot to watch the race from?

  13. Wesley said on 3rd December 2007, 22:13

    I would like to try to make it to Canada if funds are in my account.

    I also hear seats and parking are plentiful for Indy this year.( sorry,couldn’t help myself )

  14. Daniel said on 3rd December 2007, 23:06

    I’ve been to Qualifying in Brazil this year. I live 2000km north of São Paulo, but as my sister lives there I planned to pass ten days on vacation and get to know the city…

    By august, when I bought the tickets, the race day was sold out! Brazilian bloggers commented that It was the earliest sold out ever!

    So, I got the Qualifying tickets for the ‘M’ sector (Best one, at the pit straight, and, depending on where you stay – and I stood there! -, you can see from the “junção” uphill part to the braking and the first part of Senna S)…

    It was an amazing experience, and I plan to go back there next year… The grandstands are covered, confortable, organized, clean, and have radio broadcasting live, but obviously it’s impossible to hear when the cars pass… You’d beter get your own walkman or MP3 player with FM… There’s also a big screen in front of the grandstands, close to the pits…

    I stood in front of the lower ranked teams garages (Super Aguri, Spyker, Toro Rosso, Williams), but It was the best place to see the S…

  15. AmericanTifosi said on 3rd December 2007, 23:22

    If I had enough money (emphasis on “if”) I would go to Belgium or the Nurburgring. Silverstone is great too. Unfortunatly the closest race to me (I live in Minnesota) is the ALMS race at Elkhart Lake. I love ALMS and I am a huge Audi fan but I would much rather go to an F1 gp.

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