Max Mosley wins FIA vote of confidence

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Max Mosley has won the vote of confidence in him is FIA President.

Before the votes were cast in the FIA extraordinary general meeting it was calculated that he needed at least 89 of 177 available votes to win (45 of the 222 clubs were judged ineligible to vote).

He won with 103 votes to 55, with seven abstentions and four invalid votes. Further updates below.

With so much opposition to him having come out in public, not least from Bernie Ecclestone and many of the largest automobile clubs that comprise the FIA membership, it remains to be seen whether there will be further attempts to remove him from office.

In a poll on this website 81% of readers wanted Mosley to step down over the sex scandal.

Update: the ramifications of the vote are already being felt. The German motoring body ADAC, the largest in Europe, has announced it is suspending all activities relating to the FIA until Mosley steps down. More here. The American Automobile Association is expected to make an announcement shortly.

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  1. caren’t say that this was really unexpected…

  2. He should proceed and do the honorable thing by resigning. But Max is not a honorable man.

  3. Very dissapointing, but as Oliver said, not unexpected. Bernie should just get the top 20-30 groups together and form a new governing body for F1 and pick up the regulations himself.

    F1 will only be compromised and gain no benefit by continuing to be associated with an FIA with Max at the head. Max has shown the world that he places his own interests above those of every team, driver, sponsor associated with motor sports.

  4. Of course, it’s the will of the Association members which have kept him in office. It seems a shame that public opinion doesn’t have an influence on such an important decision for motorsport in general.

    I must admit I have no preference to whether he stays or goes, so long as the excitement on the track keeps up.

  5. I agree with Oliver.

  6. I agree with Oliver too. Max hangs on – but at what price? I wonder what the dissenting clubs have to say about this.

  7. Oh, some other details:,18954,3213_3644360,00.html

    Eddie Jordan thinks Max will still resign – albeit now on his own terms.


    Bernie thinks Max will run again. US delegate Robert Darbelnet is also considering withdrawing his club (is it the AAA?) from the FIA.

  8. This is his principle to life, I think: It is too easy, when alive, to make perfectly horrible mistakes… So it goes….

  9. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    3rd June 2008, 12:46

    apologies if any of the following is wrong im not sure of all the facts but from my understanding the vote was to decide whether max could still do his job properly.

    Last weekend was the monaco grand prix, the apparent jewell in the formula 1 crown, the race which is commercially the most valuable to formula 1, the race where anyone whos anyone in formula 1 makes an appearance. yet max wasnt welcome ther ebecause nobody wants to be seen associting with a nazi supporter. It doesnt matter how it came about and how it got into the publics attention the fact is it has got into the public attention and it has affected max’s ability to show his face in public.

    people dont want to be seen with him so how can he be in a position of such importance and power.

  10. I suppose we saw this coming, really. But after the actions of the ADAC, more motorsport bodys may follow suit. I agree with Oliver, Mosley should just step down, but I don’t think he will.

  11. And another thing, after all this public oppositions towards Mosley, where did all this suport come from?! Turned out that Mosley wasn’t lying about the amount of people that were supporting him, but who are they?

  12. It was predictable… Now we will see at least one year of stalling and retaliations…

  13. I’ve defended Max previously here asking how his private life has anything to do with his running or an organisation, and I’m glad this was the result. I feel the ‘nazi-orgy’ was perhaps convienient for those who wish to oust him, as there argument of it damaging the sport is a very thin one.

    Also Max Mosley called this meeting, I think, and he is a trained and successfully proven barrister, I doubt he was low on confidence.

  14. M Smith – mainly the smaller clubs. As mentioned before the larger clubs that represent the majority of motorists were very much against Mosley. But the smaller clubs stuck up for him and already people are starting to speculate why. The Dutch representative indicated some of the clubs that had voted for Mosley receive money from the FIA (though he stopped short of implying corruption). More here.

  15. My goodness, this is really becoming a mess.

    Tom, Max won, and the key clubs (like ADAC and AAA) don’t want to work with him anymore. His dogged persistence to stay is causing him to lose key support – it just might tear the FIA apart.

    P.S. Keith, some of my comments can’t get through – can you check if it’s in your moderation queue?

  16. OK, 1.It has been stated elsewhere on F1Fanatic that Bernie and FOG are already trying to take control of F1. It now looks like he will be able to go ahead with winning more organisations over to his point of view, since there are a lot of unhappy people about now.
    This will mean that FOG, and its various members will
    a)own the racing circuits
    b)own the racing teams
    c)own the racing drivers
    d)make up the rules and enforce them
    Do you really want this to happen?
    2. Since ADAC has already left the FIA, and the American organisation may follow suit, and others, what will happen to the overall control of Motorsport if it fragments? Do you want to see unified regulations or do you want to go back to the mess it was before most came under FIA control?
    3. With Max still in place this scandal will now continue to rattle around the media until the court case and beyond. This will affect everyone and everything to do with any motorsport under FIA control.

  17. Oh, and if the key FIA clubs (most notably ADAC) withdraw from the FIA, will this affect the F1 GPs held in their countries? Or will they make a separate deal with Bernie for it?

  18. No surprise when small clubs have the same voting power as large clubs then it is easier to get a favourable vote if they have “support” from the fia – still wouldnt like to hear what sponsors think of this

  19. DG,

    1. Isn’t that what NASCAR is doing now? Sure, the racing may be artificial, but marketing-wise, it’s right up there with F1 (which is struggling with politics). So maybe this structure won’t be as bad for F1 as we think it is – so long as it’s led by Bernie or someone like him, and not corporate suits.

    2. We want unified regulations – and that would’ve happened if Max left. As it is, he’s forcing the issue, and it’s forcing the bigger clubs to leave rather than work than someone they don’t respect anymore.

    3. That’s right on point. With Max still around, this won’t just go away. Remember, McLaren escaped punishment the 1st time, but not the 2nd time round. Will this also be the case with Mosley?

  20. Journeyer

    It hadn’t occured to me that was how NASCAR works – I would rather it wasn’t Bernie running F1 purely because he appears to be the only person making any money from it!

    I have been struck with another thought – what if Max does resign in 2009, and then realigns himself with Bernie and FOG? Where does that leave the FIA and his critics? (I wonder if this is Bernies get-out-of-jail offer?)

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