Hello to Hector

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

On the train home from work I usually thrash out a few ideas for articles, listen to podcasts or sleep. The one thing I never do is talk to anyone, because that would violate Rule 1 of Travelling on the London Underground.

This evening, however, someone did speak to me, and I’m glad I resisted the initial urge to pull the passenger alarm. The voice had a friendly face and his name was Hector – he’d spied “F1” on my laptop and wanted to know if I wrote for a Formula 1 website…

So we shot the breeze and talked about the upcoming season. Hector, it turns out, is from Spain and lives in Britain, so the discussion quickly turned to Hamilton and Alonso at McLaren. He was encouraged by Alonso’s form in testing at Jerez today (see here for more) but we both agreed things are not looking so rosy at McLaren – Hector wondered whether they were missing Alonso’s development input.

Of course we had to talk about the other big story of testing: the surprising pace of Brawn GP’s BGP 001. Will they be among the top four this year? Hector reckoned so, placing them in the top bracket with Ferrari, BMW and Renault. Despite that, he reckons Alonso is Ferrari-bound in the future, “The Tifosi will like him better because he speaks Italian. Raikkonen doesn’t speak much Italian” he said. “Raikkonen doesn’t say much at all,” I ventured.

When we went our separate ways he asked me for the name of the site I wrote for, explaining “I’m an F1 fanatic so I’ll definitely have a look for it.”

Well, I hope you found your way here to meet the rest of us F1 fanatics Hector!