2010 F1 teams list to be announced (Update: FIA has revealed list)

How many teams will be on the FIA's entry list for 2010?

How many teams will be on the FIA's entry list for 2010?

Today the FIA is due to finally announce its F1 teams entry list for 2010 – the consequences of which could be far-reaching for Formula 1.

There have been signs in recent days that Max Mosley and the eight remaining teams represented by FOTA might be close to a compromise solution.

The list published by the FIA today will tell us whether it believes a compromise is workable or if it’s resigned to driving many of the existing teams out of the sport.

Update: The FIA’s list has been published – see the comments for details.

The row has dragged on for so long that, amid all the talk of a breakaway championships and changes in the technical regulations, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

What began as a discussion on how to guarantee the long-term future at the sport has turned into a conflict that arguably places it in even greater jeopardy than the recession does.

Max Mosley insisted that, as none of the manufacturer teams had agreed to commit to Formula 1 for the future, it is essential that F1 run to a budget cap.

Although he has still not conceded that fundamental point, yesterday it emerged that he had suddenly yielded on several key areas – for example, potentially allowing a cap of ??100m which is more than the ??47m originally proposed.

Mosley remains fixed on the idea of a budget cap despite the FOTA teams having offered him the commitment he demanded until at least 2012. One therefore has to ask whether what he really wanted all along was not a commitment from the teams to stay in F1, but something else.

Among the points conceded by Mosley yesterday were:

  • Potential increase of the cap to ??100m followed by a ‘glide’ towards a lower limit
  • Exemptions from the budget cap for highly-paid staff other than drivers
  • Not giving performance advantages to budget-capped teams
  • Signing of a new Concorde Agreement (to define the future governance of the sport and distribution of income)

Aside from sticking to his plan for some form of a cap, this amounts to a U-turn on almost every one of Mosley’s positions. But one thing is conspicuously missing from Mosley’s offer – any mention of reform to the governance of F1.

This has become a significant issue for the teams, tired of the endless political bickering that goes on in Formula 1, and seeing Mosley as the one responsible for it.

Mosley had previously indicated he will make a decision this month on whether he will stand for another term as president of the FIA. Are the teams holding out for an assurance that he will not run again come October?

The point at which reconciliation was the smart thing to do passed a long time ago. Now it is the only thing to do.

As I wrote last week, I firmly believe the FIA should have taken up the teams’ offer of a deal for the next three years. I hope later today we will not be ruing their failure to seize that opportunity.

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174 comments on 2010 F1 teams list to be announced (Update: FIA has revealed list)

  1. Chaz said on 12th June 2009, 7:13

    No doubt after today this story will keep on running as people further position and brief to gain a psychological upper hand…

  2. toncho said on 12th June 2009, 7:16

    Steve, sorry but you are wrong, it exists and is called Monaco. I believe Bernie don’t have exclusive rights over it (but he does over some classic venues like Spa).

    • phil c said on 13th June 2009, 1:29

      yeah and bernie threatened spa rememeber. If there is another option, these tracks will tell bernie to stick it because what the tracks pay millions to host they can get the same product for 1/3 of the price.

  3. DGR-F1 said on 12th June 2009, 8:12

    Reading the points on which Max has made his U turn has made me wonder how much of all this arguing has been just to keep his profile and ego in the public eye.
    I think he will be able to stand for re-election this year and point out how he saved F1 from the brink of disaster, managed to satisfy the FOTA demands, cut costs all round and still introduce three new teams into the sport.
    Yippee, give that man a medal……..

    • You make it sound like cutting costs and introducing 3 new teams would be a bad thing?

      • DGR-F1 said on 12th June 2009, 13:18

        Its not a bad thing to start cutting costs and allowing more teams to enter.
        It is a bad thing to force every current team to agree to rules with an impossible deadline, then apparently do U turns on everything you were forcing through.
        All this could have been decided quietly over the summer, with long negotiations about the rules, cost cutting etc.
        Instead, Max is the one who has brought F1 near disaster, only to stop bullying at the last minute and play the hero.

        • mikey said on 12th June 2009, 21:37

          It has to be resolved quickly so that new teams can start building their cars. I have a funny feeling that all this posturing is really an effort by FOTA to secure more commercial revenues from Bernie – as iterated by Renault’s Goshn yesterday. I think that Ferrari, Toyota & the manufacturers have been the ones to bring F1 to the brink of disaster. When Ferrari issues a statement to the effect that either we race by our rules or we don’t race, well that sounds an awful lot like brinkmanship to me (and extremely childish & greedy to boot)!

  4. DGR-F1 said on 12th June 2009, 8:15

    Reading the points on which Max has made his U turn, it has made me wonder how much of all this arguing has been done just to keep his profile and ego in the public eye.
    I think that when it comes to the elections, he will be able to point out how he saved F1 from the point of disaster, managed to satisfy all of FOTA’s demands, made the sport greener, cut costs all round and still introduced three new teams.
    Give that man a medal……

  5. Hounslow said on 12th June 2009, 8:50

    The list that’s going to be published today – it is FINAL is it? Or is there some kind of appeal mechanism whereby an existing team could avoid being omitted?

    • F1Yankee said on 12th June 2009, 9:09

      you should know by now that nothing in f1 is final until a hearing, a mistrial, another hearing, an appeal, and some closed-door shenanigans have taken place. there is procedure to be observed.

      seriously tho, if there is room, a team can enter later at a higher price. if there isn’t room, a team can buy the spot of a listed team in addition to the late-entry fee. teams under contract to fom still must file for entry with the fia as a separate procedure.

      • Hounslow said on 12th June 2009, 9:18

        But if there are thirteen names on that list, and one of the current team names is not there, then the only way they can get onto the list is to come to a financial arrangement with one of the names that are on the list . . . correct?

  6. Patrickl said on 12th June 2009, 9:31

    One therefore has to ask whether what he really wanted all along was not a commitment from the teams to stay in F1, but something else.

    The budget cap is to ensure new teams are able to enter. Mosley doesn’t just want some of the original teams to promise to stay, but he also wants new entries to fill the field.

    As I wrote last week, I firmly believe the FIA should have taken up the teams’ offer of a deal for the next three years. I hope later today we will not be ruing their failure to seize that opportunity.

    It makes sense that Mosley didn’t publicize his approval or disproval of FOTA’s suggestion right away. Mosley made his round along the new entries to see if they would agree with the higher budget cap for 2010.

  7. sean said on 12th June 2009, 9:57

    If they don’t name the FOTA teams they wont have enough teams to even start a series.Who is going to power them can cosworth make that many engines, gear boxs,what about chassis design and aero do these new teams have the technology to even build these cars.We could have a grid of cars that are lapping in aussie 10sec a lap slower than this year.There is no way max has thought this through at all, this is an egomaniac at his worst.And they cant get any faster as there under a cap this is just a very very bad joke.

  8. PJA said on 12th June 2009, 10:31

    Assuming all the current teams are on the list I think the new ones will be USF1, Prodrive and possibly Lola, I hope than non of the teams that are trying to use classic team names to add credibility get in. I agree with previous comments that Toro Rosso will probably be sold soon, but potential buyers may wait till F1 finally has some stability, whenever that will be.

    I still find it hard to believe most of these potential new teams could be fully up and running by the start of next season whatever the rules are.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if everything s not resolved today and it drags on for quite a while.

    By the way is there a set time when the entry list is to be released or is it just due sometime today.

  9. Chris said on 12th June 2009, 10:47

    I thought the list would be out by now.

    But anyhow i think all the FOTA teams will be on the list with a provisional next to them that is the only profesional thing to do if however (and this is 100 to 1 in my opinion put all new teams and get rid of FOTA teams) this forum will light up like a christmas tree on steriods.

    For me the only real intresting thing is if Ferrari and the Red Bull teams have been entered as unconditional or with a provisional tag (because of there signed agreement in 2005)

  10. bad_whippet said on 12th June 2009, 11:00

    Cosworth unwilling to confirm F1 return…

    Interesting quote from Cosworth.


    So Max, who’s going to supply the engines to your Fisher Price F1 if Cosworth don’t?!!

    We’d have a field of cars running on the trusty old Rover K-Series ;)

    • Chris said on 12th June 2009, 11:10

      Norbert Haug and mercedes benz high performance engines is rubbing his hands togeather.

      Even if Mclarn arnt in F1 the engines are seperate and could still be supplies for a profit!

      • Chris said on 12th June 2009, 11:11

        I would also if i was one of the new teams perfer a Mercedes engine than a Cosworth based on the 2006 unit they supplied to williams.

        • bad_whippet said on 12th June 2009, 11:19

          Most definitely.

          They’d have to rewrite the rules again though, because there’s a limit to the number of teams a manufacturer can supply engines to.

          Still, it’s not like they ever bend the rules is it… ;)

    • Nah, Cosworth didn’t want to say anything before the FIA release.

      Here’s their press statement:

    • Laconic said on 13th June 2009, 7:44

      Thinking back to some of the classic racing of the Rover days, that might not be such a bad idea, LOL

      And I’m sure by now everyone has seen the list of entrants for 2010.

      I think those who mentioned that all the drama may have been a bit of Machiavellian maneuvering by Max to set himself up as the hero who saved F1 may have a point. And now we see his next move–Ferrari, Toro Rosso & Red Bull are regular entries, no little asterick by their names. If they protest, he can point to them as the ones trying to ruin F1. Oh what wicked webs he weaves.

      In another forum I commented that forcing a beer budget on a champagne series was ludicrous, that F1 is the royalty of motorsport and it should be left to the teams to determine spending. If any team can’t stand the financial heat, then get out of the kitchen. If I want to see tightly controlled and budget-controlled racing, I’ll go watch some other series. That isn’t what I expect from F1.

  11. All 8 FOTA teams make entry list – According to initial reports, all 8 FOTA teams are included in the FIA’s entry list for 2010 …


  12. hollus said on 12th June 2009, 11:05

    The Spanish press (AS, Marca) is reporting that “Campos is in and Epsilon Euskadi is out” in the list published by the FIA. They do not publish the list, though.
    Where is the list?! Any links?

  13. FIA announces 2010 F1 entry list

    Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro Ferrari
    Scuderia Toro Rosso STR TBA
    Red Bull Racing Red Bull Racing TTBA
    At&T Williams Williams Toyota
    Force India F1 Team Force India Mercedes
    Campos Grand Prix Campos Cosworth
    Manor Grand Prix Manor Cosworth
    Team US F1 Team US F1 Cosworth
    Vodafone McLaren Mercedes* McLaren Mercedes
    BMW Sauber F1 Team* BMW Sauber
    Renault F1 Team* Renault
    Panasonic Toyota Racing* Toyota
    Brawn GP Formula One Team* Brawn TBA

    * These five teams have submitted conditional entries.The FIA has invited them to lift those conditions following further discussions to be concluded not later than close of business on Friday 19 June.


    • bad_whippet said on 12th June 2009, 11:12

      Here’s a link to the FIA press release… not that it actually gives any more information!

      I’m really surprised Prodrive aren’t on the list, a bit disappointed too.

    • Rabi said on 12th June 2009, 11:47

      Like I thought they are going to name them but not exclude them.

      Max will not get rid of the teams as I suggested in the earlier post so the ball is back in FOTA’s court. All they need to say is to either say we will enter or we won’t. I begin to really wonder what the actual status is with the contracts Bernie has the teams signed up on if they can leave without penalties or if some are applied.

      I also wonder about the bond that the FOTA teams signed recently, £50m for not breaking ranks between them (manufacturers only) how would that take affect if Ferrari do enter?

    • TommyB said on 12th June 2009, 12:58

      What a joke. Manor racing?!!?! Who’s going to support them. Everyone wants to see someone like Aston in F1. Not MANOR!!

    • The three new teams are all using the Cosworth engine. That’s why they were picked: they are following Mosley’s new idea of a spec series, basically.

  14. PJA said on 12th June 2009, 11:22

    Considering we were told all the FOTA teams submitted a joint conditional entry, is Max trying to use his old tactic of divide and conquer by only granting entry to Ferrari, Red Bull and Toro Rosso while telling the other five Brawn, McLaren, Renault BMW and Toyota they have to lift their conditions.

    Well I suppose I was right in saying that it wouldn’t be sorted today.

  15. GQsm said on 12th June 2009, 11:22

    Manor Motorsport. Not read much about them. Turns out they are an F3 team based in Dinnington, South Yorkshire.


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