Fernando Alonso to Ferrari in 2010: Is this F1’s worst-kept secret?

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Looking for another team for next year?
Looking for another team for next year?

Every few years in Formula 1 the silly season goes into overdrive while the teams wait for the biggest driver on the market to make his move.

Top drivers and top teams pairing up always has a degree of inevitability about it: like Ayrton Senna joining Williams in 1994, and McLaren signing Kimi Raikkonen in 2002.

Fernando Alonso has been linked to a move to Ferrari ever since his McLaren deal went sour. Will it finally come to be in 2010?

The rumours

As TommyB posted on the forum yesterday, the Spanish press has been buzzing in recent days with rumours claiming Ferrari will announce Alonso’s deal at the Italian Grand Prix.

There doesn’t appear to be much substance behind this latest story. But Ferrari traditionally announce changes in their driver line-up at Monza and the Alonso deal has been tipped for some time. The story may have simply been a means of bolstering traffic during a quiet few days following the latest round of the FIA-FOTA row.

What really gave this story legs was the report in December by Italian journalist Pino Allievi, a man credited by those in the know as having a solid line on developments at Ferrari. Around this time, 82% of F1 Fanatic readers reckoned the deal was on.

Not long afterwards, Gerhard Berger revealed Toro Rosso had been in contract negotiations with Alonso for 2009, but the Spanish driver had said he was looking for a ‘transitional’ year before moving on somewhere else. Berger drew the conclusion that Alonso’s destination team is Ferrari.

The right deal for both parties?

Suspicion has fallen on Kimi Raikkonen as being the Ferrari driver most likely to be moved aside. After winning the championship in 2007 his results tailed off last year, demonstrated by his error-strewn four race streak without a point scored.

Felipe Massa, of course, fared rather better last year – had the rain at Interlagos fallen 30 seconds later his Ferrari would have the number one on it.

Ferrari are believed to have Banco Santander lined up to foot part of the bill – conveniently, their colour schemes match up.

The attraction for Alonso is clear. Ferrari may be off the pace this year, but that is hardly typical of their form over the past decade. Renault, meanwhile, have handed him poor cars two years in a row.

All the progress Renault made throughout 2008, culminating in two victories, turned to naught over the winter as the team lost ground to their rivals despite being handed a significant concession from the FIA to improve their engine performance.

In short, everything seems to be aligned perfectly for Alonso to make that move to Ferrari. And if they are going to keep everyone waiting another two-and-a-half months to announce it, well, that just keeps the opposition guessing…

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  1. Kimi will fight back when it comes to his race seat…….we know that he wants to leave f1 maybe…..but if he will leave he would only leave after 2010 so…..if his race seat is under threat by alonso……he’s gonna show his real Iceman drive……..C’mon Kimi Raikkonen…….win a title before you leave….maybe 2010

  2. The Sri Lankan
    2nd July 2009, 0:21

    I seriously think Toyota will have a go at recruiting Alonso if things keep going this way. Jarnos contract is about to expire and Ferraris getting wiped by Toyota. so why not? Renault should just bail out of f1 or stay as an engine supplier(which is what they are good at)

  3. I believe KIMI & MASSA have contract until 2010.
    If so then I think it may be Vettel to move to Ferrari in 2011.

  4. I am a bit suprised by all the people who believe Kimi is still at top form and has a secure place at Ferrari. Sure he’s a great guy with loads of talent, but Massa has had the upper hand over him since Monaco last season, and except for some flashes, Kimi’s been way under-performing. If Ferrari were to dump anyone to bring in Alonso (which they very much would) it would surely be Kimi and not Massa.

    1. donwatters
      2nd July 2009, 9:49

      Exactly on target, Gman.

    2. The trouble is Gman, and i am not defending Kimi, but he is still seen as a STAR. And the underperforming clause in the contract is still a rumour i believe.
      I would rather believe that Kimi will leave F1 because he is bored than be pushed. And if he stated he wanted to stay then i’m sure Ferrari may be inclined to push Massa to another team. Kimi may have more power within the Ferrari team because of his status.

    3. gman, you have to look at race pace. Massa has nothing, he can’t pass. Sure, he can bang out a couple laps when Rob Smedley is telling him how to drive…but thats it.

      Kimi is the only one to have put in consistent race pace and passing. Massa has lucked out with more points by fuel strategy.

  5. Alonso Ferrari
    2nd July 2009, 11:11

    it’s going to happen 101% question is when

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t want Nando to go for Ferrari? But purely for selfish reasons I admit, ‘cos then I’d have to cross over to the dark side & support Ferrari ! But even I have to admit that Nando would be awesome in a Ferrari, just about unstoppable (provided the Scuderia get back on form, and I have no reason to suspect they won’t) and we could well see some epic battles once Hamilton & Kubica are back in competitive machinery.

    And as for whoever said Nando was on the way down after winning 4 years ago – well he would have won in 2007 if McLaren hadn’t stuffed that up for him. And I’ve no doubt that if he’d stayed at McLaren for last year he would have won as well. As it was, he managed two wins in the dog of a Renault, and a string of other strong finishes in a car that was barely deserving of top ten results (as Nelsinho so aptly demonstrated). Watching Nando haul that thing far further up the grid than it deserved was THE highlight of 2008 as far as I am concerned. So I hardly think Nando can be classed as on the way out – he is only 27. How old was Schuey when he won his first WDC?? Nearly 26 I beleive…

  7. for sure Fern isnt on his way down, hes outstanding in that crap renault, have you seen him sling it every which way to get it going faster. its frustrating not to see the best drivers slug it out at the front but in a way, watching them drive without a care means you get to see them on the absolute edge. if i was lewis, fern or kubic id just use this year to hone my skills at driving the car sideways a bit, have some fun.

  8. kimi’s passing ability isnt all that special, in fact i think its poor, he tends to pit pass. most do to be fair. Lewis WAS the best passer but hes gone back a notch. Alonso is ok but can take several bites to get past but at least he has the baslls to try. buttons pretty smooth and webbers move on button ( i think) was pretty outrageous but no one has the imagination of a mansell or the steel balls of a schumi.

  9. I just wanna see the best drivers in the best cars.

    Today that means Fred goes to Ferrari

    I love kimi but he seems to have lost the fire and I have never thought that flippy was much of a driver.

    It would have been great for Alonso to be at Honda last year and then brawn this year, but who knows next year.

    He is not going to last long at Renault unless they get some fire………

  10. Hmm…intresting how everybody is pushing alonso to ferrari AND that when he has not won in last 4 years is allways cars or ron Dennis fault, but when Kimi is not winning is allways his fault….I think that is a little unfair, to be honest.

    Well however ferrari has made it clear that Kimi and massa will drive for ferrari in 2010 so thatmuch about these rumors. And why it would be Kimi anyway who would go…he has won World champion for ferrari, Massa hasnt so if somebody needs go, shoud it be person who has not won anything to Ferrari???

    1. Massa almost won it last year in the final corner of the final race by 1 point…he is a super driver, and many drivers around are as good. But what makes Alonso is the urge to challenge for a win avoiding the repeats of as much errors as other drivers forced to deal with. When he is on fighting pushing to overtake or to defend his pathetic car position, the show is on…He is the most natural “humanly” fierce fighter since Senna. The Ferrari Alonso combo will be a Mediterranean fire ball that will not be equally matched by any other existing team at the moment, and then Alonso’s unparalleled domination might bring us back to Schumi’s boring dominant era…when it happens, Ron most probably will be praying for Alonso to fail so not to prove he was the ******* that killed the two super birds (Alonso/Hamilton) in one stone in 07

  11. having read these articles about goodwood and overtaking it has got me wanting to watch some season reviews over the weekend, while not doing the july 4th thing. Only i can’t work out what seasons to watch from 1975 to say 2006.

    can anyone suggest some years for me please?

  12. Raikkonen sure can be frustrating to watch at times. Last year he had double digit fastest laps recorded but couldn’t seem to put in complete races. Since that Montreal reaming that Hamilton received a joke of a penalty and his broken exhaust that melted the rear shielding of his car, he car just wasn’t the same last year. This year his car is pretty lousy so if we’re giving Hamilton a pass then so should Kimi. Kimi could very well be a three time champion. He barely lost to Schumi in 2003 and would have easily beaten Alonso in 2005 if not for the stupid one tire rule which caused him to stay out and suffer a tire explosion on the last lap gifting Alonso the win not to mention other various engine and technical failures.

    Raikkonen can be an enigma, but can still be an elite driver. Ferrari should keep the status quo. BTW dod you see the propsed figures for Alonso? 175 million euros five year contract. That’s a pretty penny. Raikkonen has also said if they want him to quit they’ll have to buy him out for 25 million euros. I know he makes a lot of money but he gets treated pretty badly considering he’s gotten them a championship and two constructor championships.

  13. Alonso is actually driving a car much better than N.Piquet, Piquet is not as bad driver as now looks. There is no special problem about beeing with Vettel at Ferrari, because the problem with Alonso at Ferrari could appear with any teamate if his teammate do not accepts to be the second pilot with low possibilities to be the champion. Alonso needs Ferrari (Renault do not have a ‘Mass Dumper’ today ;) ), but Ferrari do not needs Alonso. The only possibilitie for Alonso to drive a Ferrari is the ‘Banco Santander’, this way Alonso could drive a Ferrari, but due to commercial purposes, not sportive ones.

    1. eventually He will win in that combo and thats what counts…The fast Ferrari will shine again

  14. Alonso will be a great driver in Ferrari. Alonso is the best so far of mediocre teams’ drivers alongside Rosberg. Most of the op guns (Button, Barrichello, and Red Bulls) cannot handle bad cars. Had he not experienced accident yesterday he might win the race

  15. Schumacher back to F1 is a great news! Alonso to ferrari…what is ferrari thinking?? Kimi should no longer drive for ferrari….that 07′ title was given to him…not earned!! Massa should be better for 2010….although he’s not Schumacher. Kubica and Schumacher for the 2010 season….that’s a great team….

    1. schumacher?? rhe granddady from germany hawhwhhahahhwhahwhhwh come on men his time is past

  16. I am a big hamilton fan and think he is an outstanding driver but the thought of a competive ferrari-alonso package sorry but its game over for the field!Hamilton will need mclaren to build a gr8 car to catch him.It hurts to say it but u have to keep it real!!

  17. alonso replaced kimmi in mclaren, now it’s gonne be again, however ferrari is the good one for alonso, i hope this case will not destroy good relationship between alonso & massa, coz they are good friend… anyway you go nando

  18. Hey may I quote some of the information from this post if I provide a link back to your site?

  19. alonso is a crying baby the time that ferarri wins is past
    only he can do is crying by the stewards just like today
    ik hope he win the f1 champion this jear or witch year ever
    i dont like him he is sucks

    1. Both Ferraris were caught behind the safety car for a whole lap until they were able to pit….while most drivers pitted before and able to be in front…Hamilton purposely passed the safety car so he won’t be caught up like the Ferraris and miss being in the front with Vettel…cheated again…nothing new… and the FIA let go for a while until …”Oh yeah he needs to be investigated”…wow…too F##king late…the Ferraris spent their good energy behind the slower cars… Kobayashi came in on fresh softer tires at the end and easily devoured Alonso and Buemi…good for Sauber….
      So Ferrari with such luck and a tomato sauce spaghetti Italian management…the prancing black horse should be replaced with a sick old dying donkey…and have to consider leaving F1 and instead join the GP2…they MIGHT do better there

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