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There's been 174 races since Melbourne 2000 - which was the best?
There's been 174 races since Melbourne 2000 - which was the best?

Earlier this week I asked for your nominations for the best F1 race of the 2000s – and hundreds of suggestions poured in.

Those have been whittled down to a short list – you have ten options and one vote to decide the greatest Grand Prix of the last ten years.

If you’ve already got your mind made up you can vast your vote here, or read on for some of the best arguments for each choice put forward by you.

What was the best F1 race of the 2000s?

  • 2000 German Grand Prix (3%)
  • 2000 Belgian Grand Prix (6%)
  • 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix (5%)
  • 2005 Japanese Grand Prix (21%)
  • 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix (4%)
  • 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix (5%)
  • 2007 European Grand Prix (3%)
  • 2008 Belgian Grand Prix (10%)
  • 2008 Italian Grand Prix (3%)
  • 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix (40%)

Total Voters: 2,103

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2000 German Grand Prix

Rubens Barrichello scored his maiden win from 18th on the grid – aided by the intervention of a man who’d broken on the track in a protest against Mercedes. Barrichello hung on as rain fell late in the race to win.

Barrichello?s fantastic first win at Hockenheim ?ǣ starting from the back, and topping it by staying out on dry weather tyres to win it in the wet. Beautiful.

2000 Belgian Grand Prix

Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher were duking it out for the world championship and this great race pitted them against each other in a sometimes-terrifying duel for supremacy. Hakkinen’s three-abreast pass on Schumacher – using Ricardo Zonta’s BAR to get by – was an instant classic.

A great battle between great champions culminating in Hakkinen’s absurdly good move on Schumacher

2003 Brazilian Grand Prix

A race of total chaos on a very wet track. Giancarlo Fisichella won it for Jordan, though it wasn’t confirmed for several days and Kimi R??ikk??nen was forced to give up his trophy.

A crashing classic – there was Ralph Firman having a suspension and taking Panis out, half the field spinning off at Turn Three, Mark Webber destroying his car on the curve back to the pits, and finally Alonso crashing into a stray wheel and going into the wall.
Ned Flanders

2005 Japanese Grand Prix

R??ikk??nen had revenge on Fisichella two years later when he passed the Italian on the final lap to win this memorable race. Fernando Alonso also starred, passing Michael Schumacher on the outside of 130R.

R??ikk??nen and Alonso coming through the field making some incredible passes. It was a symbol of the end of the Schumacher era and the start of a new one.

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2006 Hungarian Grand Prix

Jenson Button was a surprise winner from Honda but there was plenty else going on in this atypically wet Hungarian Grand Prix.

My personal favourite ?ǣ watching Alonso scythe through the field was brilliant. It?s a shame he had the problem with his wheel because it would have been even better with Button catching him. Also you?ve got Schumacher up to a couple more of his dirty tricks near the end of the race, de fa Rosa and Heidfeld on the podium, and James Allen?s hysterical commentary when Button won.

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2006 Brazilian Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher began his final Grand Prix tenth on the grid after car trouble in qualifying. It got worse in the race, when contact with Fisichella’s Renault caused a puncture. He responded with a terrific fight back through the field, but it wasn’t enough to stop Alonso claiming the title.

Schumacher?s fightback in this race was immense. Finished his career on a high note and never gave up.

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2007 European Grand Prix

A mammoth cloudburst at the Nurburgring brought the 2007 European Grand Prix to an early halt. Once it restarted, Spyker’s Marcus Winkelhock briefly led. It couldn’t last, and in the final laps the race was brilliantly won by Fernando Alonso as he banged wheels with Felipe Massa.

Raikkonen missing the pit lane at the end of the first lap, Button binning it to be followed by several others into Turn One, Winkelhock leading on his debut! Then the epic fight between Massa and Alonso as the rain returned at the end of the race.
Red Andy

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2008 Belgian Grand Prix

A controversial one, this. As many people mentioned it was a great race until the chequered flag fell, but became a travesty after the stewards got involved. Not everyone saw it like that, however.

The start was great as you could really see Raikkonen giving his all to help stay in the title race or be forced to be second fiddle to Massa. The move on Massa was very aggressive, it still gives me goosebumps watching that. The last three laps were also the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my life, I had no idea who was going to win or Hamilton or Raikkonen would even finish. Raikkonen crashing out made me sad but what a race!

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2008 Italian Grand Prix

Rain at Monza? It happened, and Sebastian Vettel delivered a coming-of-age performance to win from pole position, while the championship protagonists splashed around in the lower reaches of the points.

How often does a backmarker car win a grand prix?
Einar Iliyev

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2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

A championship-decider so fraught with tension it could have been scripted. With two laps to go Felipe Massa was set to win the world championship, but it all changed at the last turn of the race.

Even though the last 30 seconds were heartbreaking for me the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix was probably the greatest of all time. People say that it was only because of the title finale, but so what? It was inseparable from the event and it was not only the greatest F1 race of all time, but one of the greatest events in sporting history. Its for days like that one in Brazil that we watch sport.

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Honourable mentions

Among the races that didn’t make it onto the short list were Interlagos 2007, Shanghai 2006 and – one of my suggestions – Silverstone 2003. All great Grands Prix, but not good enough to cut it in this company.

Vote for your favourite above and have your say in the comments.

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