Gene: “Schumacher almost rejoined Ferrari”

Michael Schumacher would have made an F1 comeback for Ferrari instead of Mercedes, reckons test driver Marc Gene.

Writing on his blog for Spanish newspaper El Mundo Gene claims Schumacher would have been the third driver at Ferrari in 2010 had the regulations allowed him him to race.

That would have meant Schumacher teaming up with his 2006 title rival Fernando Alonso as well as Felipe Massa.

It goes some way towards explaining Luca di Montezemolo’s doleful remarks about Schumacher’s “twin brother, identical in every way, who seems to have it in his head to go and race in Formula 1 with Mercedes.”

I’m torn between whether I’d rather see Schumacher return to Mercedes, the team that helped him get his break in international motor racing, or take on Alonso at Ferrari. What do you think?

And did Ferrari give any serious thought to giving Massa the elbow so they could have a Schumacher-Alonso dream team?

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30 comments on Gene: “Schumacher almost rejoined Ferrari”

  1. Steve said on 31st December 2009, 4:49

    ok, lets consider this for a second…

    F-1000 ,

    90% standard Formula cars, with all the specs of the current redbull or brawn,

    but, either V10 4L engines or 2.8L V6 Turbo-charged with 1000HP (with the boost up in qualifying, F1 engines use to go over 1100 HP),

    then minimize the wings, a single element front and rear, and make the rear diffuser standard and 70% smaller, and keep the current slicks (i.e. mechanical grip becomes way more important than aero grip)

    now, allow for 4-car teams, 4 Ferraris vs 4 Mclarens vs 4 Mercs vs 4 Red Bulls etc…

    now, which is better, F1 or F-1000, the F1000 cars would be faster with 33% more HP, and more difficult to drive with their power and lack of aero…., isnt that what F1 is meant to be?

    because its WHAT F1 was in the 80’s!!!

    why they didnt make A1gp this i dont know.. but oh well…

    and another thing where F1 sorely lacks, if good tv coverage, Nascar and IRL are waaay ahead in their production on their tv-presentation…..

    cmon Bernie, use split screens (car in pits and leader on the same screen), use more in car (show in car camera and normal cameras at same time).. heck, just watch one nascar race and look at the production



    contactable on stevenonearth AT

  2. I think that with so many limitations F1 will stop being F1 one day!
    F1 was being used by the manufacturers and teams to improve the cars we drive everyday, we cannot think that BMW and Toyota cannot afford F1 and others will not leave if these limitations stop the fun of F1.
    Technical freedom is necessary, see different cars on the grid, improving race by race, cutting the tests is also a poor management of a situation.

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