Silverstone knocks down grandstands to build new Arena circuit (Pictures)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Silverstone Arena circuit
Silverstone Arena circuit

Silverstone has begun work to build the new “Arena” circuit which it intends to use for this year’s British Grand Prix.

The grandstands opposite the pits have been knocked down and several bridges have also been removed as the circuit’s remodelling begins.

These stands will be re-constructed in time for this year’s race and the circuit’s maximum race-day attendance of 120,000 will remain unchanged.

When they are re-built the stands will be positioned slightly further back from the track which, say the race organisers, will allow fans to see more of the track, as well as allowing more run-off space for the cars.

The organisers are keen to use the new Arena circuit for this year’s race and plan to have the building work complete by March so the Moto GP and World Superbike events can run on the new configuration.

F1 will race on the Arena circuit as well – as long as it’s logistically possible. The new sequence will bring cars into the middle of the circuit leaving less room for F1 and support race equipment to be held. The stage for the post-race Grand Prix party will have to be moved, as will the Paddock Club.

But F1 will continue to use Maggotts and Club corners in their current forms, unlike the bikes which will use new variations. You can see the differences in the corners (numbered six and ten) in the map above.

A spokesperson for the circuit confirmed they would use the regular Grand Prix circuit for the F1 race if they can’t use the Arena track. Here’s a look at the development work so far.

Silverstone Arena circuit development

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