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2010 British Grand Prix

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  1. Have you considered the power you have here Keith? I can’t imagine how many people who use F1 Fanatic want to go to silverstone! I am definitly one of them.

    Maybe we could set up a consortium and book it together for some sort of discount, plus being the fanatics we are we could all meet up and watch together.

    I just missed out on a ticket for 2009 british grand prix and i was going to make a combination hammy/button suit as well!

  2. Just booked for myself and son to go. I can’t believe the costs, £471 for the two of us for Sunday only. No child rates either in that Grandstand. I hope he enjoys his first live Grand Prix.

    1. exactly why I can’t go. these prices just keep fans away i swear.

      1. all i can say to that is when i booked and asked for earlybird prices they had all been sold , even though i booked the same day they were available for sale , look on the website now and see they are still offering earlybird prices! what a farce!!!!

    2. karl ferrari
      5th August 2010, 13:17

      hey gary you and your son will love every minute at silverstone me and my family have been going for the last 5 years well mate hope you injoy your time

  3. Whats the latest on the track layout, I went to the 2009 GP and sat in the Luffield B bronze which was great but I would like a change this year. However I don’t want to book my ticket to find out the MotoGP track is being used and better seats become available!

  4. hi,
    booked silverstone.gone for cops terrace where we usually go ,taking a chance , i think looking at the proposals it may be even better, booked 3 day passes, got the early bird prices. bargin, Gary i am sure your son will enjoy his first Gp.

  5. PS ,if any one has not camped before recomend whittlebury golf course great site , you can book now.
    also whittlebury hall is where some of the drivers stay so you maybe lucky to see them.

  6. Am going to book tickets on monday some early bird bookings still for sell , So its Abbey or Farm which one is best will be grandstand seats

  7. Me and my girlfriend tried to get Pit Straight tickets but the had sold out on the first day of sale. So we had a look at the proposed track layout and got two grandstand sunday seats for Maggots/Becketts straight away. Even if the layout doesn’t change and include the new hairpin/infield section then it’s still gonna be a good view!

  8. Question, do you think a 5 and 6 year old would enjoy the race? Do you normally see children that young at races?

    1. seen llots of children at GP they all seem to enjoy themselves. tip make sure you get them ear deffenders . as its very loud.

      1. I’ve taken my son twice now, first when he was 4 but that was a little early, he enjoyed it better the next year and yes as Val rightly says ear defenders are a must. Look on the internet for “Kidzz” ear defenders, good quality and not too dear

  9. We’re going to be at Luffield, taking the whole family this year will be camping in silverstone and attanding all 3 days. Hiring a camper van so with that and the ticket prices it’s costing a fortune. Still, be worth it to see Lewis up against Shumey

  10. Oh almost forgot, camping at SRA silverstone. Google it to find out more. I’ts a great site with bar live music and food. Only 25 min walk from Luffield. COME ON LEWIS!!!

    1. totally agree Charlie will be great to see Lewis race against shui. you will enjoy the 3 days .yes its expensive but a great weeked and well worth it. if you did not know, any one who buys a race ticket can go to the after party race. Last year Eddie Jordans band played.

  11. Got tickets for hanger straight on the early bird. First time i’ve been to a GP (The rents got my tickets for my 21st :) ).

    Really looking forward to it, hopefully will be a good weekend. And compared to something like a music festival which is 3 days long the price is comparable. (I Paid £190 for reading festival in august 09 ).

  12. I went to Silverstone last year for my first live F1 race…absolutely brilliant..was the best weekend I’ve ever had! My only disappointment of the weekend was my seat on the Sun. I was in Copse C but was on the very last row of the stand. On the Sat I sat in Luffield for qualifying. It was much better than Copse C…maybe because I was nearer the track? I walked the track a couple of times over the weekend but can’t remember where I thought the best stands were! I’m going again this year and want to make sure that I have a better view. What I want is to see as much of the track as possible with a possibility of some overtaking and I was thinking of sitting in Vale or Club. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Karen, Sorry to hijack your question but it will be our first time to F1 and we have booked Woodcote. Does anyone know if you have seating allocated or is it first come? And if so what is the best time to get there? Also does anyone know if you can you take cool boxes into the stands?
      Really looking forward to this and want to get the best out of the weekend. Thanks Maz

      1. i sat there in 04, awsome stand, close to the action and you can see them coiming out of bridge and through into woodcote, so cars are in view for a long time. seating is allocated and there is room for a cool box, although only a very small one, its similar to sitting in a football stand.

  13. Hi guys, wonder if anyone has used the website britishgp.co.uk to buy tickets before? they appear to be part of a wider group, the ticket enterprise. I want tickets to farm but have sold out on the silverstone website but they have them there – wondered if anyone has used them before? Any advice would be great.
    Also – which other stands are close to the circuit too?
    Cheers in advance for any help, i appreciate it

    1. I have no experience of them – I’ve been several times and always got my tickets straight from Silverstone: http://www.silverstone.co.uk/

    2. hi Stuart,
      I used the company last year.when the tickets I wanted were not avialable from silverstone. no pros they arrived a couple of weeks before the event.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Val – sounds good and solves my problems, much appreciated

        1. Hi i wanted to get tickets for the new international pit straight but when i went to silverstone they were sold out , so i am thinking of using Britishgp.co.uk and seen u used them an was wondering did u have any problems and were the tickets real? many thanks

          1. Hi Kirsty,

            I had tickets from these guys, ok they were a little more expensive as you are paying agency fees, but i can honestly say, i had no problems withthem at all, the tickets were great, they arrived in plenty of time (recorded delivery) so from a personal opinion i couldnt knock them

  14. Hello,
    Some help please. I am looking to buy my mum and dad a ticket for this year for my dad’s 60th and wanted to know what was best. I was looking at the General Admision tickets but dont want him to be disapointed so thought maybe bronze corpse or Luffield. Can anyone help with where they think is best?

    1. Copse (not corpse!) is really quick and you’ll be able to see the start line and pit exit from there. At Luffield you’ll see the cars for longer but they won’t be going as quickly, so it’s not as impressive. Personally out of those two choices I’d go for Copse, it’ll be a thrill on the first lap.

      There’s more information which should help in these articles:

      Silverstone – spectators’ experiences

      British GP: Where to watch

      Going to the British Grand Prix? Read these tips from fans who’ve been…

    2. Hi amy
      I would aviod general admission i you can ,you have specific areas you can view rom but to get a good view you need to be their early, /i mean really early then stuck there or your space will be gone. we have been to several areas over the years but my favorite is cops. depending on your budget, copse terrace is good you dont have reserved seat as its a terraced steps but you can take a fold up camp chair set your selves up . the terraces have limited no’s agin you would need to be there at a reasonable time but not as early as general admission. I have read some where that they are takinfk the fences down so viewing shouldbe even better. there is alos a giant tv screen opposite cops corner as well.

  15. I’ve got Sunday general admission tickets for me and the gf. Not our first visit to Silverstone but our first time to the GP

    What areas are available and can anyone recommend a good spot?

    Also, I was prepared that we would have to be there early in the morning to get a good seat. I just wonder how early is “early” exactly?

    1. Becketts is agood spot for general admission. to get a good spot you will need to be there by about 8am.however they are changing the track best to look on silverstone site to see track layout.

      1. I would say a lot earlier than 8am. We sat in Luffield B terrace last year and got to the gates at 4am and there was about 100 people in front of us. By 6am all the good spots had long gone. I would imagine GA tickets will be even worse. I am thinking of GA tickets for this year and will be getting to the gates at 4am again – its all part of the fun!!!

        1. Andrew, I couldn’t agree more! As a bit of general info for any GA ticket holders try to avoid the gate halfway between abbey and club when getting into the circuit early. there are 2 gates seperated by an access road and many fans walk down to the main road entrance (at bridge) and skip the first gate – very frustrating when you’ve been queing up for ages! The last couple of years that my dad has queued here i have been into the circuit run 300mtrs to the stowe banking and had the chairs set up before he’s even got into the track. You’re better to walk round to the top of the circuit and going through the gate half way between stowe and club behind the vale hospitality units, open in plenty of time and queing is easy. Not quite sure though if this is where the circuit run camoing is going to be or not though!

        2. Yes Andrew I know what you mean. We booked Luffield B Terrace last year for our first F1 race and by 7 am the whole terrace was almost full! Booked Becketts grandstand this year, so hoping for a good view. The good thing about Luffield is you do get to see the cars for longer but yes, they aren’t doing 240kph that they will be doing through becketts! Getting up early IS part of the fun, but I’m still glad it’s only once every year lol

        3. Hi Andrew, is there a general access area at luffield??

          1. Hi Mark,

            No there isn’t, they have the grandstands and the bronze terraces. The bronze terraces you still need to take ur own chairs etc but GA ticket holders can’t access the terrace. Only GA spots for this year are around club corner, Vale and around the maggots/becketts corners.

  16. Del GP virgin
    20th January 2010, 16:48

    Help ,never been to the Gp before,have booked tickets in Luffield B ,which campsite is best looking to travel down Thursday and return Monday,only 2 of us don’t mind a bit of a party but probably not till 4 in the morning!!

    1. Hi for camping you cannot beat Whittlebury golf course. need to book have a look on their web site . only a short walk to circuit.

    2. We also viewed from Luffield last year (enjoyed) and stayed at Whittlebury, I asked the same question last year about camp sites – got a really useful reply from Ian – he said it all really.
      See below:

      Author: Ian Lockwood
      Whittlebury is a great campsite. There are two distinct areas – golf course plots and farm plots. As the names suggest, the golf course plots are on slightly better / more level ground with well manicured grass whilst the farm plots are a little more “rural”, but still fine for camping.

      Facilities are good with mobile showers available around the site and also in the Pavilion. These are kept clean and supplied with hot water throughout the weekend and minimal queueing is needed even at busy times.

      There is a beer tent and “stage” with DJ & live bands, plus a hog roast over by the farm plots.

      There is another bar at the Pavilion where you can also buy breakfast, & evening snack food such as pizzas with a large “posh” marquee to sit in. You can also buy bacon, bread, milk etc from here.

      There is a another shop/bar/cafe by the main entrance. I’m not sure about facilities to re-freeze ice packs.

      There is also the Atrium. This is the main golf club house and is open to campers. There are nice toilet facilities and a large bar / restaurant serving Pub food such as steaks, scampi, chicken etc plus a carvery doing roast dinners. If you plan to eat here on Saturday or Sunday evening I would advise you book a table on arrival.

      It is not a party all night campsite – you have to be quiet after midnight, so a good night sleep is possible!

    3. We sat in Luffield B last year and we stayed at Litchlake farm, it was no more than 400 meters from the terrace to our tent. Its perfect for Luffield.

      Whittlebury park is quite a walk from Luffield, if you where in Copse it wuld be a lot closer. We also stayed there for the Renault WS last year and my personal opinion is wasn’t as good as Litchlake Farm, the showers and toilets were terrible. However, it does appear they raise there game for the GP which most campsite tend to do.

  17. Hi, Thanks for your responses. Where would you recommended between Vale and Becketts? Also, if travelling to the event on Sunday, what time would ou suggest they get there?

    1. Amy, my advice would be to get there early. If you have a grandstand ticket i woul say you should be ok to arrive around half 6 to 7, it will give you enough time to park grab something to eat and be in your seats for the Formula BMW race (the first track action of the day). If you however have a general admission ticket its best to arrive at around 4am to get in the queue. The best spots go fairly quickly and so its probably best to delegate someone in your party to run with the chairs and grab a good spot quick. Hope this helps!

  18. Del GP virgin
    21st January 2010, 20:04

    cheers for the help ,looks like will going to Whittlebury park then,see you all there can’t wait….

  19. Hi guys,

    Have just bought tickets at Stowe 3 day pass. Been a fan for years but finally taken the plunge and booked tickets ths yr. Only thing is, got no friends interested in F1, girlfriend hates it and kids are 2 and 4 so too young to go.

    Are there any groups to join for a bit of company over the three days?

    Also, where’s best to stay? Not camping, will b&b.

    1. change that… will be camping but not sure whether to book at Whittlebury or the SRA campsite??

    2. Where ever you stay your be well looked after, F1 fans are the most friendly people to meet. We encourage anyone to come and have drink, it all adds to the atmosphere.

  20. Hi all,

    My fella and I have bought 3 day general admission tickets and can’t wait to go!

    I’m sure I read somewhere that you can take your own beer in, can anyone confirm/deny?!


    1. hi Hamster,
      yes you can take own beer in ,I took wine last year in my rucksack, ready or the grand prix party.

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