McLaren MP4-25 launch pictures

2010 F1 season

Button and Hamilton reveal the McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25

Button and Hamilton reveal the McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25

McLaren has launched its 2010 challenger, the MP4-25.

The MP4-25 was officially presented at the headquarters of title sponsor Vodafone, with Lewis Hamilton joined by new team mate Jenson Button.

Some images of the MP4-25 leaked online ahead of its official launch. Here are studio photographs of the car and pictures from the launch.

McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 launch

McLaren MP4-25 launch pictures

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141 comments on McLaren MP4-25 launch pictures

  1. First impressions are that it would great if it wasn’t for the shark fin/anvil engine cover.

  2. halifaxf1fan said on 29th January 2010, 13:43

    Nice looking car.

    Is this a Lewis Hamilton design? Has Mclaren released the tally of how many points of downforce Lewis found on this car?

  3. McLaren always looks stunning on launches while the surroundings around it are bright. On track it looks a lot darker boring gray.

    It would have looked fine it if wasn’t for the barn door they attached to the engine cover. I wonder how will it perform in the crosswind.

  4. Jenson has reverted back to his original colour scheme for his helmet, no sign of the Monster Energy drink logo.

  5. Salut Gilles said on 29th January 2010, 14:19

    No RB5 nose? That’s a first.

    Maybe it’s there a little, but it’s hard to tell.

  6. CounterStrike said on 29th January 2010, 14:36

    Was Norbert Haug present at the launch?

    • Scribe said on 29th January 2010, 14:37

      Loosing his voice apparently.

      May have been a diplomatic illness but his voice was going at the Mercedes launch.

      • CounterStrike said on 29th January 2010, 15:08

        He’s actually a very very distant relative of mine :) But I’ve never gotten a chance to meet up.

        Whitmarsh was there at Stuttgart, wasn’t he? Such a nice gesture from Martin.

        Shame that the Mercedes personnel have completely ignored the unveiling.

        After all McLaren still caries their LOGOS.
        Irony here is that the Mercedes-Benz logos on the McLaren, both on the nose & the engine covering is far far better advertised than the ones on the original Silver Arrows, which get obscured by the hideous black :P

  7. Icthyes said on 29th January 2010, 14:39

    Wow! This design simply screams “aggressive”. Still Red Bull and Mercedes to come, but barring any surprises from other quarters, if RBR and Merc come out with stuff more similar to Ferrari’s, this gamble might just pay off for McLaren massively.

    And I hate to sound like a Ferrari-basher (you guys sure can get touchy when someone criticises the Scuderia), but it looks like McLaren have been a lot more innovative with their design.

    • Scribe said on 29th January 2010, 15:51

      Don’t tip toe around the tifosi they can handle themselves.

      I think your right though, if rumours are to be belived from the italian press about trouble in manerello, an B spec models etc, then Macca might just be in for a very good year.

      Still I Mercedes and Redbull are definately a threat, but if you ask me, engine trouble at Renault and a lack of continuity at Merc may fall into McLarens hands all the more.

  8. Dan Bigham said on 29th January 2010, 14:46

    who else has noticed the weird scoop/splitter under the front nose? From the frontal picture it looks silver and like a scoop but the other pictures seem to show it like a black splitter. any ideas?

    Also the front wing is extremely similar to the one Hamilton tested in practice at Valencia (i think it was?. He managed to damage an end piece going wide into the wall though i think and didn’t run it in the race…

  9. wasiF1 said on 29th January 2010, 15:09

    To me the main difference between Ferrari & McLaren is the engine cover apart from the aerodynamics.

  10. YeaMon said on 29th January 2010, 15:58

    Don’t really like the looks. The fin, nose, front wing, etc all look wrong. Can’t give any specifics but overall I like the ferrari better.

    I do hope it will be on pace, I’m all for having numerous cars with a chance of victory.

  11. BNK Racing said on 29th January 2010, 16:28

    so are all the cars going to have a blank diffuser until testing? the pics i saw on bbc showed ferrari had a blank diffuser as well. the 2010 cars look obese compared to the 09’s. the front wings seem to be the only place the designers can go aero crazy! lol. in 08 it was the whole car…in 09/10 its just the front wing lol. almost feel sorry for them lol

  12. Sweet Silver Go Brits

  13. CounterStrike said on 29th January 2010, 17:03

    I would like to know how many of you Ferrari fans out there honestly believe that the mp4-25 is the prettier of the two cars.

    • Hairs said on 29th January 2010, 23:59

      You could show the average Ferrari fan a picture of a naked Kelly Brook and they’d still claim the Ferrari looks better.

  14. Dan Bigham said on 29th January 2010, 17:39

    I’ve been looking at the front nose even closer and i’m really surprised nobody else has noticed this!?

    Take a look at the underneath of the nose. There is a splitter/scoop. These three pictures demonstrate it well, the 3rd picture showing the engineers hands inside it:


    This is an extract from the MP4-25 tech spec off the McLaren website “Bodywork – Carbonfibre composite. Separate engine cover, sidepods and floor. Structural nose with intergral front wing. ” Note ‘Structural nose with INTERGRAL front wing’. Granted that could be just describing that the front wing is integral with the nose, but technically it is detachable and bolted together, so i think that is hinting towards the integral wing underneath the nose shown in the pictures.

    Quite an interesting feature, very similar i think to the old central ‘spoon scoops’ of the pre 2009 regs front wings. Circumventing the regulation that limits the central 500mm section of the wing between the lowest plane and a set distance above it to be an aerodynamically neutral shape pre-determined by the FIA.

    Another feature of it is that it aims airflow towards the sidepods, considering the intakes are unusually small, it could help force feed air into the ducts.

    Two other points on this, it adds a structural cross support between the two wing supports, effectively making the front wing stiffer and less likely to swing and move like the RB5 experienced last season. And also it makes the air flowing underneath it expand into a large space under the nose as it tapers upwards after the scoop, creating a low pressure sucking the car down, which Renault spoke off as a reason for their choice of a low nose in 2009.

    So all in all, more downforce, more cooling and more structural support.

    • I made a reply about that about 2pm – it’s a fascinating addition!

      • Scribe said on 29th January 2010, 18:37

        I think you could just about get away with calling that innovative no?

        Still I don’t know why they’ve announced it like this. Sureley the other teams will have noticed and will be designing they’re own as we speak.

    • fantasticplanet said on 29th January 2010, 19:09

      Dan, I think noone mentioned it because it’s the williams f31 snow plow splitter under the nose.

      • Dan Bigham said on 29th January 2010, 20:37

        Yea I’ve just looked into that. Still it’s definetely bigger and considering it’s been built as an integral part of the design (I’d have thought so anyway) then it should work effectively. On the whole though the design of the car is very developed and intricate.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 29th January 2010, 23:53

      I must’ve missed Neil’s reply earlier, but I think this is a really interesting feature on the car. We’ve got the vertical black elements either side of the nose, the splitter that Dan mentions, and what looks like the mandatory camera mountings very low to the ground (correct me if I’m wrong). That whole area looks very highly developed.

      Plus the air intakes for the brakes which overlap across the inside of the wheels. Very intricate design work.

      • John Beamer (@john-beamer) said on 30th January 2010, 3:48

        Yup – it’s effectively a more developed version of the Williams’ snow plough. Sitting at that height it is above the bargeboard exclusion zone. It has two functions – create low pressure below the nose and divert air to the sidepods.

        You’ve got to be quite careful about what you do under the nose because that is the easiest way to trash the airflow to the floor.

  15. Younger Hamilton said on 29th January 2010, 18:15

    The Santander stickers are gone i thought they extended their Partnership with Mclaren Despite signing a 5 year deal with Ferrari

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