McLaren MP4-25 launch today

McLaren's MP4-25 was revealed early online

McLaren's MP4-25 was revealed early online

I’m heading to Vodafone’s headquarters today for the launch of McLaren’s 2010 F1 car, the MP4-25.

I intend to post updates from there throughout the day and McLaren are also broadcasting the launch online.

You can watch the McLaren launch live here.

The timetable for the launch is as follows (UK time):

11:00 – MP4-25 revealed
11:30 – Martin Whitmarsh, Jonathan Neale and Paddy Lowe press conference
12:00 – Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton press conference

I’ll do my best to add updates from the launch here and on Twitter but as this is the first time I’ve been to a launch like this I can’t say exactly how it’s going to work.

We’ve already had lots of suggestions for questions to ask at the launch – if you’ve got any ideas or thoughts on the launch please post them below.

Update: McLaren have asked fans talking about the launch on Twitter to use the hashtag #MP425. Tweets using that tag will be displayed on a special Twitter wall at the McLaren Technology Centre. I can imagine a few people wanting to have some mischief with that so I hope McLaren have got filters in place. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

Update 2: Some early pictures of the car have appeared already – see the comments for more.

McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 launch pictures

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201 comments on McLaren MP4-25 launch today

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  1. DamionShadows said on 29th January 2010, 17:27

    I wish they would get rid of the piece that runs along the top of the cars, I hate those things.

    • Scribe said on 29th January 2010, 18:02

      Shark Fin engine cover/

      They’re a bit marmite.

      personally I’ve only ever like two of them, one of them being on display up there.

  2. Jraybay-HamiltonMclarenfan said on 29th January 2010, 18:00

    Excellent :D very sexy :D go mclaren 2010! Go hamilton!

  3. Myles Woerner said on 29th January 2010, 18:05

    The new brake cooling ducts are really neat. Clever way to get around the wheel cover bans.

  4. Gusto said on 29th January 2010, 20:33

    Did anyone notice Hamilton give the wing mirror a lucky rub.

  5. Salty said on 29th January 2010, 20:41

    Good launch I thought. Not plagued by the web gremlins Ferrari suffered either – good job chaps.

    Now Keith, you have been wonderfully professional in your reporting today, we would expect no less of you you smoothy.

    But honestly? A McLaren launch invite in the year the 2 previous WDCs drive for them. The year of Schumacher’s relaunch. The year of 26 cars on the grid again. The year Alonso lands that long awaited/expected Ferrari seat. Probably the most eagerly anticipated season ever? What was it like? Take the reporters hat off and spill the beans. God knows we all wanted to be in your shoes ;)

  6. Bewildered said on 29th January 2010, 21:14

    Best looking car so far.. ( including the williams)

  7. Salty said on 29th January 2010, 21:42

    Since the forums are down… and this is about a launch… do we believe this really is a leak of the 2010 Renault or an enterprising photoshop job by some wag

    If true, maybe something in the longer wheelbase and shark fin?

  8. doncakes said on 29th January 2010, 22:36

    I agree with some that say the front nose is similar to last years BMW. That’s not really a bad thing. I think driver error and reliability were more of a problem for them than areo was. I think it looks great overall!

    As an American, I am curious why sentiment in England is tipped so heavily for Hamilton rather than Button?

  9. R.E.M. said on 29th January 2010, 23:29

    It looks like somebody took the MP4-24 and sat on. Making it shorter and wider!

    Still, It’s cool they’re taking a new approach. I hope more teams do this. (USF1 have their “mini” F1 car, though they still have to build it) :D

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