US F1 officially out and no place for Stefan GP as 2010 entry list confirmed

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With US F1 gone, BMW Sauber will take over their numbers
With US F1 gone, BMW Sauber will take over their numbers

The official 2010 F1 entry list has been published by the FIA.

The US F1 team has been dropped from the list and Stefan GP do not appear in their place meaning there will only be 24 cars at the first race in Bahrain. A statement said:

Having considered the various options, the FIA confirms that it is not possible for a replacement team to be entered for the Championship at this late stage.

HRT, formerly Campos, remain on the list but the team have not tested their car yet or officially announced who will partner Bruno Senna as their second driver.

BMW Sauber have been given car numbers 22 and 23 which were previously reserved for US F1. They are still officially referred to as ‘BMW Sauber F1 Team’ despite the withdrawal of BMW and the fact the team is now using Ferrari engines.

The FIA says it will begin a process to: “fill any vacancies existing at the start of the 2011 season” which presumably will include the place previously held by US F1.

2010 F1 entry list


1. Jenson Button
2. Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes Grand Prix

3. Michael Schumacher
4. Nico Rosberg

Red Bull Racing

5. Sebastian Vettel
6. Mark Webber

Scuderia Ferrari

7. Felipe Massa
8. Fernando Alonso


9. Rubens Barrichello
10. Nico H?â??lkenberg

Renault F1 Team

11. Robert Kubica
12. Vitaly Petrov

Force India F1 Team

14. Adrian Sutil
15. Vitantonio Liuzzi

Toro Rosso

16. Sebastien Buemi
17. Jaime Alguersuari

Lotus Racing

18. Jarno Trulli
19. Heikki Kovalainen

HRT F1 Team

20. TBA
21. Bruno Senna

BMW Sauber F1 Team

22. Pedro de la Rosa
23. Kamui Kobayashi

Virgin Racing

24. Timo Glock
25. Lucas di Grassi

See the full teams list with reserve drivers: 2010 F1 drivers and teams

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  1. Aleksandar Serbia
    4th March 2010, 1:18

    If Us GP were allowed to miss 4 races give Stefan 1, it will do, to test and prep up, but Fia really showed they didn’t want them all together!
    Ferrari proved they are in control and do not want more teams to cut the sponsor pie.

    Good ridden to the Balkan boys, they are bad people and need to be removed for their insolence and perseverance to enter such a prestigious club.

    Let this be a Fia trademark, signed with an approval of the gall of Black Horse, the name suits their canker of privilege.

    Now i can only look with eyes of sorrow,
    our maiden team denied flight,
    for its dreams were to fly among the chosen few,
    who laugh in their demise..

  2. Stefan GP being refused an entry is exactly the outcome I expected the moment I first heard about their existence and their intentions simply because I clearly remembered this farce from 2002 involving someone buying a few old Prost GP cars, some old engines and then expecting to turn up at the start of the season and race:

    The sentimental side of me would always say give the underdogs a fighting chance, surely more cars on the grid is “a good thing”?! But in the cold light of day the rules are quite simple and so they should be to protect the quality of F1’s image as a global sport and as the pinnacle of motorsport; after the deadline for entries, No Entry = No Entry

    The FIA have come under enough flack from, of all people, the established F1 teams themselves for allegedly lowering their standards and allowing “have-a-go heroes” to attempt to put cars on the grid in Bahrain. Of course those nay sayers are the same self indulgent fat cats who have just spent the last decade in the sport being lavished by manufacturer money and have become so blinded by it that they don’t appear to have noticed that nearly all the manufacturers and certainly all of the free-flowing money has gone so I wish they would wake up, smell the bacon, get off their high horses and remember what F1 was like before the mid-90’s, the way it was for decades, with “have-a-go heroes” coming and going but always capturing the hearts of true race fans everywhere for their determination in the face of such adversities as the sheer cost and effort of making it on to an F1 grid. I for one won’t be sneering at Lotus, Virgin or Campos/Hispania when their cars break, instead I’ll be cheering for them when they finish a race in one piece. Those nay saying F1 fat cats seem to need to be reminded that they ALL had to start somewhere and that back then, for them, small successes meant the world. To the new teams I say stay humble, but walk past the established team’s pit garages with pride.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      4th March 2010, 2:26

      Phoenix Finance and Stefan GP are not in the same boat. Phoenix never actually intended on racing; it was actually an attempt by Tom Walkinshaw to acquire the remains of Prost and cannibalise them to keep his struggling Arrows team afloat.

      1. good point PM

  3. So Stefan GP send things in Bahrain for nothing.I am happy that USF1 didn’t make it, & feels very sad for Prodrive that they didn’t get a slot.

  4. I am not so sure that it is all over for Stefan GP at this moment.

    Apparently the FIA are doing some sort of “business assessment” into the team and they could yet still be OK to turn up in Bahrain.

  5. Why Stefan GP don’t take the USF1 space?

    1. Rules and politics my friend. ;)

  6. I was really hoping to see Jacques out there again.

    He must be totally bummed too being only eight days from a possible ride.

  7. I think what everyone is forgetting, or is afraid to mention, is that the only reason Stefan GP is firing their mouths off is because Toyota quit the sport. If Toyota had never pulled out, Stefan would never have a car ready today. Heck, for that matter they only have one complete car from what I understand- Toyota weren’t even nice enough to finish the second car for them!

    I understand people want to see 26 cars on the grid, but perhaps they should quit the hero worshiping of Stefan. They only reason they are even close to race ready is because they took over an existing outfit- it was no design/production work of their own. If Toyota had not quit, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation….

    1. As many times before i said and here it goes again – Did you forget how the brown gp started? They bought Honda’s team…well if what you say is true then if Honda haven’t backed down from sport brown wouldn’t have championship! please stop going this path as it is dead end. So sad..

    2. What happen with Honda,Brawn last year bro?

  8. most likely Stefan GP will get the nod for next year… there is a good chance that SGP will be on grid 2011… USF1 team managers are bunch of liars… can’t see them getting another chance.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      4th March 2010, 8:37

      You’re assuming that the entry bid process for 2011 will only be held between Stefan and USF1. Jean Todt has reportedly promised a new system, which could be attractive to a lot of potential bidders.

      1. yup i made that assumption, as i see there is nobody out there to commit money to F1 right now… i hope there are more choices for 2011… F1 is very europe centric & it does have some exposure to asia… but i don’t see why would any US sponsor to back an F1 team… hence my feeling is that the new team will be prolly from Europe and someone who has tons of money with some sponsorship… and since Europe economy is not doing great it will attract very few people…

        If F1 wants to improve it’s health it needs to have atleast 2 to 3 races in America 1 Canada & 1 more in South America besides Brazil… if not more…

        1. I keep hearing people say that: ‘Why would a US company sponsor an F1 team?’ Yet AT&T has been the title sponsor of Williams since ’07!

          I do also like the idea of more teams based outside of Europe, however.

  9. Keith, FWIW, this is SO calling for a poll. Let’s see how the crowd splits up. :)

  10. FIA’s “rules” are worthless. They make them up and change them – or ignore them – as they feel like it. Take for instance the IndyCar event that is to take place on the streets of Sao Paulo on March 14th.. the track had its *initial* on-site FIA-inspection yesterday, March 3rd, and work is still underway and not all the asphalt is even completed yet. But ‘Rule 3.4’ of the FIA’s ‘Appendix O to the International Sporting Code’ says that the *final inspection* (which is scheduled for some time between now and March 14th) “should take place not later than 60 days before the event”.
    Screencap of rule:
    Photo of track taken Feb 1st (41 days prior to event):

    Why have rules if they’re not going to follow them?

    1. I didn’t think the FIA had anything to do with IndyCar.

      1. You thought wrong then. IndyCar is a member of ACCUS, which is FIA’s American affiliate. The Brazilian FIA affiliate “CBA” has said if the FIA does not approve the track, they can not sanction the event for fear of the reprisal from the FIA. says final inspection is Friday, which would be less than 24hrs before cars hit the track. Something stinks.

  11. its not like they are replacing the president of the usa or anything, it’s a team. name on paper.

    they have a tested car and are ready to go, why cant they put a rush on and get stefan in there.

    even if it’s not for the first race, rush the papers for the second race.

    1. If they’re not in the first race, they can’t be in it at all. It’s the provisions of the Concorde. The only way they get in is if ALL the teams agree. And with Coughlan there, both Ferrari and McLaren – at the very least – will say no.

  12. Dingle Dell
    4th March 2010, 7:01

    Boo to USF1 for dragging such a long time, although they knew it way before this, that they’re gonna wind up this season and try the next season but I simply doubt they will ever show up in F1. RIP USF1!

    Sad for Stefan GP as I highly hope that USF1 would be kicked out and we would still see 13 teams. Would love to see JV back but silly that FIA has such crap inconsistency in rules and regulations.

    Hopefully 12 teams stay on and we won’t see F1 teams leaving soon. Pity we won’t see the return of car #27 since 1995. It would be great if Stefan GP makes it with Nakajima on #26 and JV on #27 (driving his dad’s number in his Ferrari days).

  13. I’d like to take a moment to express a personal opinion. There are those here, you know who you are, who persist in posting comments containing personal attacks, racist epiteths, foul language and other things not allowed in this site’s TOS. Frankly, I am sick of it.

    You have a right to your opinion privately in any form, but you have a privilege to post your opinion here only if you follow the rules. If you cannot or will not follow the rules, then you have no place being here.

    This is the way of the real world. If you refuse to follow the rules, you lose the privilege of participating.

    This is my personal opinion, I do not speak for the management here.

  14. For years there was a lot of complaining about the way F1 was run, that it had no stable governance, that it didn’t follow it’s own rules, that Mosley ran F1 from the FiA President’s office as though it were his own private plaything to be made to march and strut to Mosley’s every whim.

    Now, it appears that with this new President that we may indeed have the beginnings of stable governance, a start to F1 and FiA following it’s own rules.

    And some people are still complaining. I have but one question: What’s wrong with this picture?

    1. I guess the question is, is this stable governance or did Todt just switch from obeying Ecclestone (as was the case under Mosley) to obeying Ferrari’s wishes?

      I’m hoping it’s stable governance, but only time will tell.

  15. The Dutch Bear
    4th March 2010, 8:44

    It’s a shame that Stefan GP isn’t there. They deserved this place much more than USF1 did. 26 is always than 24. However,I think it’s good that Todt is thinking about the FIA’s creditbility. Mosley should have started doing that a very long time ago!

  16. Not sure if already mentioned but Hispania (formerly Campos) is to confirm indian driver Karun Chandhok as his second driver this afternoon in Murcia during the official launch of the team.

  17. Well at least we will still have more cars on the grid than last year.

    Because of how the sport has been run in recent years I thought, no matter what the rules say that a deal would be done to get Stefan GP on the grid especially as it seemed they had Ecclestone’s backing.

    It is shame about the BMW Sauber Ferrari name though.

  18. I think most of you guys are forgetting the most important thing… its only just over a week til the cars roll out of the garages for 1st practise of 2010, its the start of a brand new season with so much to look forward to. We have 24 cars, 2 new teams who don’t look as though they’re doing too badly. Bring on the rivalries, bring on the competition, bring on the racing!!!

  19. three4three
    4th March 2010, 10:48

    This is a travesty, SGP should have been granted the last entry. I hope the Stefan story is not dead yet.
    On a positive, we have more cars than last year and the first race is just ten days away.

    1. Why should they have been given the entry? Based on what rule? Why not simply apply for 2011? Why the incredible rush to get another untrustworthy team on the grid who has literlay not shown anything that would prove it’s more than just PR?

      Is a big mouth and a press agent really enough to start an F1 team these days?

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