“F1 2010” by Codemasters arrives for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in September

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Early screenshot of F1 2010 by Codemasters

Early screenshot of F1 2010 by Codemasters

The long-awaited 2010 F1 season game by Codemasters will go on sale in September this year.

“F1 2010″ is being produced for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Players will get to drive the new Korean Grand Prix circuit in the game before the cars have raced there for real.

See below for the first screenshots of the game.

The only officially-licensed F1 game will feature all the tracks and cars from this year’s F1 season. The new rules including the refuelling ban will also be simulated.

However none of last season’s cars will feature due to licensing restrictions.

Here’s how Codemasters describe the title:

In “F1 2010″ gamers will take on the full, expanded grid in a variety of game modes including Grand Prix, Championship, Time Trial and an extensive, innovative Career mode. “F1 2010″ will also feature a highly advanced damage model, fully dynamic weather system and extensive competitive multiplayer options.

In production at Codemasters Studios Birmingham, “F1 2010″ is being developed using the EGO Game Technology Platform, Codemasters’ proprietary tech that powered the critically acclaimed, million-plus selling “Colin McRae: Dirt 2″ and “Race Driver: Grid”. The award-winning technology has been further developed to accurately recreate the unique aerodynamics and handling of 200mph-plus Formula One cars. The tech combined with Codemasters’ unprecedented access to Formula One teams and drivers will ensure that “F1 2010″ delivers the most authentic Formula One racing experience yet.

There will be a launch event for the game next week at which I hope to find out more about the title, such as how they plan to create a realistic version of a circuit that hasn’t been raced on yet.

When the game was first announced last year we drew up an exhaustive wish list with over 300 comments suggesting ideas fans would like to see in it. Which of these should make it into the final game?

Let me know what else you’d like to find out about the game at the launch in the comments.

“F1 2010″ pictures

Codemasters “F1 2010″

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  1. Keith can you please ask them for a full rundown of the games specs so we can see if they really did include of of our wishlist?

  2. Marc Connell
    10th March 2010, 21:03

    Codemasters…i dont really like them anymore but ill give this game a try. it will get me away from rfactor

  3. Prisoner Monkeys
    10th March 2010, 21:10

    I like that they delayed the game twelve months – not only do we get the new Korean, British and Bahraini layouts, but there’s a whole heap of new teams as well.

  4. Odds are they will blow this one. Older Dirt games had better physics. These guys are all about looks and not about anything other than 5 year old arcade game play.

    Besides this, September? They were supposed to have this out by Christmas last year and then it gets pushed back to… Oh, yeah! After the season’s over. Great. That will be as much fun. Its as though they don’t want to sell this title. Idiots.

    GT5, even if released at the same time, will not be competing with this title much. F1 fans are different than “car racing” fans. GT5 is mostly for middle school through high school kids in the US.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      10th March 2010, 22:20

      Ever visited Gran Turism Planet, especially the forums? I think you’ll change your opinions because a) most of the users are adults and b) more than just America is represented.

  5. I’m affraid it’ll be just another arcade f1 game….Right, better dig out Grand Prix 4.. Come back Geoff Crammond!

  6. Really worried about this game to say the least. The PSP version was utter rubbish and the biggest waste of my hard earned coin. Keith,

    (1) what type of physics engines are they using to simulate the car handling characteristics?

    (2) How real are the environments? Most of them in the PSP version are lacking so much its not funny.

    (3)How the hell are Codemasters really going to make an authentic Formula 1 game?!

  7. Never had a PS3, and I don’t have the funds to go and get a new game, but my impression of console racers is that, they are going backwards, pole position 96, on my N64, allows you to edit who drives for what team, and you could even change which car had which engine, not realistic there I know but it did increase the replayability…

    The newer games, my newest being 06 on the ps2, are, only better to a certain extent. but ignoring the modern sounds, physics and graphics they don’t seem to be actually better games, In fact, I think some are getting worse…

    I’ve played GRID, shiny, very shiny, and not too bad, , but for anyone who desires an ounce of simulation, then, I think we might have to look elsewhere…

    Can someone tell me about 09 on the Wii?

  8. Codemasters kept delaying this game since the beginning of the announcement, so I think this will be the best Formula 1 game yet.

  9. It seems promising to me that many of the new and interesting features of the 2010 season will be documented by an official game release. Releasing it in the fall, hopefully, will give the team enough time and possibility to create accurate representations of the new circuit bits, the effects the 2010 regulations have on the cars’ behaviour and, thus, the racing – and the teams’ performances we’ll actually be seeing on the track after the coming weekend.

    I’m hoping they will be going down a dual route, with a believably realistic physics simulation regarding the cars’ behaviour on the track to challenge the serious simulation fans and enough driving aids, interactive exercises and the like to support casual fans who’d rather just want to enjoy the feeling of driving a Grand Prix race without having to worry about too much of the details. Then again, the actual series itself seems to be keen on promoting its spectacle and thrill, so maybe, that gives an indication of the emphasis a virtual representation could actually be supposed to make.

    Generally, I think a motor racing career simulation would be a very interesting subject for a game, but realistically, it would necessitate acquiring a number of licenses for runner-up categories’ past seasons, if the player truly were to have the option to progress up to Grand Prix racing in 2010 through Formulae Something. At the same time, it would be limiting to give the player the option to advance up to the top category and then have just the one current season available there. From this perspective, it would probably be less expensive and more interesting for a game developer to explore the idea of a complete career in racing with at least semi-fictional virtual categories, instead of having to come up with detailed representations of the actual ones.

  10. Keith,
    Do you know if there will be a MAC version?

    1. No, sadly I think there’s only a windows version, sorry no MAC. But, you can always use boot camp if you wanna play on mac (like I do if i want to play GP4, F1 challenge, or any other windows game on mac)

      1. Yes, it’s the only one solution sadly. :(

  11. i’d like to know why it will take until september to release the game, when the season is nearly over and why last years cars will be used. this game has been in development for over two years a will be a long way behind when it is finally released. how hard is it to get an up-to-date game for the current season, with a release date of around march/april/may?

    1. i’d like to know why it will take until september to release the game, when the season is nearly over

      I think it’s strange they’re putting out the game that early, when they won’t have any data from Korea.

  12. I told you it would be around sep-nov when it came out.

  13. I really hope they drastically change the game engine they used for Grid. It really didn’t feel like you were driving a car in that game. I hope the game engine is much more like RacePro or even Forza if we can’t get that.

  14. How much does it cost?

  15. Wow the screenshots look good and with still using F106 with Micheal at the wheel of the Ferrari, it will be great to get into the brawn car.

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