F1 fans slam rigged German Grand Prix

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The German Grand Prix was rated the worst race in three years by F1 fans.

F1 Fanatic has conducted post-race polls on what fans thought of Grands Prix since 2008. The German Grand Prix, which Fernando Alonso won after team mate Felipe Massa was ordered to let him pass, received a lowest-ever rating of 3.74 out of ten.

Over 3,500 fans responded to the poll after Sunday’s race and one-third gave the race the lowest possible rating.

There are the ten least popular races according to F1 fans since the start of 2008:

Ten worst races, 2008-2010
Ten worst races, 2008-2010 (click to enlarge)

Here’s a sample of the comments left by fans about the German Grand Prix:

Massa was robbed by his own team. Makes a mockery of calling this a race. He deserved the win and it would have been fantastic a year after his accident for all F1 fans, no matter which team they support, to celebrate his come back.

This is exactly why the rules changed and Ferrari should be disqualified for openly giving team orders. They would have had a one-two without team orders and the best driver would have won ?ǣ fair and square.

Typically, a race this dull would get a 5 from me. But Ferrari Team orders absolutely kills any credibility of this ??race??.


Now [we] will see for sure how neutral Jean Todt is as FIA President.

I rated one ?ǣ I think there was little in the way of battles. Temperature probably played a hand in this with it being cooler allowing the option to last longer.

Then of course we were robbed as fans of any chance of a race with the team orders.
Mark Skeet

I voted one, but only because zero wasn?t an option. That wasn?t a race. There was no race to rate. As an F1 fan, I feel cheated. Ferrari owe me the last two hours of my life back.

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  1. Alonso may be a quick and gifted driver, but I’m really beginning to question him as a Man. Yes, that is Man with a capital ‘M’. After the events of Singapore 2008 came to light, he still said he deserved that win. He didn’t; anyone with a modicum of integrity would say that while the results show he was the winner, it was an undeserved win. Could you imagine how his reputation would’ve changed if he returned his winner’s trophy?

    Same with the German GP. It was an undeserved win. A driver with integrity would be able to admit that rather than going on robotically about how “every win is special”. I can’t believe he has the gall to say “this is ridiculous” on the team radio when he couldn’t pass Massa! How dare you feel that you’re entitled to win the race when you can’t even overtake your (supposedly inferior) teammate win the same equipment? A world champion? Alonso’s no world champion in my book.

    Massa has class and integrity in spades. See Brazil 2008. Alonso’s just a brat.

    1. Yes, yes, and yes.

      Well said.

      1. Yes, yes and very much in agreement.

        At the moment ‘team orders’ improve a teams championship prospects without much detriment – bar the loss of a few bucks that only amount to mere fraction of the budget and the impeded driver only forfeiting a few points.

        How about; when a team deliberately moves one driver ahead of another (actually on the track) to gain championship points, the decision should be made with the knowledge that the 2nd driver will be penalised by twice (or more?) the points gained?

        A 2nd driver having mechanical problems / wear & tear in play are no excuse or they must drive through the pits.

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