F1 2010 DVD review - Sebastian's coming of age

2010 F1 season DVD “Sebastian’s coming of age” reviewed

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F1 2010 DVD review - Sebastian's coming of age
F1 2010 DVD review - Sebastian's coming of age

The annual F1 season DVD reviews are always popular purchases among F1 Fanatic readers. That’s no surprise, as it’s still the only way you can legally buy footage of F1 races.

Thankfully, the producers haven’t skimped on the material. The two-disc set packs in five hours of footage, and although it isn’t available in high definition (a laughable shortcoming in 2010) the quality of much of it is very good.

As you’d expect, coverage of all 19 races is packed in and the review is so long you have to swap discs (how retro!) halfway through.

Usual commentator Ben Edwards is joined by Will Buxton who covers the action between the races.

Despite having a huge amount of time to fit the review into the introduction to the season is rather on the thin side. There’s no run-through of the teams, even the new outfits barely get a mention. Much of the rules changes are glossed over too.

But when you get into the meat of the review – the races – all is well. Whoever tackled the mammoth task of condensing the days’ worth of footage into pithy reviews of each race has done a first-class job.

There’s ample coverage of all the major moments, often with a couple of new angles thrown in for good measure.

Qualifying and practice highlights get a mention too along with a few unseen moments – such as Robert Kubica discovering someone had left a mobile ‘phone in his car while he drives around Bahrain.

Edwards’ commentary is spot on as usual and the producers have wisely kept the footage free of music (a major irritation in previous editions).

Watching the full review end-to-end you find it starts to get a little repetitive – are all those montages reminding us of what we saw half an hour age really necessary?

And while the focus is inevitably on the five drivers who did all the winning, I’d like to have seen a bit more of the teams in the midfield and at the back of the grid.

That is partly remedied by the excellent selection of extras, which is a marked improvement on previous offerings. Instead of a single hot lap from each race we get a different selection of onboard material.

One of the best is the start of the Australian Grand Prix seen from the perspective of several different drivers, including Vitaly Petrov weaving his way past several cars and Sebastien Buemi being taken out by Kamui Kobayashi.

There are seven further features including pieces on Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber, and a particularly good one with the two McLaren drivers looking back on footage of the likes of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

It’s a shame there’s no corresponding piece on the new world champion, though.

What’s offered here is all good quality material and the package is pretty good value. The lack of an HD version is a major weakness, however – hopefully that will finally be addressed in 2011.

Have you got the 2010 F1 season DVD? Give your view on “Sebastian’s coming of age” in the comments.

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“Sebastian’s coming of age” – The official 2010 F1 season review DVD
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