Vitaly Petrov, Renault, 2011

Petrov: ??Out-qualifying Robert better than beating Fernando??

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Vitaly Petrov, Renault, 2011
Vitaly Petrov, Renault, 2011

Vitaly Petrov revealed the new livery for this year’s Renault at Autosport International today.

Afterwards he spoke to F1 Fanatic about starting his second year with the team.

F1 Fanatic: Congratulations on your new deal for this season. Is there a particular area of performance you hope to improve in your second season?

Vitaly Petrov: Everything, I think. The first season was difficult for us because we didn’t know the tracks and I didn’t know, in general, how F1 was working.

But now I have much more experience, more details about all the season. 2011 will not be easy but it will be easier because I’ve already done one year.

F1F: How was the reaction in Russia to your new contract?

VP: There was a big reaction because people were waiting for me to sign the contract. They were a little bit worried because it took long to sign the deals.

F1F: You had a strong end to 2010. What was more satisfying in Abu Dhabi – beating Robert Kubica in qualifying or keeping Fernando Alonso behind for 39 laps?

VP: I think it was more qualifying in the top ten. It was just a normal race – Fernando couldn’t overtake because of the track, not because of his speed, and also I didn’t want to push hard and kill my tyres.

So in general it was a good weekend.

F1F: You were ahead of Robert twice in qualifying last year. Will it be more this year?

VP: I don’t know how many times more it will be this year, but I will do what I can and we’ll see.

F1F: So what can you do to help the team improve their championship position in 2011?

VP: I think we just need to work together and continue to push harder: develop the car, develop my driving, everything little by little and together we can win.

F1F: Last year Robert did more of the pre-race testing with the car. Do you think you’ll get as much time as him in the car this year?

VP: I’m sure it will be fifty-fifty, I don’t think he will do more testing than me.

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