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341 comments on Rate the race: 2011 Chinese Grand Prix

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  1. driftin said on 17th April 2011, 9:43

    Absolutely amazing race. Battles everywhere, no one was comfortable, lots of tension in the strategies, loads of late braking, a battle for the lead and a battle for the last podium position right at the end and that was Webber who started in 18th!!! Massively enjoyable and all that without rain or many cars coming into contact hugely. Best race since Spa last year.

    I slightly disappointed that there are two RBRs on the podium instead of two McLarens, but it’s impossible to be too disappointed considering how huge a task Mark Webber had. Probably the best driver of the day.

    Also, great comment by Coulthard. ‘The only way that message could be any scarier would be if it was delivered in the dark’.

    9/10, very close to a 10/10. Ah, screw it. 10/10

    • Damon (@damon) said on 17th April 2011, 9:50

      Also, great comment by Coulthard. ‘The only way that message could be any scarier would be if it was delivered in the dark’.

      Haha, yeah, that was awesome!

      A brilliant race it was indeed. A 9.5 from me.
      And it was the lack of grip that made it so, not the stupid DRS.

      It was also very exciting for me as I got all of my top-5 prediction drivers in the top-5! Huh!!

      BTW. Am I the only one who feels like listening to Jackie Stewart hearing Coulthard?

      • SparkyJ23 (@sparkyj23) said on 17th April 2011, 9:56

        Indeed – it was all about the tyres – the DRS is proven somewhat artificial by the passes happening elsewhere.

        • RIISE (@riise) said on 17th April 2011, 10:00

          The DRS was a bit of a slow burner at the start but turned out to be a brilliant addition to a brilliant race.

          I questioned the line positioning of it but it was in a perfect place.

          • S.J.M (@sjm) said on 17th April 2011, 10:32

            agree, everything that could have made the race what it was actually came together perfectly. Excellent race, easily the best since Canada.

          • BasCB (@bascb) said on 17th April 2011, 18:02

            I think having the DRS just about as active as in Melbourne was fine. It only allowed clearly faster cars to pass. For the others it helped them keep in touch and put pressure on the car in front.

            That 2 lap battle between Vettel and Hamilton for the lead. And the multiple lap battle between Rosberg and Webber. How much action all over the track. Great stuff.

            After the first pitstops I feared it would be over. Especially with the dry weather. Then it suddenly turned out I had underestimated what oppertunities the tyres offered. China can give interesting racing without the rain after all!

            A great race. Vettel smacking everybody with going over 7 tenths faster in Q3. Rosberg being in the mix, to add some flavour. Ferrari having Massa do an impressive race. Hamilton thinking ahead on saturday, McLaren getting the strategy right and Hamilton making a great start and gutsy overtakes to get by in the last laps.

            Webber making the most of starting in the back by going for an alternative stragegy altogether, almost going underwater in hiding only to pop up on the podium in the end. And very nice fighting between Schumacher and Alonso all race.

        • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 17th April 2011, 17:29

          I think that DRS was just set up right for this race. It allowed some form of overtaking when otherwise it would have been impossible, yet it didn’t make it too easy (which could have ended essentially good battles prematurely).

      • Andy W (@andy-w) said on 17th April 2011, 11:37

        Great race and DRS helped make it the race it was…. Its just another tool the drivers can use… Maybe this race didn’t ‘need’ it but it was part of it.

        One of the great races in my book, maybe not for a single drivers race but as a race as a whole…. and the season is still young…

        Just wonder how the Pirelli’s are going to deal with turn 8.

        • Solo (@solo) said on 17th April 2011, 12:36

          The DRS was good in this race because they took the wise decision of limiting it this morning. In Malaysia the DRS ruined the race for me. It was too strong. It was like a super button.
          On this race though it help a little without being the main tool to pass someone.

          We may have found the perfect distance for DRS use. About 700meters might be the ideal from now on.

          • Andy W (@andy-w) said on 17th April 2011, 14:33

            it will vary from track to track, but it seems the stewards might be getting on top of it… they certainly did here.

    • SparkyJ23 (@sparkyj23) said on 17th April 2011, 10:00

      Who the Hell was the guy voting 1? Is that you Alonso?

    • elliotstan (@elliotstan) said on 17th April 2011, 10:35

      i loved it as well. Great drive by all the top runners. Button should be unhappy though, could have done better than that.

    • Nin13 (@) said on 17th April 2011, 10:46

      8/10 very very good race.

    • Jonathan said on 17th April 2011, 11:07

      Best dry race since 2005.

      The BBC website describes every race as “thrilling”… but this race really was thrilling.

      • dennis (@dennis) said on 17th April 2011, 11:12

        Brilliant. Lewis wins a race, suddenly best Grand Prix ever. Quite predictable.

        Seriously good race, but it was hardly a “battle” in the end.

        8/10 certainly. MAYBE 9, but people overreact by the fact that Lewis finally managed to keep his tyres together and Vettel had radio problems, which means he was stuck on the 2 stop strategy.

        • matt90 (@matt90) said on 17th April 2011, 11:14

          That isn’t why he was on a 2-stop strategy.

          • dennis (@dennis) said on 17th April 2011, 11:21

            That is what Helmut Marko said afterwards.

          • jake said on 17th April 2011, 11:38

            @dennis, i find it’s best to ignore every word that comes out of Marko’s mouth.

            Lewis didnt have any strategy advantage when he fought his way up past Button and Rosberg. And there’s still no certainty Seb would have got past Rosberg and won on a 3 stop.

          • matt90 (@matt90) said on 17th April 2011, 11:51

            Horner didn’t though. It’s a poor excuse anyway, they still had use of pit boards.

        • Mark Hitchcock (@mark-hitchcock) said on 17th April 2011, 11:41

          Everyone loves a race, someone comes along and says it’s all because of Hamilton bias. Quite predictable.

          It didn’t matter who won this race. It’s the fact that there was a fight for the lead (and every podium spot for that matter) which got people so excited.

          • Solo (@solo) said on 17th April 2011, 12:53

            @dennis Don’t make me describe what i think of your words. Btw that’s a strange name for a Lewis hater, lol.

            As Mark correctly says it’s not because Lewis won. I highly doubt we will have been less excited if Webber, Rosberg or Button won. Maybe a little less if Vettel won because it will be too predictable but other than that the reason the race was awesome was because every element for a grade race was there.

            Clever strategies from the teams, fights all over the field and more importantly overtaking and fighting for the first three positions and not just down the field. Awesome wheel to wheel racing from the drivers and a winner that really worked for it, along with a guy coming from the back. Clever fight on how to use KERS between the drivers too. And of course the fighting was going on until the last corner.
            Also DRS was a lot better used that in Malaysia and actually helped racing instead of being a super button.

            What more do you need? Hell if you add to that a few crazy incidents like wings flying, a tyre deciding to go racing by itself, Button going to the wrong pit crew and the winner almost not making it to the grid, then really there is nothing left.

          • Guimaraes said on 17th April 2011, 18:39

            The fact is: there is a extremely strong correlation between the outcome of a race for McL/Lewis and its racing in this site. It has been showed many times before and the figures can’t be denied.

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 17th April 2011, 18:56

            I don’t agree there is such a correlation. One of the lowest-rated races was one Hamilton won at this track three years ago.

            The highest rated races tend to be the one that are unpredictable and that have a lot of overtaking. The lowest rated races had few changes of position and the outcome was not in doubt. There’s your correlation.

          • jake said on 17th April 2011, 22:54

            @ Keith. A correlation I have noticed however is that when we get these unpredictable races with lots of passing, Lewis more often than not comes out on top. Fuji 07, Monaco 08, Silverstone 08, Canada 10, Belgium 10, China 11 are the ones I can remember.

            Does this say something about the brilliance of Lewis Hamilton?

        • BasCB (@bascb) said on 17th April 2011, 18:05

          For me it would have been even better had it been Rosberg to win, or Massa. Button winning would have been just as good. And just imagin Webber making it a few spots further up.

          What was the last time we had several real overtakes for the lead of the race?
          Added bonus of this giving a better perspective for a nice title fight as well.

          • Picasso 1.9D FTW (@picasso-19d-ftw) said on 17th April 2011, 21:14

            Agreed, seeing Nico win would have been so sweet, but I still gave it a 9 (gotta keep something in reserve!) because I have to rate the race not the result. In any case, I’m happy with any result that comes from determined, skilled driving and sporting behaviour, which we had in spades today. Great drivers battling desperately hard but respectfully, with all of 5 WDC winners on track showing their best sides. Whilst the best of the rookies (& sophomores) perhaps didn’t fare quite as well as in the last couple of races we have a good clutch there who still give plenty of entertainment, and of course Webber’s charge was thrilling. But for a few laps I dared foolishly to hope that Rosberg would break his duck at last. Damn shame. As for Hamilton, a superb drive and the overtakes really put him out of Jenson’s reach today. A deserving winner.

      • alexf1man (@alexf1man) said on 17th April 2011, 15:40

        Are you referring to Japan 2005, a VERY good race due to many drivers being out of position?

        Unlike then, only Webber was out of position out of the big guns (Red Bulls, McLarens) but even then action all through the field, not just down the long straight.

        Getting better as it goes on, Turkey next (how will Red Bull try to avoid 2010 and get on top of KERS) hope Spain doesn’t let us down again like it did a few years ago!

    • Fixy (@fixy) said on 17th April 2011, 12:54

      9/10. The race was awesome, but the strategic errors by Ferrari and Vettel caused three drivers to miss the final battle where Massa would have been nearer to Vettel.

  2. RIISE (@riise) said on 17th April 2011, 9:43

    What a race, what else can I say? I’ve seen many races and this was the best I have ever seen.

    • Scribe (@scribe) said on 17th April 2011, 10:31

      It was incredible huh? We got everything! First 10 since Canada last year, result in doubt till about 5 laps to go.

      Adrenaline, I LOVE F1.

      • Mike said on 17th April 2011, 14:17

        I was a mates place, they all think I’m nuts.

        Just fantastic, one of, if not the best races I’ve ever seen. It had everything, strategies created the most exciting race… just incredible.

        Crucially, it’s also easily the best completely dry normal style race I’ve seen. The reason we could have this has two names. DRS and so much more so Pirelli.

        Thank you Pirelli! Thank you!
        We owe you!

    • Todfod (@todfod) said on 17th April 2011, 10:46

      Personally, I wouldn’t rate it as the best I’ve ever seen, but it is the best race I’ve seen since the 2008 season.

      • David BR said on 17th April 2011, 15:07

        I’d agree with that. Also must be the best early season dry race I’ve seen. Though the ‘puddles’ of rubber round the circuit are almost like a wet weather race! DRS and KERS may be artificial, but I guess the lesson is that even if overtaking is easier, the best still can do more overtaking and it becomes just as much a question of overtaking quickly and cleanly (Hamilton looked like he was trying to do his final overtaking without stepping into the rubber bath, for example). Actually worth staying awake until 6 in the morning! (Brazil time)

    • Movement (@movement) said on 17th April 2011, 10:46

      I think Malaysia was slightly better…more battles. having said that, this was a great race. an 8 maybe nine. but malaysia was still better, save for the lack of fight for 1st place.

      • d1sciple (@) said on 17th April 2011, 10:56

        I disagree completely, this had my adrenaline pumping much more. With the different strategies at the front it felt tense the whole way through.

      • RIISE (@riise) said on 17th April 2011, 10:57

        But Barrichello is about half a second slower from last year. Lack of fight? There has enough defending from Vettel until taking wrong lines would’ve cost him more than losing 1st place.

        But of an ignorant comment.

      • George (@george) said on 17th April 2011, 17:12

        Malaysia was about equal in my opinion, but I gave that one a 10 since it was one of the best dry races I’ve ever seen, this makes it two in a row :).

    • d1sciple (@) said on 17th April 2011, 10:47

      Think I might be in agreement with you. Very few races in my memory have had quite so much action, throughout the field, right until the last lap!

  3. Lachie (@lachie) said on 17th April 2011, 9:44



  4. TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 17th April 2011, 9:44


    Goodbye Suzuka 2005. Chinese Grand Prix 2011 is now the best Grand Prix of all time.

    • Himmat S. said on 17th April 2011, 9:49

      Suzuka 2005 was an epic. Taking nonthing away from this, it’s my second-best race ever. At best. 9.5 if possible.

    • Mack41 (@mack41) said on 17th April 2011, 9:58

      I can barely believe it. Someone pinch me there is no way that the CHINESE Grand Prix was that good. No way.

      Webbah is a flippin beast. It’d be nice if RBR could show some fairness and professionalism and get BOTH cars working.


      (Looking at what I just watched I would not be against Bahrain if everything works out over there to allow for it. If the Chinese Grand Prix can be that awesome I am going to want a 20th race)

    • Joseph94 (@joseph94) said on 17th April 2011, 10:07

      Sorry, but the Chinese track will never live up to the stunning Suzuka circuit.
      The race today was ‘ok’ I give it a 7, would have been nice to see more of the mid-field on camera like the Renaults.

    • Can’t find anything to rate it less than 10/10.
      There was much of action, overtakings weren’t meaningless, the battles were numerous and exciting, the strategies were well visible, fight for the win till the very end, no controversial judging, tv transmission pretty good. More of the same, please.

      • Just ot precise – it’s still not the same level as golden days of Senna vs Prost, but it’s about drivers that made a difference. Besides the show has all it needs.

        • Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 17th April 2011, 10:58

          No offence, but why are people so hung up on this? I’m re-reading Senna v Prost at the moment and every race is “Senna won by 32 seconds” “Prost won by 15 seconds”, etc.

          On the live blog at the end of Abu Dhabi last year I predicted this year would be one of the best ever. If we have more races like this, with different winners, it will be.

          • Maybe because those days more was dependent on the drivers.

          • Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 17th April 2011, 13:41

            Again, another fallacy. They might not have manual gearing but they have KERS, DRS, brake balance, etc. etc.

            People just see what they want. I bet 30 years ago people would have had the exact same complaints, well maybe not, as we are a very negative couple of generations.

          • Piffles said on 18th April 2011, 0:59

            People get “hung up” because it really was absolutely fantastic. Over the past year, I’ve rewatched all the races from ’85 to ’93. It’s impossible not to be blown away by the sheer intensity and determination of Senna, Prost and Mansell. Watch them for yourself, and make your own opinion; you won’t regret it. Don’t rely on tributes, documentaries, movies or what people say.

            Anyhow, this race was great. The guy who won, won by overtaking the guy who finished second, on track.

            I’m looking forward to seeing more strategies playing out in the last laps with guys on fresher rubber scrambling through to the front in the dying moments. I expect, and half hope, we’ll see some really desperate defending when the Championship starts shaping up.

        • silverstone89 (@) said on 18th April 2011, 13:40

          I remember those golden days very clearly- And we knew at the time it was a golden era- not just Senna V Prost but add Mansell and Piquet into that. It was around 86 that I began to love this sport for that reason.
          However, I struggle to think of many races that match up to yesterday. Most of Senna’s wins were lights to flag, and Prost, while a brilliant champion, was not the greatest racer ever by a long shot.

          I’m not sure its realistic to say it was more down to the driver then- think about 88- if you didn’t have a McLaern you had no hope. If you did you had nothing to fear from even the second best team, let alone 2 or 3 other teams. A slight mistake is quali then would have meant slipping back to second on the grid and the gaps between the front and midfield was huge!
          Make no mistake- we are in middle of a golden era at least as special as Senna v Prost.

    • Tommy C (@tommy-c) said on 17th April 2011, 12:06

      Big, big call there TommyB. I’d say on par though. Just wow.

  5. DavidS (@davids) said on 17th April 2011, 9:44

    Absolutely brilliant race.

  6. mantolwen (@mantolwen) said on 17th April 2011, 9:45

    10/10 genius race and Vettel couldn’t hold it together. The lead changed hands several times; Kovalainen finished ahead of (penaltied) Perez and rubbish Maldonado. Amazing from everyone.

    • Scribe (@scribe) said on 17th April 2011, 10:37

      Maldonado is just pants, bet they regret loosing Hulkenburg now.

      • TFLB said on 17th April 2011, 10:49

        Maldonado is actually closer to Barrichello in pace than Hulkenberg was at this time last year.

        • LosD (@losd) said on 17th April 2011, 11:14

          Ah, but Barrichello was actually driving properly last year.

          Now, some of it is the car, which of course transfers to more driving mistakes trying to keep it together, but Barri seems like a shadow of himself.

      • d1sciple (@) said on 17th April 2011, 10:49

        Neither Maldonado or Barrichello are driving well, they made a big mistake losing Hulk. The car is rubbish too.

    • S.J.M (@sjm) said on 17th April 2011, 10:37

      That race will be remembered as a classic, im sure of that.

      Its either going to be a good or bad thing, as its either a sign of what will come later or (hopefully not) be the seasons most exciting race coming way to early in the season.

  7. Prateek727 said on 17th April 2011, 9:45


  8. sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 17th April 2011, 9:45

    What a race. What more needs to be said?

  9. Stephen Jones (@aus_steve) said on 17th April 2011, 9:45

    best race i have ever seen!

    action all the way through!

  10. liedra (@liedra) said on 17th April 2011, 9:46

    Best race I’ve seen. That was fantastic! I was gasping and yelling at the TV with excitement (particularly as a Webber fan!).

  11. Best race in years!


  12. Scalextric (@scalextric) said on 17th April 2011, 9:46

    Will this sell more tickets in China next year?

  13. graham228221 (@graham228221) said on 17th April 2011, 9:46

    absolutely fantastic race, exactly what we hoped for from the 2011 season :D

  14. matt90 (@matt90) said on 17th April 2011, 9:46

    Who’d have thought China would ever produce such an amazing race, especially in the dry.

  15. Martin Rasmussen (@floptickle) said on 17th April 2011, 9:46

    This was absolutely amazing! Suspense all the way through, and what a finish! 10/10 from me.

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