Sebastien Buemi, Jenson Button, Barcelona, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Spanish Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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2011 Spanish Grand Prix

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179 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Spanish Grand Prix”

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  1. This was a good race. A classic in style but ultimately lacking the ultimate historical standard of drama. I’m shocked that it gets good votes here; expecting more belly-aching about the lack of passing at the front. It was a great duel of pace and strategy at the front.

    The race also revealed a lot about car performance now. McLaren, down a second in qualifying, clearly had the race pace on RBR. If McLaren’s wall didn’t squander Hamilton’s tire preserving skills from the first two stints, he would have won going away. DRS kept him close but he had no DRS from turn 1 to the last, where he was climbing all over Vettel. Newey gave KERS the short shrift in the design stage and this is going to cost them dearly if/when McLaren get their proper exhaust on the car. And lordy lordy what happened to Ferrari? Alonso was lapped in a half-distance span by a McLaren as well as Vettel. The team must be extra ashamed because clearly Alonso flattered the car to the extreme.

  2. The best Spanish GP in Barcelona ever. I rate it 8/10. Lot of tension and the best drivers at the front fighting each other. To me it is hard to say who has been best.HAM ALO VET and BUT have been impressive today. I have really enjoyed the race.

  3. Are we suppose to consider the Saturday and Sunday because I only every rate the actual GP, so 8/10.
    If considering Qualifying that would be a -2 and 6/10. They really need to do something about Qualifying. After 5 minutes in Q3 you might as well go and make a cup of tea.

    What happen to Alonso on the hards? It was of England cricket team batting collapse proportion. Smart thinking from Alonso to use all his KERS on the run to turn 1, how he missed the back of Vettels car is beyond me, instinct, skill and a bit of luck.

    Although entertaining these races seem a bit hollow, which is a bit weird.

    1. Last year’s qualifying was exciting to the last second, this year it is becoming a snore fest. They really need to do something like award new rubber for making Q3 or something.

  4. Gave it an 8. Close racing throughout and a few overtakes.

    FOM get a minus 100/10 from me though. Truly awful.

    1. Always intent on showing people sitting on pitwalls, drivers walking back from crashes, and engineers looking at their drivers walking back from crashes… all when there’s racing going on on track. Gets my goat.

      1. And the odd pitstop just when someting is happening is a great lure as well.

        Not to mention showing home hero Alonso battling the car just as there is a battle for the lead going on.

        Easiest and cheapest way to improve the show. YES, actually show the show!

  5. UKfanatic (@)
    22nd May 2011, 19:49


    Five cause the tyres again proved to be the good and the bad from the season they are too grippy and then they drop too quickly not aloeing cars to overtake on the same tyre phase and making them sitting ducks while on different strategies, I would refer a less grippy tyre but alot more durable

  6. Pirellis are rubbish. F1 needs tyres that last the whole race (and no mandatory pitstop). The best thing today was that the DRS was mostly useless. 2 points for the race.

  7. 7/10

    I don’t really agree with people denying Vettel credit for his overtakes. Yes he was faster tyrewise, but he made the overtakes when they counted on his outlap. If he he screwed up, his strategy and the rest of his race might have been done for it.

  8. That chicane ruins a great race track and makes getting close down the main straight near impossible. DRS did work and I think Hamilton may have struggled to stay with vettel if he couldn’t use it, after all it was the middle sector he was loosing out – where he couldn’t use it.

  9. To describe the race in one word: Dull.

    The DRS zone failed to produce anything interesting. Minimal on track passing. Tyres promoted the “undercut strategy with pit stops”, hardly the most exciting strategy. Hamilton never made a gutsy effort to try and take the lead from Vettel, and you could say the same about Webber and his efforts to pass Alonso. These guys are playing for points, rather than racing with a “win or nothing” attitude, not that you can blame them, it’s the safest way to try and win the championship.  

    My rating 3 out of 10.

  10. 10. I was on the edge of my chair, as I was watching a close battle for the lead, where the DRS just added to the suspense, on a normally boring track, without rain, or safetycars or whatever. Now, I did compensate for the track, but that was what made it special for me. And then, we also got this amazing start, with the local favourite getting a clean pass on the usual suspects, while the crowd was cheering.

    Still, I would like more Spa-alike tracks and less Abu-Dabi-alike ones so there wouldn’t be any need for DRS, but that’s not the issue at hand. Here, the new rules created a very entertaining race, without too many easy passes like Turkey. So yes. 10 for me.

  11. 5/10. Regarded it as a 7 but took off 2 points for the **** poor camera direction. Cutting from Alonso/Webber to a pit stop was idiotic and has been happening all year.

    Pretty clear Lewis wouldn’t be able to pass Seb after 5 laps at the end barring a mistake so not much interest there either.

    Whoever is running the camera direction needs to drop pit stop shots altogether or use picture in picture for them.

  12. chaostheory
    22nd May 2011, 22:58

    Look, another boring Spanish GP; nothing can help this circuit, its not good for racing, only for testing.
    And Pirelli should be more careful with what they’re doing with tires – we all know they made them like this to spice the show, we accept it, but there are boundaries that shouldnt be crossed: a 2 secs slower hard tire?? That caused whole field to be lapped at the end of the race??
    that was artificial. Manipulation. Disgusting.
    Sure the racing was great in first four GPs this year, but they cant go on like this forever; I think that the tire war Michelin was proposing was the better solution (with rules controlling grip levels or something).

  13. Not a big fan of the track itself….. but was surprised with some of the overtakes and a brilliant start from Alonso.

    Especially thrilled to see Heidfeld make his way from last to the points.

    Gave it an 8.

  14. This track should be dropped from the calendar imo and I just don’t know why after so many years we have to endure it given the many options of “overtaking tracks” available. We all know that mostly the odds are that the race will be a relativly uneventful procession and year after year we sit through it hoping in vain for some “pazazz”. Why make all these rule changes to encourage overtaking and not also look at dropping tracks notorious for being producing little or no overtaking opportunities. I never miss a race but I’m always left feeling two hours of my life have been wasted after sitting through another Spanish GP. I gave it a 4 because this year it was marginally better that other years but it remains a low excitement track compared to other venues no matter the rule changes.

    And Webber needs to get his act together with his starts… honestly! I said before the start he’ll be in P4 by turn 2. Ok, so I was wrong… However in his defence, Vettel wasn’t able to get past Alonso on the track either and his strategy was less than inspired, so a case of could-have-should-have-might-have. I still think he is on par with Vettel in terms of pace, talent and race craft overall and that pitwall calls are – largely – the cause of his current points deficit.
    First post here, hope it hasn’t bored you to tears :)

  15. 8 many overtaking but most are done over tyres & proper wheel to wheel to racing.I was criticizing the DRZ zone for this race but I think it was perfect.

  16. Clearly, the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship title is now defunct, as it has become irrelevant this year.

    Time to replace it with a new Championship, which I suggest is called The Formula One World Strategists’ Championship. The FIA should recognise that the real heroes of the sport are now the guys on the pit wall, in the garage and at the other end of a fat broadband pipe back at the factory. Races are now won or lost as a direct result of their decisions on factors such as tyre choice, pit stops, etc.

    The driver is now, well, just the driver. A ‘has been’, someone who has virtually no ability to affect the outcome of the race, no matter how skilful, brave or smart he is. Indeed, I would not be surprised if the FIA looked at doing away with drivers altogether in 2013, perhaps replacing them with the guys from the Pentagon who have been flying those drones over Afghanistan.

    Oh, and can someone tell Brundle and Coulthard to stop saying “how did that happen” in mocked surprise when suddenly a front runner is lapping a minute off the pace (or vice versa). It happens not because the driver suddenly losses the plot, but because of stupid ‘green’ tyres that last just 60 km.

    One more thing. Let’s not bother with qualifying any more (some of the teams are already onto this). It too is now irrelevant, so let’s replace it with something equally as boring, such as grid positions decided by lucky dip. Heck, it could really drive the TV ratings if it were drawn by one of those svelte grid girls! (and we know Bernie is partial to them (he did marry one)).

  17. This race really illustrated how badly F1 needs a drastic shake up of the technical regulations. Way too much difficulty following, and even the DRS and tires made of papier mache and butterfly wings didn’t seem to make too much of a difference here. I sincerely hope Todt forces something through for 2013!

  18. compared to last years race this was a 1000000/10, but well with the recent great races we have had.. this was just 6/10.
    Yes a great fight for the lead in the end, but the rest of the race was boring, for the exception of the pitstops. I just don’t like that track. It is just useless for racing. It really is.

  19. An 8.

    A superb display by Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso at the beginning.

    Also by Vettel and Hamilton at the end.

    A great race for Heidfeld.

    Couldn’t help but feel sorry for Kovalienen crashing out despite the much improved Lotus and for Massa almost salvaging a few points from an awful race until his gearbox decided to give up and left him stranded.

    Very impressive from McLaren, very disappointing from Ferrari.

  20. 6/10. A good race, some really great drives, but I don’t particularly like the track.
    With more complex strategy required, the team aspect of the sport has become more apparent. Ferrari defended their behaviour at Hockenheim last year by saying that the team was more important than the drivers. In their case that seems to have come back to bite them. Their team isn’t working. But I enjoyed Alonso’s start as well as the brilliant drives of both Hamilton & Vettel. Great to see two McLaren’s on podium.
    And does anyone else feel that one reason why we’re seeing better driving and fewer accidents is because the drivers know they’ll have plenty of opportunities throughout the race to change position?

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