Sebastian Vettel, Felipe Massa, Nurburgring, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 German Grand Prix

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What did you think of the German Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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199 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 German Grand Prix”

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  1. 9/10

    Full of excitement for the first 2-3 stints, a complete nail-biter until lap 55 or so (whenever Lewis did a 1:34.6 or whatever on the prime tire).

    Could have been a 10/10 with rain.

  2. I’d like some clarification, as I was watching the Grand Prix, I heard Steve Slater say that if Mark Webber doesn’t come in for this third pit stop, he’d be penalized. Exactly why?

    1. Medium tyres fitted at least once

    2. georges10099
      24th July 2011, 15:12

      because he hadnt used the prime (harder) tyres yet and you have to use both the softs and hards

      1. Ah now I get it, thanks for that guys! :)

        How do you find this rule?

        1. It’s a basic rule that It’s often mentioned by commentators, and has been in place for a few years now.
          Just watching enough GPs, I guess :)

        2. Hitman Contract (@)
          24th July 2011, 15:37

          I can’t say how I find this rule without being moderated out.

        3. 25.4 (f) at

        4. not too happy about it, to say the least!

  3. 9-10 for me. Excellent race, which by the way showed that Vettel is not a master driver unless he starts from pole and has superior car. If Germany happened 3 races ago, we would still have the title race wide open. Now it’s looking like 2009 revisited – total domination at the beginning and steady decline towards the end. A race without RB on the podium increasingly more probable.

    1. Disagree, Massa had a lot less to lose than Vettel – which is why Rocky told Seb to be cautious.

      1. Hym, Vettel who had 80 points lead in WDC and could easily DNF in 3 races in a row and still be the leader? For Massa fourth would have been a highlight of the season so far. It’s the second race in a row lost by Red Bull with now two teams on par with them or even slightly faster in the race trim. Vacation’s over senior Vettel.

      2. I agree, that Seb had more to lose, but its not as if others did not try.

        And Massa has his fair share of locking brakes where it might have been worth a chance, if Vettel had really pushed and been all over Massa.

        It made for an interesting battle but It did nothing at all to disprove Vettel is not good at this kind of stuff.

    2. It was a very bad weekend for Vettel. But why should he go all in on an overtake on Massa? Vettel had the upper hand and it was all about being patient and minimizing the point loss to his competitors and wait for that opportunity. If he had finished 5th it wouldn’t be the end of the world anyway when the only realistic position was 4th. After such a bad weekend in the end he still did the smart thing and waited for the end to get him.
      I think one of the problems is that the car is just not fast enough on the straights compared to the others. So it is really hard to overtake the others unless they make a slight mistake. Like Webber’s overtake on Hamilton earlier in the race.

  4. 10. Super race again. I cant remember a season where every race has been brilliant.

  5. 10, there was always drama for a dry race! And 3 different cars fighting it out right until the very end!!

  6. Easily 9. Great race. Had there been a quick rain shower and some more confusion and strategy differences it would have been 10 clearly. Great battle at front and as soon as that died out slightly there was the battle for fourth between Massa and Vettel and all sorts of other action. Just brilliant.

  7. 9/10 – So tense, even if overtaking was somewhat lacking. And the battle at the front! When I had absolutely no idea who was going to win! I’m still so elated even though Lewis won (and even I can admit that he was the class of the field today; that overtake on Alonso was perfection and it killed me a little inside, haha); it was so thrilling!

    The ferrari pit stop blunder (which I’ve come to expect at least once a race now) that completely undid Massa’s race-long fight is why I deducted a point. Massa did so well, and it was looking like he’d actually get fourth place.

    I should have known better.

    Oh and the hitch hike with Alonso and Webber just completed what was a great race. Hope he doesn’t get penalised for not having enough fuel.

    1. I agree. Felipe did so well, but his team let him down on this occasion.

  8. great race, MOSTLY decided by masterful passes by Hamilton and Alonso, the two greatest racers on the track (I know, I know, but this is a completely different career from Michael’s earlier F1 days)

  9. 10/10 Made us not wanting to go back to Hockenheim ever again. A single TV screen is not enough to contain all the dramas. No rain required.

  10. 2nd half was not as exciting as the 1st half but it was fun to watching the battles in the top 3. Hammy returning to his mojo – quick retake of lead from MW after being overtaken, nice move outside at turn 3 leaving Alonso behind again… and abundant spin outs and midfield actions…

  11. I give it a 10. Perfect race and thrilling win from Lewis

  12. huwlewis (@)
    24th July 2011, 15:40

    No matter what you think of Hamilton, he always brings the element of excitement to F1..a true racer and Vettel proved he is only good from the front! Excellent Grand Prix

  13. Hitman Contract (@)
    24th July 2011, 15:42

    1, and is one point too many. With hard Bridgestones and no tyre rule change we could have seen some racing.

    1. Why can’t we vote 0 anyway?
      Then again it’s a 1 instead of 0, for Jenson Button’s DNF.

      1. You gave it a 1 purely because JB didn’t finish? Think you’ve missed the point of the vote there… is about the race as a whole.

        1. I think he was meaning it was a 1 celebrating on Button’s DNF instead of being even lower than that for a Hamilton win, judging from other comments made by him.

  14. Hmmm, Brundle just wondered whether Rosberg can win a race without the fastest car, “we know Hamilton can, Alonso can, VETTEL can” – really?

    1. In wet conditions and the right circumstances, maybe Vettel could win a slower car. Otherwise, no.

      1. monza 2008 springs into my mind

        1. = rain (I remembered)

      2. Spain (Mclaren) and Monaco (Mclaren and Ferrari) 2011. On race day the cars in brackets were as fast, if not faster.

        1. The rivals weren’t faster in the race and were certainly slower in quali. At Spain Vettel got past – guess what – via the pits, and at Monaco (a) it’s Monaco, where he led from the off, and (b) we were deprived of seeing Alonso or Button challenging Vettel because of the fresh tyres at the end.

          Some real proof is needed. But the way things are going, Vettel will have his chance to prove he can use an at least equal car to get past his equally paced rivals on track.

  15. Long Live The King !!! Hamilton & McLaren all the way !!!

  16. 8/10. Great race. Lets never go to the new Hockenheim again.

  17. I can already see that this race is going to be rated quite highly, simply because Hamilton won. I know Keith encourages us not to rate on where our favoured teams/drivers finished. but it’s pretty evident already that this is exactly what’s happening and being a UK site. naturally more people will be following the UK drivers!

    I personally gave the race a 6. Although it started of great, towards the end of the race it fizzled out a little for me. Also the return of the dreaded “only pitting because we have to” with Vettel/Massa.

    1. Honestly I would have rated it just as high, or possibly even higher if Alonso or Webber would have been able to pull a pass on Hamilton in those last 8 laps, its not about who won, but what happened on the way to get there.

    2. I know Keith is tired of pointing out that only about 1/3 of his site visits are from the UK. So there it is. In fairness, this season, there only two kinds of races: 1. RBR walk-overs and 2. races where a Ferrari or McLaren snatch a win away from RBR with an amazing performance—which usually must include some passing, because RBR has a deeded freehold on the front row. The second kind naturally are better than the first, and the team has brought you 3 of these serves mushy peas in its canteen.

    3. I’m British, and a McLaren fan, and I rated the race 6.

      Wait, that means I’m biased against the Germans, doesn’t it? Or no, I’m rating it low because Alonso did well, I’m biased against him. Or, maybe it’s because I’m biased *for* Torro Rosso, and they didn’t have a great race.

      Just because people disagree with you, doesn’t mean they’re doing it because of blinkered bias, while your opinions are pure and true. It’s more likely that they have a different opinion, nothing more.

  18. As a Hamilton fan 10/10, objectively 7/10. DRS not really working meant we were back to who can really overtake. Cue Hamilton. Two stunning retakes of position against Webber (my favourite) and Alonso. Excellent drives from all three, but that’s the result you get if you put all three in near enough equal cars and equal conditions: Hamilton wins by that extra racing talent. Today he did the Senna comparison proud!

    1. Maybe that’s a potential solution to the rating objectivity issue…

      Each person can rate on 2 different criteria:

      1.) ‘Rate the result’ – how satisfied you were with the result (based on preferred drivers etc).

      2.) ‘Rate the action’ – how good the action on track was (more objective).

      The 2nd rating wouldn’t be completely objective – given that how an individual sees the action may be coloured by what their favourite drivers do, but it may give a less skewed average.

      1. Though actually it really is difficult to be objective, maybe the race was better from a neutral stance and I’m over-compensating?! Even some Hamilton-neutral (or worse) blog sites rated this a top race and one of his best.

        1. Definitely hard to be objective, since every person watching it is likely to want a particular outcome that will influence their rating (or lead them to over think it).

          I just think that by asking for a result-orientated rating first, it helps (me, at least!) to move beyond it and give a more rounded view of the racing action.

          1. That’s true, I like the idea of splitting the vote options, but I’d put the second option as ‘rate the quality of the race’ rather than ‘rate the action,’ simply because it’s more specific (it could be taken to mean quantity of action).

            Probably should rate the race 8/10 actually, since we saw an extremely close race between three different cars – that’s obviously what F1 needs after half a season of one team dominating!

  19. Gave it a 9

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