Vettel’s success streaks end at his home race

2011 German GP stats and facts

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2011

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Nurburgring, 2011

An unsuccessful (by his standards) weekend brought several of Sebastian Vettel’s running streaks to an end.

His progress towards record-breaking streaks of podium finishes, laps led and front row starts were all halted.

His run of 14 consecutive front row starts, which ended at the Nurburgring, is bettered by only four other drivers in F1 history:

Driver Consecutive front rows Races
Ayrton Senna 24 1988 German – 1989 Australian Grands Prix
Damon Hill 17 1995 Australian – 1996 Japanese Grands Prix
Alain Prost 16 1993 South African – 1993 Australian Grands Prix
Nigel Mansell 15 1986 Australian – 1987 Mexican Grands Prix
Sebastian Vettel 14 2010 Singapore – 2011 British Grands Prix

His run of 11 straight podium finishes were halted – a mark beaten by just two other drivers:

Driver Consecutive podiums Races
Michael Schumacher 19 2001 USA – 2002 Japanese Grands Prix
Fernando Alonso 15 2005 Turkish – 2006 Canadian Grands Prix
Sebastian Vettel 11 2010 Brazilian – 2011 British Grands Prix

And his streak of consecutive races led also came to an end:

Driver Consecutive races led Races
Jackie Stewart 17 1968 USA – 1970 Belgian Grands Prix
Michael Schumacher 15 2004 Australian – Italian Grands Prix
Sebastian Vettel 13 2010 Japanese – British Grands Prix

He is still going strong with 12 consecutive races in the points – as is Webber – but he’s only halfway to the record held by Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton’s 16th career win means he’s back level with Sebastian Vettel again – as well as Stirling Moss.

He also notched up his tenth fastest lap, putting him level with Graham Hill, John Surtees, Mario Andretti and Mark Webber.

Webber’s pole position was the ninth of his career. He also led his first laps of 2011, becoming the seventh driver to do so, one fewer than we had last year.

Webber finished in third place for the fourth race in a row.

After ten races, the Red Bull pair are the only drivers to have completed every lap of every race.

Pastor Maldonado and the Lotus, Virgin and HRT drivers are the only ones yet to complete a full race distance in 2011.

Adrian Sutil enjoyed his best result of the year so far with sixth place.

Fernando Alonso has out-qualified Felipe Massa in all ten races this year. He’s now been ahead of Massa on the grid for 16 races in a row.

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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106 comments on Vettel’s success streaks end at his home race

  1. Andrew White said on 25th July 2011, 10:52

    It may be worth noting the progress of a streak which is still going. It is the number of consecutive races won by the same five drivers. Hamilton, Vettel, Webber, Alonso and Button have collectively won the last 33 races, that is since Singapore 2009. This is joint third in the all-time list, equal to the Japan 2004-Germany 2006 streak (all won by M Schumacher, Montoya, Fisichella, Alonso and Raikkonen). Second on the list, at 34 races, is Belgium 1962-Germany 1965, which were all won by Clark, Gurney, Graham Hill, Surtees and Bandini. So two more races of this streak and it becomes the second longest. But there’s still a long way to go to beat the 53 races won collectively by Piquet, Senna, Prost, Mansell and Berger, from Brazil 1986-United States 1989.

    The 33-race streak also applies to the record of only three teams winning. This is sixth in the all-time list.

    • Hamish said on 25th July 2011, 11:25

      Wow, one of the better stats to come out.

      • Meander said on 25th July 2011, 11:31

        Hey, those are some nice facts! How did you come up with the idea to trace that?

        I wonder who broke the longest streak. My unwikipedified laziness makes me guess it was Boutsen. Or maybe Patrese.

        • debaser91 said on 25th July 2011, 13:04

          It was Boutsen. Canadian Grand Prix 1989

          For the 60’s one Jackie Stewart’s first win was the next Grand Prix – Monza 1965

        • Andrew White said on 25th July 2011, 19:01

          I came up with the idea when I noticed the current streak. I used the official F1 site and StatsF1 and manually traced back, since I don’t have a database. I also have a few variations (four, three and two drivers, plus the teams one), but this was the most relevant one. A couple of notes; I haven’t included the Indy 500 in my results, and I am very much open to corrections since mistakes and omissions are possible.

          Also, Debaser is right, Boutsen ended the streak, while Keke Rosberg won at Australia 1985.

    • sumedh said on 25th July 2011, 11:52

      Wow, that is extremely cool stat.
      Can we also know who broke this “penta-poly” in the previous cases?
      I know Button broke it in Hungary 2006.

      I guess this time Massa, Rosberg or Kubica are most likely to break this trend.

      • Andrew White said on 25th July 2011, 19:04

        Between you and debaser above, you’ve covered all of the ones mentioned. As for this streak, the most interesting thing is that it doesn’t look likely to be broken in the near future. Massa’s highest finish so far is fifth, and none of the other cars looks fast enough at the moment.

  2. Harvs (@harvs) said on 25th July 2011, 10:55

    Every time Webber has been on pole with Hamilton next to him, Hamilton has won.

    Alonso has 68 podiums, equal to Barrichello, and 4th equal on all time list, next up is Senna with 80.

  3. Feri said on 25th July 2011, 11:40

    Nico Rosberg finally took the lead from Heidfeld in the “Most points without a win” statistics.

    • Burnout said on 25th July 2011, 13:05

      But that’s only because the points system changed. In “old money” Heidfeld still leads Rosberg 236 to 151 (approx).

  4. sumedh said on 25th July 2011, 11:48

    In 2009, Button’s first non-podium race result was at his home race – British GP.
    In 2011, Vettel’s first non-podium race result is at his home race – German GP.

  5. Harvs (@harvs) said on 25th July 2011, 11:53

    No one has finished on the podium for thier home race this year, not including the European GP, despite being held in Spain, Alonso’s home race is the Spanish GP. Otherwise you could say Vettel and Alonso are both European.

  6. All of this, and Vettel still can’t overtake.

  7. Cornflakes said on 25th July 2011, 13:34

    After ten races, the Red Bull pair are the only drivers to have completed every lap of every race.

    From one of the worst team for reliabilty last year to one of the best this year. I think this is one of the major reasons for their dominance. If it had been this good last year, Vettel would have wrapped the title up much earlier.

  8. ed24f1 (@ed24f1) said on 25th July 2011, 13:51

    Another interesting statistic is that this was the first time Massa’s not been on the podium in Germany for Ferrari, in 7 attempts.

    Europe 2006 – 3rd
    Germany 2006 – 2nd
    Europe 2007 – 2nd
    Germany 2008 – 3rd
    Germany 2009 – 3rd
    Germany 2010 – 2nd
    Germany 2011 – 5th

  9. Fixy (@fixy) said on 25th July 2011, 17:37

    He also led his first laps of 2011, becoming the seventh driver to do so, one fewer than we had last year.

    Was it Buemi last year that’s missing from this year?

  10. Christopher Vissing said on 25th July 2011, 18:16

    Seb has his first no-podium finish of the season on home soil..

    it was the same for Button in 2009, you guys remmeber? :)

    And Pastor is yet to finish a full race distance.. poor bloke :(

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