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170 comments on Rate the race: 2011 Belgian Grand Prix

  1. Michael said on 28th August 2011, 14:44

    Good race but seriously starting to get sick of Eddie Jordan all he ever goes on about is Hamilton this Hamilton that never takes notice of Jenson Button who in my mind is a much better driver than Hamilton

    • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 28th August 2011, 15:53

      If you had waited for rest of the after race show, you would have gotten plenty of attention for the great drive by Button, admittedly also for others like 20 year guy MSC, and winner Vettel, but very much unlike the scathing review of Hamilton EJ gave for this race. Not sure where you are coming from.

  2. CeeVee (@ceevee) said on 28th August 2011, 14:45

    OK I guess the stewards have now declared open season on Hamilton.
    I struggled to understand why he got a reprimand when Maldonado ran over his front wing and now I’m astounded that there was no consequences for pushing him off the track. Not any form of investigation at all !!!
    I had hoped that having a driver on the stewards panel would bring more consistency to the decisions but it appears not.

  3. bosyber (@bosyber) said on 28th August 2011, 14:47

    It could have been great, but it wasn’t. It started well, and Button, MSC, and Webber after his bad start, Alonso until the mediums showed great moves and racing. Vettel once again got lucky with that SC, and HAM being taken out, and then the win wasn’t in doubt anymore. Again. That really ****** me off, the way it faded at the front of the race.

    As said, the rest of the race behind was nicely going though, so I’ll give it an 8, a bit more than my feeling says it deserves.

    • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 28th August 2011, 15:58

      Sorry for saying it so strongly by the way, I could probably have used different words (and would have missed the modestration :).

      It is just really annoying to see a race (such as Monaco too) loose a lot of potential due to a competitor like HAM being gone, and with it a SC that neutralises the race and, as usual his year, gives the advantage to the guy in front, Vettel.

      Well done by Vettel to be there, of course, he clearly is the man not to be beaten this year, but it so often ends with him not having a full on fight for the win, sigh.

      • BasCB (@bascb) said on 28th August 2011, 16:28

        To me it started of superbly with Rosberg getting the lead. But it started to go wrong right after the DRS was switched to active with Vettel just flying past Rosberg.

        With the SC it was clear Vettel would win. We did see some great racing from Button, Hamilton, Alonso and Webber as well as Rosberg and Schumacher with some of the most memorable passes this season.
        But we also saw over a dozen desicive moves made far to easy, even making defending against them futile due to the far to powerfull DRS here.

  4. DavidS (@davids) said on 28th August 2011, 14:47


    Tonnes of action, hardly a procession. We got to see Vettel actually race other cars.

  5. damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 28th August 2011, 14:47


    Had potential but fizzled away into nothing. Story of the season, really.

    • Simon said on 28th August 2011, 14:55

      But the second half was still way more exciting than almost all of the races in 09, or 08, or 07…

      I think we’ve got a bit spoilt by the excitement the new regs have created. Some great racing, bit of a disappointment about the DRS though. 8 for me.

      • Agreed Simon, the DRS needs a bit of a tweak for next year but in general the racing has been excellent this year.

        DRS is a work in progress that has had good and bad races this year. I hope they do not abandon it, but just shorten up the zones on a few tracks like Spa. 8/10!

        • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 28th August 2011, 22:54

          I like your view on DRS, it’s similar to mine. They need a full season to take a look at it. I’m not particularly bothered if it stays or not but I do like the fact the FIA tried to address peoples fears of a lack of over-taking.

          • Bendanarama said on 29th August 2011, 11:52

            This is exactly what I’ve been thinking – DRS needs tweaking for shorter zones and a tighter activation period, but it’s also helped create some exceptionally exciting racing. I love how the same people who are complaining that it’s ruining the racing this year are the same ones who were griping about there not being enough overtaking in the previous ten or so years.

  6. 7 out of 10. Racing is always good at Spa but it was a bit of an anticlimax really as early on it looked like there would be a great battle for the win, but turns out Vettel and Red Bull had it all under control throughout.

    I wish Webber would get it off the line properly though! Every race he seems to lose places, like Barrichello in 09.

    His race pace looked just as good as Vettel’s today (mind Vettel was definitely within the limits of the car) but he keeps handicapping himself by giving Seb four or five place head start.

    Vettel, Button and Schumacher were all superb, Michael qualifies last through no fault of his own and comes in the top 5. That’s the Schumacher I used to know, hate and (grudgingly) admire in the early 2000’s.

    Rosberg was also really good, that car had no right fighting at the front in the early laps. Also gutted for Alguersuari, Senna seemed to be carrying 20mph more speed than the other cars into La Souruce, perhaps he had a brain fade and forgot the car was full of fuel :)

  7. ScuderiaVincero (@scuderiavincero) said on 28th August 2011, 14:53

    7. Like many before me, I felt DRS was the only imperfection.

  8. Mike (@mike) said on 28th August 2011, 14:54

    I <3 Spa…

    Schumacher of old right there. That's what I like to see, To beat Rosberg from 24th. Brilliant.

  9. I voted 8/10 for the race dying down, but now I want to vote 7/10 because of DRS.

  10. David A said on 28th August 2011, 14:59

    Opening laps were worthy of a 10- plenty of action throughout the field, but after the safety car the race died down and was worthy of a 6. So 8 overall.

    Driver of the day- Schumacher for gaining 19 places.

    Driver of the weekend- can’t decide between Schumi and Vettel- who took on everyone, wheel to wheel this time- and beat them.

    • Guilherme (@the_philosopher) said on 28th August 2011, 15:21

      I agree 100%. I hope people stop saying Vettel can’t overtake.

      Vettel did a great race today, he extracted the full potential of the car and used the safety car to great effect, while Schumacher was just on fire today – I wonder where would he have finished had he started 11th?

  11. deanmachine (@deanmachine) said on 28th August 2011, 15:00

    I think Lewis was at fault the fact he could’ve easily left Kamui some space for the corner. No Lewis isn’t my favourite driver, by a long way.

  12. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 28th August 2011, 15:03

    I am disgusted by some of the comments some people are attempting to post on here.

    For the benefit of those of you who have not read the Comment Policy, insulting other users is not allowed and your comments will be deleted.

    • CeeVee (@ceevee) said on 28th August 2011, 15:32

      This used to be a really good site with lots of interesting and incisive comments but it now seems to be backsliding into pro and anti driver factions. Any incident seems to be viewed more from the strength of the posters like or dislike of a particular driver than a logical assessment of the available information.

      • SimBri said on 29th August 2011, 0:11

        It’s still better than the comments pretty much all other F1 sites (did you ever look at 606!). I just don’t understand why some people get so worked up. I love Formula 1 as much as it’s healthy to do (maybe slightly more in the month before the season starts!) and there are some drivers (such as Button) that I like to do well. If they don’t or they get taken out I’m briefly disappointed but then start looking forward to the next race – it doesn’t ruin my day. I also hate Vettel’s dominance this season – but I don’t hate Vettel.

        Following a sport should be fun. If something’s getting you so worked up that you feel angry enough to make some of the comments we see then it’s probably worth taking a step back for a bit. Maybe only check F1 Fanatic once a day!

        (I’ve put other comments on here as ‘Simon’, changed the name I use because I think there are a few of us on this site)

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 28th August 2011, 16:29

      I am sad about people doing that and sorry for you to have to deal with those comments Keith.

    • sato113 (@sato113) said on 28th August 2011, 22:04

      who are they talking about? a driver?

  13. Pastor Maldonado calling Lewis Hamilton a friend, comparing the Kobayashi incident to his own from qualifying, openly admitting to Coulthard that the incident yesterday was a personal thing between him and Hamilton…

    I really dislike this guy a lot.

    • But he was 10th…But LH needs to adjust his mirrors and get a MRI after being knocked out.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 28th August 2011, 16:30

      Actually I was really glad for that question from DC. And the answer does show he realises how wrong he was as well. Just he does not want to say that out loud.

      Actually keeping his nose clean and getting into the points might be the turnaround for him in F1.

  14. f1fan said on 28th August 2011, 15:11

    safety car just made race compromise for ferrari and benefited bulls

  15. bearforce1 said on 28th August 2011, 15:15

    10 – I was entertained the whole race again. I have loved every race this year. I have favourite drivers and ones I dislike. This year I haven’t minded who wins as much because the races are brilliant,

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