Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Suzuka, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Japanese Grand Prix

2011 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Japanese Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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172 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Japanese Grand Prix”

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  1. 9. What. A. Race.

    That would have to be the best we’ve seen since Canada. Extraordinary drives from Button and Alonso. I can’t believe what I’ve just seen!

    1. Fantastic drive by Jenson Button, making it clear who is this year’s number 1 driver at McLaren. Vettel drove it home, Alonso was awesome… great racing, too! An 8.

    2. Agree I gave it a 9 as well absolutely gripping race on a fantastic circuit

    3. I found Germany, and I think Hungary, possibly even Italy, far more exciting personally.

      7 for me.

    4. 9/10 for me. A gripping race, Button drove great once again and I was surprised by Alonso’s speed. Bad luck again for Hamilton (puncture) but he didn’t seem to have the pace to have won anyway – or maybe he had picked up some damage?

      Massive congratulations to Vettel – he has been amazing all season!

    5. 8, what a race!

    6. 6. Great drives sure, but exciting to watch? Not in particular. There were not a great deal of overtakes after the start, and it was mostly done via the pitlane. Thus… not fantastic in my book.

    7. 8/10
      Jenson and Fernando had incredible races, strange to see Vettel with such problems.
      Massa was having a great race until the third (?) pit stop, and since he was behind Webber he lost it, and ruined a good race by failing to pass Schumacher.
      He was going to have his best result of the season (4th) but ended a deluding 7th.

  2. Almost as good as it gets without rain

  3. Jenson Button Almost had the FIRST perfect race weekend!

    (Topping every practice session, Pole Position, Race win, and Fastest Lap)

    Only thing Jenson didnt get was Pole Position.

    1. Just 9 thousandths of a second away!

      1. he was totally the driver of the weekend:)

        1. The best driver by far :)

  4. WHAT A RACE! My god, what a race… speechless (or quite sleepy…) but what a fantasitc grand prix. Superb racetrack, incredible speedm great fights and such a tense strategic battle. Vettel is the champion, but kudos to Pirelli. 9/10.

  5. 10, absolute thriller of a race, had to hold my pee in!

    1. Shomir, that’s a little bit more than we needed to know. But, yes, great race.

  6. A perfect weekend for Jenson! A fantastic result for Vettel. The race gets a 9 from me, and +1 for the Podium celebrations. So, all told, 10/10 from me!

  7. 9.0 a 10 if we had an last lap overtake

    1. Agree

      I gave it an 8. But would have given it a 9 if Fernando had overtaken Jenson withing the last couple of laps.

  8. Stunning race from Vettel, never saw it comi….. wait, what? He lost? This is 2011 right? :D

    Fair play and congrats to him on winning, at least we don’t have to sit through the feigned championship tension now and we can just watch some nice exhibition races.

    1. lol, good one

    2. Actually, for a moment, I didn’t really spotted the joke, I’m so used to Vettel winning.


    3. When Vettel pulled into the pits and stopped his car in front of the 3, I did think for a quick second that he’d pulled into the wrong position. Then I did remember he hadn’t actually won the race.

  9. WEB 4. HAM 5 by 16s. I’m just saying…

    Perfect ace. Thanks BUT.

  10. That was an absolutely amazing race. 9/10

  11. As much as I love the circuit, and as much as I enjoy Jenson Button’s success, I always find the Japanese Grand Prix to be the strangest on the calendar. The atmosphere is completely different to, say, Brazil or Great Britain or Spain or Italy. Maybe it’s in the way the Japanese fans greet the drivers with polite applause rather than cheering masses. I don’t know. But I always find the atmosphere to be a little flat, lacking that larger-than-life quality that other races have.

    1. Were you asleep? I thought the crowd are brilliant in Japan.. The Red Bull cans in the stands were particularly good! You’re bound to get differences based on the culture of the hosts, but that’a part of the appeal for me…

    2. The Japanese crowd have to be one of the most enthusiastic on the calender, if anything it’s a criticism of the TV feed that it didn’t show through.

    3. I have to agree with PM on this. The Japanese GP just never seems to thrill me. Today I was watching it and liking it but I wasn’t on the edge of my seat and REALLY enjoying it until the last 5 or so laps.

      What it is about the Japanese GP, I don’t know. It could be its late afternoon time slot, it being the same weekend as Bathurst, I’m not sure but it just never seems as thrilling as some of the other races.

      7/10 for me.

      1. I don’t understand what you’re talking about! :P I hate races being on during the day, as it means I can’t be left alone to watch without being disturbed, but I still absolutely loved that race. The crowds are probably the most enthusiastic and crazy in the world. They had some fans dressed up as onboard cameras on Saturday!

    4. Perhaps when the 2014 regs come out we’l hear them a little more ;)

      I do agree though, but its just them and their culture. If anything its nice that it is different rather then having the same type of crowd every race. That said, at least they turn up in their droves unlike some other races and they certainly make the best effort in attire! Loved the Redbull can costumes & the Camera-mount Caps.

    5. Were you there? If not, then you have no idea. Trust me, the fans are just as excited, and the stands are FULL. The fact that the track is not opened to the crowd post-race is a bit of a downer IMHO, but at least they let us walk the back half now. Albeit in the pitch dark this year because of the later start time.

  12. It was a good race but not brilliant, excellent from JB and ALO, some good battles but would have been better if DRS was better placed. overall 7/10 but I may change my mind later when I see highlights as I’m shattered right now, very early start today! Off to work now!

    1. @Bigbadderboom now that is total F1 dedication! I hope you survive work :)

  13. Anyone know why Hamilton had that puncture at the beginning?

    1. Well if we did we would have been told.

      1. Well thanks for that…

    2. It could have been a number of things, perhaps the tiniest bit of debris got caught in the tyre, a large chunk of gravel on a kerb. He could have caught something or ripped a bit of tyre whilst warming it up on the formation lap. He was fortunate that it started to noticably affected his performance right before he came in to pits.

  14. 2. Quiet boring really. The highest point of drama was when Buemi’s wheel came off. The last few laps were ok but nothing special.

    1. Wow – nerves of steel, obviously!

    2. If you don’t enjoy watching F1, why bother?

      1. That’s a bit of a simplistic point of view, isn’t it? Are we not allowed to say negative things about F1 now? Are we all expected to sing from the same hymn sheet? Is dissent frowned upon?

        I suppose we should be grateful you didn’t brand the other poster a “hater”.

        Oh dearie me. Try and be a bit more open-minded in future.

        1. The highest point of drama was when Buemi’s wheel came off

          I’m open minded, not everyone likes F1, some people like golf. I wouldn’t go onto a golf website and make inane comments.

    3. Maybe you were watching a replay of last years race? This one was far better than a 2/10.

      We had some action at the start, Buemi losing his wheel was the least of it. We had Hamilton and Massa close several times. We had another nice pass from Webber, the fighting between Perez, Alguersuari, Petrov, Kobayashi, DiResta and Sutil with Rosberg in there at times came up nicely throughout the race.

      Button was hunting Vettel from the start after he got past Hamilton. He was close at the first stop, jumped him at the second with a string of really fast laps. Then kept him behind on still cold tyres, managed the restart beautifully.

      We had nice scraps between Webber and Schumacher as well. Schumacher leading a couple of laps and Alonso getting mightily close to Button in the end. A bit of talking about Webber being told not to think about having a go at Vettel. And Vettel closing on Alonso at the end.

      I am not yet decided on the score, but it will be in the 7-9 range for certain.

      1. Everybody has a different oppinion, maybe it’s different watching watching it on TV compred to being there to watch it in person.

        1. You were there in person @forumla-1 ? We might disagree on how good/bad a race it has been, but I find very little understanding for giving it a 2.
          It must have been big parts of the on track action were not clear on the big screens if you were there, as there was quite some action, if not even close to races like China, Canada or Germany this year.
          Just compare it to Valencia, where there was far less to say for it having been a good race. If you do that, are you still sure Japan 2011 deserves to be rated this low down?

    4. I’m with you on that. I switched over to the rugby after the first few laps and then caught the close after the rugby was over. I think I made the right choice as the rugby was a tight, exciting match with the result in doubt until the whistle went. The race on the other hand seemed to be yet another high speed train with a few DRS enhanced overtakes. In spite of what the majority of comments have been I think this season has actually been quite dull. The racing is now artificial, relying on technical gizmos and tyres designed to last just a few laps in an attempt to generate some spectator interest. I’ve been wondering about the BBC highlights programmes for next season and I reckon most races this season would have been condensed down to a five minute package at most. How many times can you show a car entering the pits and changing four tyres, or watch the same two or three cars following each other in a high speed procession before you realise it’s just not very exciting.

  15. best race this year. Full marks from me

    1. good race but best race? surely that was Canada

      1. Canada by a country mile. I was jumping up and down shouting during that one, that hasn’t happened in decades.

  16. 8 for me.

    Great drives from Button, Alonso, Vettel.

    MSC leading a few laps.

    Missed a little something I can’t put my finger on so dropped two points.

    1. Your last sentence is exactly how I feel, gave it an 8 too. Maybe because Webber and Hamilton didn’t seem to challenge anyone that much?

    2. I thought that the safety car seemed fairly pointless and certainly far too long for its purpose. It luckily didn’t spoil the race.

  17. Good race but I gave it a 6 for the dreadful TV production. Missed 60% of the action..

    1. The production was significantly worse than usual — I recall from previous years (I think) that there’s local production in Japan?

      Made worse by the fact that we got delayed in the US due to Bathurst running over, so I couldn’t chat or watch live timing :(

      Heck of a race though, especially for us Jenson fans!

      1. As far I can remember Japan and Brazil have local productions.. Not a very bright idea now.

      2. Yeah it’s local. But it Has been even worse – watching Takagi, or what’s his name for almost entire race…

      3. Well Bathurst was an absolute doozie, so can’t complain to much about that!

        1. I just wish I hadn’t seen the last two laps when I turned this race on… I’ve got 7 hours on my DVR to watch and I now know the ending :)

        2. If you want to talk Bathurst you can head over here:

          Australian V8 Supercars

    2. The TV director was lamentable, it’s true.

    3. I also had terrible breaking up and loss of sound during the race. I was worried the problem was with my decoder until the press conference was completely messed up and the BBC put up the apology for picture problems.

      1. I was watching it on ESPN Star as I’m in India at the mo, no audio or video issues here, but, we were talking about the TV production, as in what’s being shown. They missed more than half the action, not showing the right thing at the right time.

  18. Maclaren never gets the right moment to send in their drivers to the pit for a tyre change. When vettel needs fresh pairs he goes straight in, but why leave Hamilton out there for almost everyone to catch up with him , including Filipe before he is called in? The incident involving Lewis and Felipe was absolutely avoidable.

    1. Yep I too have noticed that this season – they just seem to react to Red Bull/Ferrari stops and hardly ever seem to pit first or try a different approach.

  19. 8 for me – fantastic to see JB win, great chase at the end which had me on the edge of the sofa, brilliant defence from Alonso, some great passes further down the grid. Woo hoo!

  20. 8 it was great but the stewards annoyed me as I expected a penalty for Ham and there was a little while near the start where things seemed a bit quiet. I still loved it though

    1. You expected a penalty for Ham, What about for Vettel against Button at the beginning of the race or, Schumacher against whatever his name is when the SC was out.

      Try to be fair. This is sport. You don’t have any personal issues with Ham, so try to be fair.

      1. I said in another article I didn’t like Seb’s move at all and I’m so sick of people crying that people aren’t balanced because of who they support. It happens all of the time now. Ham’s incident was more severe and it was exactly the same as Spa imo and I gave him the benefit of the doubt for that because it was one of those things but while one’s a mistake two is foolish.

        And thanks for the advice but I always try to be fair. When I comment it isn’t about who I like (unless I give a little hurray and admit I support them or whatever) it’s about what I think was fair, who did well and what I feel was right or wrong etc.

      2. @latina You obviously don’t realise that @Steph is probably the least partisan person on this entire website.

        You don’t have any personal issues with Ham, so try to be fair.

        Actually, I’m willing to bet none of us on here do. But most people know right from wrong when they see it, and Hamilton certainly was at fault on this occasion. Okay, again.

    2. I was surprised HAM didn’t get a penalty, not because he should have but just because the stewards seem to be after him most of the time.

      I thought Vettel was lucky to get away with the push at the start which was clearly both deliberate and dangerous, if that had been Shumi or Hamilton there would have been an outcry and probably a penalty.

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