Bruno Senna, Renault, Korea, 2011

Pit lane exit warning lights for drivers in Korea

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In the round-up: Modifications to the pit lane exit are being made in Korea.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Drivers to get pit exit warning (Autosport)

“This solution, which will likely mean white lights on the circuit and extra blue lights in the pit lane, should make drivers more cautious about their entry into the first corner.”

A legal but flexible T-Tray Splitter: The ??See-Saw? solution (ScarbsF1)

“At Monza last year the FIA doubled the test to 5mm of movement for a 2000 Newton (approximately 200kg) load. Yet in 2011 we still see cars with a nose-down raked attitude and wings nearly scraping the ground. How can a splitter meet the FIA deflection and still flex on track? I have a theory for a splitter construction, that actually exploits the method of the FIA test to provide the splitter greater stiffness during the test.”

Q&A with McLaren?s Jenson Button (F1)

“We have a very strong basis of the car and a big confidence within the team that we are able to chase Red Bull. Still there is no getting you away from acknowledging that they have been better all season.”

Korean GP – Conference 2 (FIA)

Paul Hembery: “We understand why people have maybe not wanted to run in qualifying], from a sporting point of view, trying to obtain a better result by holding onto a set of tyres. From a fans? perspective it is clearly not ideal. From our point of view, if we can do something we are happy to sit down with the teams and try and find a solution that works for everybody.”

Rubens Barrichello via Twitter

“Great surprise when I received today a helmet that was missing in my collection. Thanks Vettel, really honoured:

Kingfisher’s F1 move fools the market (FT, registration required)

“The F1 share issue comes just two weeks after Mallya announced he was shuttering Kingfisher Red, the low-cost subsidiary of his Kingfisher Airlines, which in January was more than $1.2bn in debt, and a day after the company ‘asked its lessors to release $200m of safety deposits to help it repay debt’.”

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Comment of the day

Amy turned up at the gates of the Korea International Circuit to watch practice. But despite the sparse crowd, could she get a ticket?

I showed up for FP2 and they didn’t sell one-day tickets, and wouldn’t let me in, so I listened to the cars and watched practice on my Fanvision from the car park.

Really stupid to not sell one-day tickets when there’s people wanting them and ten times as many staff as spectators.

Happily Amy will be in the circuit today enjoying Lotus’s hospitality.

From the forum

iamunplugged, Saumya Agarwal and olliekart are planning their trip to the next race on the calendar: the Indian Grand Prix.

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And a happy birthday also to Bruno Senna, who is 28 today.