Rate the race: 2011 Korean Grand Prix

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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171 comments on Rate the race: 2011 Korean Grand Prix

  1. 8 – Too much DRS oblivion..

  2. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 16th October 2011, 8:57


    Better than your average race from throughout history, but pretty dull for a 2011 race. The race would’ve been painfully boring without DRS.

  3. Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 16th October 2011, 8:58

    Enjoyed it a lot 7/10 for me… Supreme from Vettel, great scrap between Hammy & Webber, super racing… just a shame Alonso did the swap places thing, then gave up… what’s that all about? Strange…

  4. Lachie (@lachie) said on 16th October 2011, 9:01

    One of the most infuriatingly disappointing races I’ve ever seen. I feel absolutely foolish for thinking that we might actually see a Formula One race today. Time and time again I hear about “the dirty line”, “Red Bull’s tough on their tyres” and look Hamilton got pole. Nope, doesn’t matter. Vettel just flicks his first lap rocket booster which no one else seems to have and we get a 2011 ‘race’.

    The telling signs of a 2011 ‘race’ are many and varied. First off we have Vettel in the lead by (at the latest) turn 5. We then have our lucky Follower (choose any from Hamilton, Button or rarely Webber) who maintains a steadily increasing gap to the lead. Then we have the Blocker (Most often Webber but sometimes Button) who leads a train of lemming-like cars until the first pit stop. We have the commentators trying to make out like something interesting might happen but really just trying to keep people actually watching the races because otherwise they won’t have a job anymore. And then there’s the audience who either a) try to believe the commentators that something interesting could happen, b) delude themselves into believing a fight between places 2-5 is interesting when in the end it means nothing or c) legitimately enjoy not seeing the leader on camera at all save for pit stops and the final half of the last lap. For examples of 2011 ‘races’, just see the 2011 Australian Grand Prix, the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix, the 2011 Turkish Grand Prix, the 2011 European Grand Prix, the 2011 Belgian Grand Prix, the 2011 Italian Grand Prix, the 2011 Singaporean Grand Prix and the 2011 Korean Grand Prix.

    I played my DS for the first half of the ‘race’ with the TV in the background, then spent most of the rest of it here in the other room on the computer away from TV and got more enjoyment from watching the live blog than the race. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything of consequence.

    Anyone who even attempts to accuse me of not being ‘a true F1 fan’ is missing the point completely so don’t bother replying. Im a passionate F1 fan. I love the history, and I love racing that means something. All I see in a majority of races at the moment is a patronising joker and a bunch of bumbling fools in the calm air of what was once his wake.

    • Yep, I agree. At this rate it won’t matter that the Beeb don’t have all of the races next year if it’s just going to be a race for 2nd. If Webber regains his form it’ll be a race for 3rd, as we know Vettel is no. 1 at Red Bull.

    • mwoerne (@mwoerne) said on 16th October 2011, 9:12

      Lachie, that was….brilliant

    • runforitscooby (@runforitscooby) said on 16th October 2011, 9:14

      I agree Lachie, there just seems to be no soul to F1 and the constant races with trains of cars lap after lap and the commentators pumping up races to something that never happens is just frustrating. The manufactured DRS is a joke. I want cars to move around on the track, I want driver skill to correct it. I’m sick of drivers settling for a place with 10 laps to go when they are only 2 secs behind. The best racing is always mid pack.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 16th October 2011, 9:57

      Sadly I felt a bit like that as well this race, although I took more enjoyment from the scrap with Hamilton getting back on Webber and staying in fonr the first few laps.

    • GameR_K (@gamer_k) said on 16th October 2011, 10:01

      1) Vettel wins
      2) Others fight for other spots
      3) Lachie is a true F1 fan
      4) Lachie doesn’t care about other people’s opinions

      Summary of the comment by Lachie if you are not interested in wasting your 2 minutes

      • bearforce1 (@bearforce1) said on 16th October 2011, 12:21

        lol.. I wish your comment came first then I would not have wasted my 2 minutes.

        Sad sad sad… for some…

        I am lovin it.

      • Lachie (@lachie) said on 17th October 2011, 6:15

        I definitely want to hear other people’s opinions but I don’t have any time for anyone who would reply to my post with a simple “Clearly you’re not a true F1 fan” and leave it at that. I’ve seen no end of comments like that whenever anyone dares to comment about how F1 might not be perfect and frankly I equate it to the recent spate of people being called “UnAmerican or UnAustralian” as if that is actually an argument and no further discussion is warranted.

        • Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 17th October 2011, 21:00

          Perhaps you came across as a bit too defensive… If you were’t a true F1 fan, you wouldn’t be on here, right?

          I guess we all enjoy different things about F1… The racing, butting edge technology, the awe inspiring innovation, inter team team/driver rivalry, the thrill of the chase, the politics, the danger, lots of overtaking, telemetry readouts, the pit lane babes (Mmmmmm), seeing their guy win again and again and again. I’m sure Seb fans are having an absolutely amazing F1 season…

          You never know what the next race may bring, and with Bernie at the helm, anything could happen next season…

    • David-A (@david-a) said on 16th October 2011, 11:01

      Just because one driver happens to win a lot doesn’t mean it’s not a race. If you’re that spoilt by 2010 then you aren’t all that passionate, regardless of what you say.

    • F1fanNL (@) said on 16th October 2011, 11:05

      I don’t get what your getting at. Are you mad at the sport, the commentators, or Vettel for getting the best out of most situations?

      It’s not Red Bulls fault Vettel has been so dominant this year (well, OK it is a little) and is mostly able to run and hide after the first few laps. It’s McLaren’s and Ferrari’s fault for not producing a car that enables Alonso, Hamilton and Button to match Vettel an entire year.

      It’s not the rules, it’s not the commentator’s, it’s not Vettel being so dominant. It’s the lack of speed from the rest of the field that has made Vettel’s championship easy.
      Once the cars are comparable in lap times we’ll see close action racing again like we saw in ’07, ’08 and ’09.

      Although I doubt it would satisfy some of the critics here who seem to be satisfied only if there’s at least 16 drivers exchanging the lead over every single lap.

      Furthermore I see a lot of comments on how F1 was better in the old days… Like in ’88 or ’92? Yeah that probably was extremely exciting watching one team (driver, Mansell in 92 had no competition from his teammate) decide whether they wanted another victory or not. Sure in ’88 there was the fight between Senna and Prost but how can that be exciting enough. Just two drivers worth watching and the rest of the grid act as advertisement space. This year has been a lot more exciting than that year.

      F1 has always been the way it is now. At least, it has been since I started watching.
      You’ve got teams who do a great job that make out the top of the field, teams who do a bit worse be it by lack of funds or producing a dodgy car that make out the middle of the pack and then you’ve got the slow cars at the back.
      Occasionally there’s a team who does better than everyone else and steals the titles easily.

      That is F1.

      • David-A (@david-a) said on 16th October 2011, 12:17

        Absolutely brilliant post. Should be COTD.

      • Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey) said on 16th October 2011, 12:35

        @F1FanNL I’m Magnificent Geoffrey, and I approve this post.

      • Even during the Schumacher years of dominance we mostly had a two-horse race at the front, often ending controversially.

        It’s not just about seeing lot’s of overtaking etc., I want to see cars fighting for the lead, not for 2nd or 3rd, and certainly not midfield. Great if they do, but not my focal point. I’m not blaming anyone, that’s just what I enjoy in motor racing – a fight for the front, preferably race after race.

        2010 had an exciting championship, but a lot of boring races. 2011 has been the opposite way round, but whatever the reason for Vettel A N Other being able to drive off into the distance, that feeling that the race for the lead is over in the first few laps has occurred with depressing regularity. Of course there are some examples to the contrary.

      • damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 16th October 2011, 18:38

        @F1FanNL Agreed 100%. This is just a year where we’re not going to have a championship battle. That happens every now and then and it certainly has nothing to do with the new rules, it’s just Red Bull have outsmarted everyone. I’m convinced next year will be better. But people should be thankful that we have entertaining racing down the field to entertain us whilst Vettel cruises off into the distance. It would be worse if he dominated every race and the rest of the field all followed him home 10 seconds apart.

  5. Pingguest said on 16th October 2011, 9:02

    It looks as though the amount of overtaking is decreasing. The only passing in the top-6 was by pitstops, once again.

  6. JerseyF1 (@jerseyf1) said on 16th October 2011, 9:02

    Another good race, some really great wheel to wheel racing especially in the first lap and between Hamilton and Webber. Shaping up for some excitement at the end from 2nd through to 5th, shame it didn’t throw up any late race passing & repassing. I agree to an extent with the comments about the DRS detection zone, though it was good to see the overtakes before the detection point and the passed driver fighting back.

  7. Scalextric (@scalextric) said on 16th October 2011, 9:03

    I thought the use of KERS to defend DRS was interesting. The HAM/WEB battle, ALG’s performance, VET’s pass for P1 were all good points. 8.

  8. F1antics (@f1antics) said on 16th October 2011, 9:04

    9 from me.
    I really like the track, there weren’t too many tyre changes (which I think may have been a factor in me enjoying F1 less this year), the Hamilton-Webber battle was edge-of-the-seat stuff, and it was great to see Hamilton given an opportunity to show off those re-overtaking skills. It looked like good clean driving from the drivers (from what we could see), and very few toys-out-of-the-pram moments. Nice to see Torro Rosso doing well, and to have the chance (given a pretty clean race) to see how all the cars have developed over the season so far.
    Downside – the predictable Ferrari game-playing (Alonso’s “I give up” – sigh), and I would have liked to have seen a McLaren win to keep the constructor’s battle going. And I wish Vettel would tone it down a little when he wins. But all-in-all, good fun.

    • F1antics (@f1antics) said on 16th October 2011, 9:37

      Also, I thought the BBC coverage was good – the MB/DC commentary was on form this week, and I prefer it when it’s not a Jake/DC/EJ triple bill – those three are definitely a crowd.
      Shame that UK F1 broadcasting has to change next year.

  9. Enigma (@enigma) said on 16th October 2011, 9:05

    6/10 A solid race, but we’ve seen many better ones in the last years. The Hamilton vs. Webber battle was phenomenal though.

  10. Adam Tate (@adam-tate) said on 16th October 2011, 9:11

    Hamilton is still quite reserved in the interview room. Still clearly feeling the pressure. Hopefully this good result loosens him up a bit.

  11. ThrillerWA09 (@thrillerwa09) said on 16th October 2011, 9:12

    Sorry, did I miss something? I found the Webber / Hamilton battle REALLY engaging, and there was a bit of suspense at the end when HAM / WEB / BUT / ALO got bunched up….. but other than that, I found it a bit of a snoozefest.

    Of course, I was watching the US SpeedTV coverage… after I watch the BBC, maybe my mind will change. (P.S. – why the HECK does Will Buckston have a job on SpeedTV?? Worst pit lane / press commentator EVERRRRRRR.)

  12. mrjlr93 (@mrjlr93) said on 16th October 2011, 9:12

    DRS was in the wrong place today it didnt really help overtaking all that much and another thing if alonso had got passed massa early in the race he could have challenged for the win

  13. Younger Hamii (@younger-hamii) said on 16th October 2011, 9:14

    7 For me,Vettel stretching away made the race slightly dull but nonetheless,The main excitement was the Webber-Hamilton scrap!!!

  14. rikpacman (@rikpacman) said on 16th October 2011, 9:21

    6/10 – all races I compare to the 10/10 Canadian GP and was no way near a classic. standard race, standard score.

  15. Njack (@njack) said on 16th October 2011, 9:22

    9 for Webber vs Hamilton. Never thought I’d see a train with Hamilton at the front ;p. Would have loved to see if Webber could have challenged Vettel if he’d been able to get past Hamilton given his pace on the primes.

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