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Rate the race: 2011 Korean Grand Prix

2011 Korean Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Korean Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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171 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Korean Grand Prix”

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  1. Another good race, some really great wheel to wheel racing especially in the first lap and between Hamilton and Webber. Shaping up for some excitement at the end from 2nd through to 5th, shame it didn’t throw up any late race passing & repassing. I agree to an extent with the comments about the DRS detection zone, though it was good to see the overtakes before the detection point and the passed driver fighting back.

  2. I thought the use of KERS to defend DRS was interesting. The HAM/WEB battle, ALG’s performance, VET’s pass for P1 were all good points. 8.

  3. 9 from me.
    I really like the track, there weren’t too many tyre changes (which I think may have been a factor in me enjoying F1 less this year), the Hamilton-Webber battle was edge-of-the-seat stuff, and it was great to see Hamilton given an opportunity to show off those re-overtaking skills. It looked like good clean driving from the drivers (from what we could see), and very few toys-out-of-the-pram moments. Nice to see Torro Rosso doing well, and to have the chance (given a pretty clean race) to see how all the cars have developed over the season so far.
    Downside – the predictable Ferrari game-playing (Alonso’s “I give up” – sigh), and I would have liked to have seen a McLaren win to keep the constructor’s battle going. And I wish Vettel would tone it down a little when he wins. But all-in-all, good fun.

    1. Also, I thought the BBC coverage was good – the MB/DC commentary was on form this week, and I prefer it when it’s not a Jake/DC/EJ triple bill – those three are definitely a crowd.
      Shame that UK F1 broadcasting has to change next year.

  4. 6/10 A solid race, but we’ve seen many better ones in the last years. The Hamilton vs. Webber battle was phenomenal though.

  5. Hamilton is still quite reserved in the interview room. Still clearly feeling the pressure. Hopefully this good result loosens him up a bit.

  6. Sorry, did I miss something? I found the Webber / Hamilton battle REALLY engaging, and there was a bit of suspense at the end when HAM / WEB / BUT / ALO got bunched up….. but other than that, I found it a bit of a snoozefest.

    Of course, I was watching the US SpeedTV coverage… after I watch the BBC, maybe my mind will change. (P.S. – why the HECK does Will Buckston have a job on SpeedTV?? Worst pit lane / press commentator EVERRRRRRR.)

  7. DRS was in the wrong place today it didnt really help overtaking all that much and another thing if alonso had got passed massa early in the race he could have challenged for the win

  8. 7 For me,Vettel stretching away made the race slightly dull but nonetheless,The main excitement was the Webber-Hamilton scrap!!!

  9. 6/10 – all races I compare to the 10/10 Canadian GP and was no way near a classic. standard race, standard score.

  10. 9 for Webber vs Hamilton. Never thought I’d see a train with Hamilton at the front ;p. Would have loved to see if Webber could have challenged Vettel if he’d been able to get past Hamilton given his pace on the primes.

  11. Awful race DRS ruined other ‘normal’ overtakes (and I’m a fan of DRS!). Not much action, back to the same old run and hide from Vettel (not a criticism of him).

  12. 8/10 – It was a decent race with some good battles all down the field.

  13. 7 from me. The Webber and Hamilton battle was epic and there were some other nice battles but ultimately everyone drove so well and the cars were so even it effectively cancelled out any chances for more duelling. The promise of a four way scrap for second never really materialised and passing was a little too difficult.

    1. I don’t think passing was too difficult, I just thought Webber and Hamilton were too evenly matched for anything to actually happen. Webber was mega through sectors 2 and 3, but Hamilton could use the straight line speed of his McLaren to pull away. Plus he had better traction out of turn 1, which made it difficult for Webber – with a slower car in a straight line – to get anywhere near him into turn 3.

  14. It seems obvious that unlike some claims McLaren has caught up RBR for the qualifying, it’s just only in qualifying and RBR seems to have reserved something for the race. In terms of race pace, the gap between McLaren and RBR was huge I think. Some insisted it was how you manage your tyre thru out the race as for what mattered for Hamilton and how excellent Button was in that aspect. But with this race, it turns out what matters was again the car mostly… they still are not in the same ground…

    1. At Japan though McLaren were as fast as RBR in qualifying and the race.

      I think McLaren would have been closer had they got there race setup right, which must have been a bit of a gamble seen as they only had FP3. I know RBR had the same, but perhaps they just managed it better – remember how they actually got some race data by running with fuel (I think) in Q1 on super softs?

      1. ‘their’ not ‘there’.


  15. 8 for me.
    I enjoyed it and have done for most of the season. I remember the snoozefest of the early 2000’s, so appreciate the action going on all down the field. The Korean track doesn’t look like one I’d save up my pennies to go and see though. Lots of empty seats again at a race, which is a shame for F1.
    BTW hope Hamilton cheers up, he needs a hug.

    1. Yep, I’ve enjoyed the whole season too. Does that make me a bad (worse) person?

  16. I can’t believe so many people are rating this race so highly. 8 or 9 out of 10 is essentially almost perfect! Really?!

    As usual, Vettel pranced off into a lead and was never seen again. Rosberg did his typical job of going backwards. The Force Indias were completely anonymous, along with Button. And of course, the Ferraris underperformed for the umpteenth time this year.

    Either the DRS was ineffective, see Webber and Hamilton, or too effective, see every other overtake. Rosberg sailing straight past Button was particularly ridiculous.

    The only decent racing was the scrap between Hamilton and Webber (in sectors 2/3), and that only lasted for half a lap.

    This wasn’t a near perfect race. It was an average race, with average racing and an average result.

    5/6 at best for me.

    1. I agree. It was a very ‘average’ race (quite boring in-fact) apart from the latter battle with Web/Ham. I gave it a 6/10.

  17. I genuinely have no clue. I think I may give it a 7. There was battles through the field, DRS was in a fairly interesting place, Lewis and Webber were terrific and the fight for second even though nothing changed was still fun to watch. However, it did lull in parts and I wasn’t on the edge of my seat for the majority. A good race but not a great one but that’s because Pirelli have set a very high standard this year.

    1. @Steph Agree completely. I found it was actually quite a relaxing race for a change, and it gave me time to breathe and chat a bit more on Twitter! :P It just didn’t have that hectic feel to it that most of the other races have, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I wouldn’t call them “lulls”, because there was always a chance for something to happen with the drivers being so close to each other, but nothing materialised. It kept me engrossed, but as you say, we weren’t on the edge of our seats.

      1. Exactly. Usually there is so much going on it is hard to keep up. I don’t understand why people aren’t happy with that.

        You are right today was a little more relaxing but thoroughly enjoyable.

      2. Well said, the close racing between HAM and WEB was great to see, but for the most part I could wake up slowly during the race after the first lap showed it wouldn’t be a fight for the lead, with Vettel in his default spot this year, and everyone else being left behind. Some nice fights, but not a great and tense race for the most part.

        I’ll give it a 7 /10.

  18. A very ‘average’ race. Nothing special. The DRS made over-taking WAY too easy in many circumstances..why don’t they just simply change the DRS advantage from giving them around an extra 12 kph more to around 7 kph!. I hope the next race proves to much better.
    Gave this race a mediocre ‘6/10’.

  19. I give this a 9.
    Another then Vettel on pole, and McLaren and RB was surprisingly evenly matched, yet Vettel just managed to gain the lead from Hamilton, and from there on the race was very close until Hamilton had ruined his tyres and started falling back, but then the safetycar came out and bunched them up again.
    Also a great race for TR, great to watch Algersuari sail past Rosberg.
    And Alonso was quite entertaining as well, nearly getting collected by Schumacher out of the pits, and a straight later nearly getting hit by Petrov.
    The Webber vs Hamilton duel was great as well, with Button hanging on behind and Alonso catching the lot of them.
    Button though was a real disappointment. He was a lot more anonymous then I expected him to, he didn’t try anything. Which was a bit of a shame, as a 3 way battle for the 2 last podium positions would have been even better.
    The DRS detection though was a bit stupid, as overtakes into turn one proved pointless.

    1. 9/10!! ..are you on something high?.
      This was a very average race, not better than a 6/10!.

      1. Tell me why you don’t agree.
        You say that it was average like it was a fact, but “rate the race” is an entirely subjective poll, and people have different opinions.
        The way I see it is, how entertained was I? And my answer to that is 9/10. I wasn’t bored for a second. Well okay under safety car, but it is what it is.
        I saw a fight for the lead, a very close fight for 2nd and 3rd, I saw crashes, I saw near misses and I saw great racing. There was let downs, but all in all I found it a great race.

        1. I’m with you Mads. I’m no F1 anorak but it ticked a lot of boxes. Wonder how they’ll fill all of those grandstands next year – free tickets?

          1. Wonder how they’ll fill all of those grandstands next year – free tickets?

            They did that last year!

    2. It wasn’t ruined tyres that caused Hamilton to fall back but a very severe understeer.
      And if Mclaren was really that fast, Button should have got past Webber and Hamilton, as Button had fresher tyres.

      1. The understeer was caused by heavy wear on the front tyres. In the beginning of the stint he was very close with Vettel, at times quicker, but later in the stint he started loosing pace because he lost grip on the front tyres.

  20. 5/10. I didnt really like the track. Hardly any good place to pass. Apart from the start finish straight, and the other 2 straights, its just following each other. And webber would’ve made that move stick if it wasnt for DRS.

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