Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Korea, 2011

Alonso said he was “much quicker” than Massa in Korea

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In the round-up: Alonso complained about being held up by Massa in Korea.


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Korean Grand Prix video edit (F1)

Previously unheard team radio from the Korean grand Prix reveals Fernando Alonso told Ferrari “I am much quicker than Felipe [Massa]” during the race.

That he said this is no great surprise, but it is interesting for two reasons. First, he used the exact same words when urging Ferrari to use team orders to make Massa pull over for him in Hockenheim last year.

Second, it flatly contradicts his remarks to the BBC’s Lee McKenzie immediately after the Korean race. Alonso said: “No, I was not much quicker at that time […] I was not much quicker at that time of the race. I was only quick in the last stint with the last set of tyres.”

Bernie Ecclestone calm after Indian GP builders put their foot down (The Guardian)

“I was pessimistic a fortnight ago. I was sent pictures of the track and I thought: ‘Christ, we’re not going to get it finished in time,’. But what they have done in the meantime ?ǣ and I’ve been sent more recent pictures ?ǣ is incredible. The people there are very anxious to be sure they’re doing a good job and they are very passionate about their sport.”

Hundreds attend Wheldon funeral (BBC)

Susie Wheldon: “Although the last few days have been unbearable for our family, the overwhelming love and support we have received are rays of sunshine during these dark days.”

Indian GP will put the country among elite (Deccan Herald)

“Perhaps it is only fitting that the pioneers of the sport in India are remembered in the run-up to the inaugural Formula One Indian Grand Prix. The first motorsport event of any type was held in 1904 by the Motor Union of Western India. The race began in Delhi and culminated in Bombay (Mumbai), covering 1,300 km.”

Thousands welcome F1 champion Vettel home (AP)

Sebastian Vettel said he was ‘overwhelmed’ Saturday when around 30,000 fans welcomed the Formula 1 world champion home.”

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Aka_robyn is excited about the potential New Jersey Grand Prix in 2013:

I’m ridiculously excited! A Grand Prix I can walk to is definitely something I can live with.

Now to get everyone else around here excited about it. For many people around here, motor racing equals NASCAR equals something they want nothing to do with, and few of them understand how different F1 is. I think a good first step would be a demo run.

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On this day in F1

The 1966 season ended 45 years ago today in Mexico City. John Surtees won, driving a Cooper-Maserati, at the track where he had won the championship two years earlier.

Jack Brabham, who already had the 1966 title wrapped up, and team mate Denny Hulme, completed the podium.