Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Korea, 2011

Alonso said he was “much quicker” than Massa in Korea

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In the round-up: Alonso complained about being held up by Massa in Korea.


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Korean Grand Prix video edit (F1)

Previously unheard team radio from the Korean grand Prix reveals Fernando Alonso told Ferrari “I am much quicker than Felipe [Massa]” during the race.

That he said this is no great surprise, but it is interesting for two reasons. First, he used the exact same words when urging Ferrari to use team orders to make Massa pull over for him in Hockenheim last year.

Second, it flatly contradicts his remarks to the BBC’s Lee McKenzie immediately after the Korean race. Alonso said: “No, I was not much quicker at that time […] I was not much quicker at that time of the race. I was only quick in the last stint with the last set of tyres.”

Bernie Ecclestone calm after Indian GP builders put their foot down (The Guardian)

“I was pessimistic a fortnight ago. I was sent pictures of the track and I thought: ‘Christ, we’re not going to get it finished in time,’. But what they have done in the meantime ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ and I’ve been sent more recent pictures ?σΤιΌΤΗ£ is incredible. The people there are very anxious to be sure they’re doing a good job and they are very passionate about their sport.”

Hundreds attend Wheldon funeral (BBC)

Susie Wheldon: “Although the last few days have been unbearable for our family, the overwhelming love and support we have received are rays of sunshine during these dark days.”

Indian GP will put the country among elite (Deccan Herald)

“Perhaps it is only fitting that the pioneers of the sport in India are remembered in the run-up to the inaugural Formula One Indian Grand Prix. The first motorsport event of any type was held in 1904 by the Motor Union of Western India. The race began in Delhi and culminated in Bombay (Mumbai), covering 1,300 km.”

Thousands welcome F1 champion Vettel home (AP)

Sebastian Vettel said he was ‘overwhelmed’ Saturday when around 30,000 fans welcomed the Formula 1 world champion home.”

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Comment of the day

Aka_robyn is excited about the potential New Jersey Grand Prix in 2013:

I’m ridiculously excited! A Grand Prix I can walk to is definitely something I can live with.

Now to get everyone else around here excited about it. For many people around here, motor racing equals NASCAR equals something they want nothing to do with, and few of them understand how different F1 is. I think a good first step would be a demo run.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Manatcna!

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On this day in F1

The 1966 season ended 45 years ago today in Mexico City. John Surtees won, driving a Cooper-Maserati, at the track where he had won the championship two years earlier.

Jack Brabham, who already had the 1966 title wrapped up, and team mate Denny Hulme, completed the podium.

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  1. R.I.P Marco Simoncelli, another passionate lover of motor racing who was tragically killed doing what he loved to do. Yet another bright and prosperous future cut short. Unfortunately, tragedy in motorsport will always be a topic that just won’t go away.

  2. Fun, Alonso trying the overtake Massa via radio again – much faster and safer than even via pits, I guess, and interesting how that plays with his last lap “give up” comment. Clearly some “teambuilding” going on there.

    More remarkable, in a way, was the way the edit failed to show the nicest bit of the HAM-WEB fight where they went side by side through S2. I did like the HAM: “… much quicker than me” followed by “lewis, you are doing great, still 16 laps to go”; great fight that was (I just finished re-watching the race).

  3. Emanuele Pirro was at the Gold Coast this weekend and guest commentated the Touring Car Masters support race. He talked about his experience as a F1 guest steward.

    He mentioned how some drivers act like immature kids in the stewards room, making up excuses and the like. He said that one of the worst was a ‘multi world champion’.

    Now the race he was stewarding was Sepang 2011. I know Schumacher wasn’t in the stewards room after the race, and Vettel wasn’t a double world champion then, that leaves…

    1. @ed24f1 Very interesting! Can you give any more details on what channel he was commentating on? Would like to have a listen…

      1. @keithcollantine – He was a guest commentator for Channel 7 and 7mate (yes, we Australians have a channel called “mate”), calling the Touring Car Masters support event. I’m not sure if the support events will be re-broadcast when the races are shown on international channels. But @ed24f1 summed it up nicely – Pirro didn’t really say anything more, and he certainly didn’t name names.

        1. @keithcollantine You can find the race here.


          From 3:00 onwards, Pirro starts talking about the on-track incident, which leads into talking about his stewarding experiences.

    2. I wish we had some comments from the Monaco GP stewards too.

  4. Team orders weren’t allowed when Rob Smedley issued the original “Fernando is faster than you” instruction, but they are now…so I wonder why Alonso felt the need to use the same words? He could have just said “Let me past you fools”…

    F1 needs to sort out its team radio broadcasting, and release more of it at the time during the race. A week on, I’m thinking “who cares”, particularly with the awful accidents we’ve had since then in top-level motorsport.

  5. Marco Simoncelli dies from injuries after crash

  6. After another shock death in motorsport it is about time that the matter of safety is really looked into as if these tragic events can happen is such a short amount of time is could be anybody next at any time with all motorsport seeming as dangerous. Even though Formula 1 takes a look on safety it would be better if they really went into depth to pretect their drivers as at this time it could be a Formula 1 driver next. If a tribute was made to safety in motorsport as well as these drivers it may make some of the Formula 1 drivers as well as drivers in other forms of motorsport will be more catious when racing and doing experimental moves, obviously we don’t want racing to be boring but a stricter response taken by drivers to ensure their safety and not putting off potential future talents and still show that motorsport is a safe environment.

  7. RIP Marco Simoncelli. Keith why is there no article on Simoncelli’s crash.

    1. @mike-the-bike-schumacher A completely fair question and one I’m happy to address.

      First, of course I was saddened to hear about the death of Marco Simoncelli this morning. And coming so soon after last week’s terrible events, it’s all the more tragic.

      While this site is predominantly focussed on Formula 1 its scope has always included some other forms of racing. This has broadened this year and F1 Fanatic Live has included IndyCar, Le Mans and British Touring Car races.

      But I have to be realistic about the breadth of motor racing I can cover on the site and I have not previously included motorcycle racing among them.

      So while today’s events are deeply saddening and I do genuinely sympathise, I do not think it would be appropriate to run a separate article on it. This is the same decision I took last year after Moto2 rider Shoya Tomizawa lost his life.

      Having never previously covered Moto GP racing on the site, I think to do so now would be seen as a cynical attempt to hijack people’s grief to generate site traffic.

      I know several readers also follow Moto GP and I see a forum thread has already been set up on about it – indeed, this is where I first heard about the crash.

      I hope you understand and respect the reasons for this decision.

      1. I respect the decision – you’ve never written anything about MotoGP and I guess you have to draw the line somewhere. As long as it was mentioned in the round-up I think it’s okay.

      2. Makes sense and I understand completely. It is still motor racing, but you have to draw the line somewhere on what you cover, even in the event of something so tragic. I was wondering if there would be an article but wasn’t surprised.

      3. Ok Keith, that’s a good response, I understand.

      4. While I understand and respect your decision, as this is your site, I personally would not have seen a problem with a simple link in the round-up on the accident. In fact, I first read about the incident from some twitter posts on another F1 site this morning.

        I’m of the mindset that all racing is linked, and that when tragedy strikes, the entire community should take notice. Again, its your decision, but I personally wouldn’t have minded a simple acknowledgement.

        1. Never mind my comment, I see you did post at least Button’s twitter in which he mentions Marco in the latest round-up.

  8. I don’t think Alonso did anything wrong in the interview. But nowadays the Race edits do reveal a lot and Singapore 2011 was a great example.

    “I am much quicker than Felipe”. Don’t think that statement is wrong or Alonso is a whiner. Any driver would do that. eg. Button in Spain 2009

    I think its normal and Alonso proved it by beating Massa by approximately 10 secs to the flag.

  9. I think that I have spotted a couple of things that almost nobody else has noticed this year. One is that I *think* that Massa had no KERS during this last race in Korea, based on one or possibly two shots of his KERS graphic. I never got round to checking this, but it would make me think that Alonso was just sulking and probably could have taken him with a 6 second KERS blast with DRS assist.

    The other thing I spotted was from the in-car footage of Hamilton’s crash in Belgium. He clearly was knocked unconcious for about 10-15 seconds in either the initial impact with the barrier or with the near-simultaneous impact with the advertising hoarding. His head and arms were slumped, he did not try to steer or brake before hitting the 2nd barrier. I very much doubt that this knock to the head could explain his behaviour in the latter part of the year, but I’m surprised nobody has made the suggestion. For me, he’s still got his fantastic skill intact, so will bounce back no doubt, as we began to see at the last race.

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