Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the first ever Indian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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    1. Nothing happened apart from the Massa and Hamilton incident. That was the only bit I was watching properly.

      1. First time in a long while where I really had ample time to discuss matters in the live blog. Thank god we had that, and twitter.

        1. @BasCB Live blog was bust for me :( Still, I had time to rant more than usual on Twitter.

          1. Shame to hear that @andrewtanner, it did lag and had to be reloaded quite a lot for me as well.

          2. yep, Live had huge lag today.

      2. Actually Massa Hamilton incident is no more an incident. it is a scheduled event/ritual of a grand prix like a pit stop etc. so technically nothing happened.

        1. Anonamooooose
          30th October 2011, 21:21

          Lol too right

        2. Brilliant-I agree 100% !

      3. @TommyB You are wrong,we were entertained by Mr.Bean after the Massa Hamilton incident,that facial expression of his is priceless.

        1. This was definitely the highlight of the whole race!

          I think there should be an online feature on all the races where it’s just Rowan Atkinson commenting via facial expressions… we should suggest it

    2. It seems such a good track doesn’t deserve such boring race for inaugural race. Mostly do with there is so much seperation b/w cars it was hard any one to close to each other & so in the end everyone almost running their own race. Hopefully for f1 sake next year will be more competitive.

      1. @Raj
        They could’ve done a better street race around streets of Delhi. Track could’ve been done better, but it wasn’t. Try playing the F1 2011 game, and you’ll find out it is not the best circuit out there, but average is the word. Racing will be boring here. Period. Unless something happens! Can’t speak of how a wet race would be on this track. Once again, politicians scuppered away an opportunity which they could have done much better with.

        1. Probably the best people to judge is drivers & most of drivers seems to be happy with circuit & enjoy it driving, so i still feel it is good circuit. It is just that car’s are not competitive enough to stick together & race (There is significant gap b/w top three teams lap times). If car’s are not quick enough to catch cars which are ahead, then any kind circuit of in the world will not give exciting race. so hoping for stng better in next year

          1. The drivers for the most part are PR restrained puppets. Not a single one would dare speak out against a track and really it would be irresponsible of them to say it’s boring if it’s also safe. Even if it’s true.

          2. I think it’s a good drivers track because they like the time trial-esque nature of it’s speedy corners. It’s not good for entertainment because in the middle sector it is not easy to follow other cars closely and there is ZERO chance of a fight. This leaves at best 1 real overtaking chance down the back straight.

            What we need to have is a track that has a straight, a WIDE slow corner but not a hairpin and has several lines that is enough to bunch the cars up and allow them to race into it and then a WIDE flowing complex of corners that allows for side by side racing with multiple lines with cars switching places.

            The problem with the modern (Tilke) tracks is that they concentrate on having narrow twisty sections followed by a straight and then a wide-ish entry to a sharp corner for overtaking… Yawn.

      2. uhm, not too sure about the track. I really dont like it…

        It has some good parts, but it’s just like every other circuit from Tilke. Having 2 Tilkedromes in consecutive races isn’t that healthy IMO

        1. It looks like Tilke has learnt not to trust just one party trick, but as ever it just does not work that way.

          The track might have some promise (Korea is better than the likes of AbuDhabi as well), but it surely is no revelation.
          The most stunning feature so far is how big the grandstand looks, the man made undulation and the helicopter view of turn 11-12.

          Good job from the promoters to draw a very solid crowd though.

          1. I think Tilke fails because the recepy is always the same: long straights, a harpin.

            It just gets boring after 2 circuits with the same characteristics. Now we have around 10 of those or something.

          2. I like the circuit, but as with all Tilke tracks I don’t like the appearance. It comes across a bit bleak and homogeneous, not helped by the typical vast expanses of tarmac (the track itself, not the run-off) and that the scenery is pretty generic. I did like the colouring and pattern of the run-off on turn _ (the long double apex one that looks like Turkey turn 8 on paper). I think one of the failings was the positioning of the cameras though. Sometimes, even when the view of the track was generic, if the camera angle was good/fast/exciting then it didn’t matter. Generally I thought it was the widest shots that were least flattering. Some of the angles in the fast chicanes were nice as it showed the cars actually clipping the corners satisfyingly as they swept through.

        2. 3 actually: Korea > India > Abu Dhabi (I believe that’s a Tilke design)

          1. oh, heck, I forgot about Abu Dhabi, which is the worst creation on earth…!

          2. Yeah, pity that with the money they had they didn’t produce a good circuit.

      3. The race returned to the standard format we had in previous years, with everyone running their own race, at their own pace.
        99%, I think, because the tyres we very hard and didn’t degrade as much as other races this year. So no tyre management, no sudden fluries of speed, no overlaps & undercuts.

    3. That was a snoozefest.

    4. On the contrary
      30th October 2011, 14:48

      TV Feed is the issue. That F1 has made so much hype about DRS, they should atleast have captured DRS assisted position changes in spirit of “Improving the show”

      1. Anonamooooose
        30th October 2011, 21:28

        Totally agree. Alot of the time I’d see a position change on the ‘interval’ reading at the bottom of the screen and yet see no coverage of the event at all.

        There’s a reason the TV’s don’t usually follow Vettel, it’s because there’s usually little exciting about his race. They should never comprimise action for just following the leader.

    5. yep its was boring, I feel sorry for everyone in india who made this happen, the circuit looked great, just a pity the f1 circus couldnt come up with the goods, still ecclestone can move on to the next borefest, how many more times can he kid us.

      also whilst having a rant, wonder how much those pit lane vips/poseurs actually get out round the circuit, probably never.

      the best bit of the race was the shot of bean/blackadder/ atkinson, brilliant

      1. @sbl-on-tour

        the best bit of the race was the shot of bean/blackadder/ atkinson, brilliant

        That was terrific. I usually grumble about celebrity shots during the race but if they’re going to be that entertaining it’s OK!

        1. By far the most entertaining bit of the entire race.
          The collision between Ham and Massa isn’t even interesting anymore, they have to be cautious not to hurt themselves.
          The race itself was a bit processional, but that’s perhaps related to the lack of updates the teams are bringing to such a late stage.

        2. It probably was a good way to sum up and show most people’s reaction to see another Massa / Hamilton incident – looked brilliant.

          1. I’d love to see a side-by-side video of the accident happening alongside his reaction, synced up.

          2. That would be really amazing if we can find someone to do that one @keithcollantine

          3. I’m Sure @TommyB will do so on his wtf1 blog

      2. @sbl-on-tour

        Good to see you commenting on the main site!

        And the race wasn’t that bad. Things will get better when the other teams build better cars.

        Agreed about Atkinson, too. Easily one of my favourite moments of the season!

    6. William Wilgus
      31st October 2011, 1:06


  1. Dull. Poorly given penalty, nothing dramatic.

    1. @craig-o

      penalties were tough to decide here, if you referring to the the Ham-Mas incident, i probably would have given a racing incident for that, but Hamilton did have the car well within half way to Massa at the straight before the corner. Massa should have seen him, or at least should have expected something. But if one analyzes the corner then its hard to pass there given the conditions of what Hamilton was trying to achieve. its hard decision, to me, first reaction was that Massa was at fault. after thinking about it a bit, i wasn’t sure…. :/

      1. But its hard to see because the mirrors are vibrating so much .. like the frontwing .. (just kidding).

        1. Anonamooooose
          30th October 2011, 21:36

          Singapore 2010 Webber-Hamilton. Very similar incident and was shrugged off as a ‘racing incident’. Although in that case Hamilton effectively took a penalty with a DNF.

          I must say that India’s Ham-Mas coming together, I was surprised that Massa took a penalty.

  2. Awesome Track, Boring Race.. 6/10

    Best Part was the Start, and Massa and Hamilton getting “Intimate”

    1. Yes, it surprised me how such a conceptually good track gave a dull race. Unlike Korea there are overtaking zones…its just that none of the drivers used them!

      Except for Hamilton who showed us just why racing doesn’t take place like it used to anymore. Where is the driver respect? The 2 move rule, the blocking and the seeming inability of the drivers to race alongside each other is making racing stale.

      This race also confirmed to me that Button is solidly in the top 3 drivers of the sport at the moment. The top 3 in the race, in order, performed brilliantly. Schumacher too had a storming race.

      1. @sw6569 Agree completely about Jenson. He’s second in the championship and he’s arguably the second best driver. Alonso throws it a bit, considering the Ferrari is so far off the pace.

      1. Completely agreed about Button. Clearly the 2nd best driver of the season. He was the only thing that kept the race interesting. The latest episode of the Massa/Hamilton ****up wasn’t even interesting this time.

        @Keith, maybe we should have an article analyzing the issue that India has brought up. It’s an interesting track, a fun track, one the drivers love, but compared to your average “boring” tilkedrome, it gave us an incredibly dull race. Maybe those Tilkedromes aren’t so bad after all?

  3. I gave it a 4… It’d have been even worse if it wasn’t for:

    a) Another Hamilton-Massa incident
    b) Rowan Atkinson’s reaction to it

    1. 10/10 just for Rowan!

          1. hahaha love it!

    2. That man really doesn’t need to act much to be Mr Bean does he?

      Hopefully next year they’ll give em unsuitable tyres coupled with a cleaner track which should make for some interesting racing maybe.

      Gave it a 5 just for Massa/Hamilton and Massa for some reason thinking hitting the same kerb that broke his suspension a 2nd time would have a different outcome.

      1. After your first line, I half expected you to say how he should be a standart fixture to lighten up each race being in danger of getting boring!

      2. A cleaner track probably would have helped improve the racing. Seeing how much dust the cars kicked up in pit lane, you can imagine how dirty it must have been off the racing line.

        I think the track was generally okay, taking into consideration that Tilke and Co managed to get some elevation changes into an area that appears to be pretty flat. My only criticism on the geometry of the track, would be the super wide approaches to hairpins, they seem kind of pointless, there is always going to be an optimum line into a corner, and a super wide bit of road isn’t going to encourage anyone to take an alternative line, and also up and downs in the back straight looked a bit silly. I did like the blind approach to the turn 3 hairpin though, that probably added a bit of a challenge.

    3. hahahaha! 10+ for that Mr Bean moment by RA.

    4. 4/10. same reasons as you Icthyes

  4. Found myself thinking forward to next year during the race. Fully expecting a Vettel clean sweep of the remaining races. I don’t mind him winning but I wish it wasn’t so easy for him.

  5. Felipe Massa is now my most hated driver, I’m glad he got a penalty and stupidly broke his suspension by making the same mistake as yesterday. That makes me score the race a 10. I hope the stewarding sets a precident in the future for drivers turning into other drivers deliberately when they are up the inside.

    As much as HAM’s move up the inside at Leowes hairpins at Monaco was rash, when you watch it slow mo you can see Massa adding more steering angle when he realises where he is. He did this again today he saw HAM up his inside and just turned into him, expecting to get a stewards decision in his favour. I really feel MAS has a vendetta against HAM. I’s love somebody who can lip read to tell me what MAS’s brother said when he saw it.

    In fairness this race should score a 6 or 7 but the stewards making a correct decision boosts that score hugely for me.

    1. I can see a war brewing over this comment..

      1. Perhaps so. I know I am a really passionate Hamilton fan. Its just nice to see some justice from my point of view. I know others will feel differently. But surely others want an end to this “turn-in on somebody and they’ll get a penalty” mentality?

      2. I’ll load the gun, Hamilton had a superior car, Shouldn’t of been behind him in the 1st place.

        1. Grid penalty + fast starting Ferraris = reason for Massa getting ahead at the start.

          You’ll need a bigger gun, I think. :P

      3. The Massa vs. Hamilton situation is the best thing to happen to Formula One this year outside of the Vettel story. A driver mess equals media press and Bernie likes that.

    2. Completely disagree. Hamilton tried to pull a move into a corner that cars cannot go through side-by-side and then when he saw he wasn’t far enough alongside, he still didn’t back off. 100% Hamilton’s fault. Massa would have assumed Lewis would back out of a dangerous and crazy move, but we’ve learnt that decision making and intelligent race-craft isn’t Mr. Hamilton’s forte this year.

      1. And why would Felipe risk taking himself out of the race just so Hamilton can get a penalty? Where’s the logic in that? There isn’t any.

        1. Why indeed? Yet he effectively did when he turned in, seeing that HAM was already breaking, and was still on what Massa made a collision course. Maybe HAM could have braked harder, but Massa looked at HAM, saw HAM was in the way of where he was going, and risked it. Also, as I said on twitter: not just HAM has a history, MAS also got in too – not mostly his fault, but some blame in some of them surely.

        2. Wow, excellent points really. I did question Hamilton’s logic about making the move there when they showed the replay. When will Hamilton learn some patience? He was clearly faster, and would have had an easy pass when they got to the next DRS zone. Instead he rushed it, and they collided once again. I’m not assigning blame, but the fact remains that if Hamilton had driven with the maturity that someone like Alonso or Button has, this incident could have been avoided in the first place.

          It’s no wonder if these two are so angry at one another. Time for everybody to grow up a little, including the many of us who get just as hot headed over it as they do.

      2. If it was HAM’s fault @damonsmedley why did MAS get the penalty. Remember the stewards have all the data as well as the video footage. Personally I can’t wait to see some more angles of the incident. In particular, an on-board from MAS.

        1. No idea. That’s why it’s so unfair. If it wasn’t Lewis’ fault, it was a racing incident, at best.

          1. I’ll respectfully disagree with you pal, for me he was far enough up the inside to take the corner.

          2. Side by side with the inside line – that will be Massa’s fault then. Too many armchair viewers on this website that have never raced before but think they know it all. “100% Hamilton’s fault” Smedley? Good one.

          3. So you quickly drop from ‘100% Hamilton’s fault’ to racing incident?

            This penalty has been a long time in coming. Massa defends in fairly aburd fashion in general, much worse still against Hamilton. Hamilton had the corner and Massa again ploughed into him when he could have pulled out of the maneouvre. It’s frankly ridiculous defending him. Hamilton was essentially past. Of course Massa then had to take a different line into the corner, that’s what being overtaken is about! Not just driving on regardless. He had time and the conditions to avid the incident but did the opposite. Far worse than Hamilton,’s infractions in my opinion, because at least LH is trying to get past, not take out an opponent by driving any line he pleases because he’s miffed at being overtaken and does anything to stop that happening. The stewards pampering of this driver for so long has filled his head with the idea that his inept racecraft is somehow legitimate.

        2. Remember the stewards have all the data as well as the video footage

          This suggests you’re in 100% agreement with every penalty dished out to Hamilton this year then?

          1. Most of them, yes. As much as I was upset at the time.

        3. Just like Monaco was clearly HAMs fault as he got the penalties right?

          This time I personally think it was a tough situation for Massa and ultimately he was to blame, but you can’t imply the stewards decision was wrong at Monaco and then use the fact that Massa got a penalty to prove he was in the wrong here

        4. If it was HAM’s fault @damonsmedley why did MAS get the pe

          Because the stewards in F1 are always competent :P

          I actually think it was Massa’s fault (pen. totally stupid though) but the majority of people on Twitter who replied to me said it was Ham’s.

      3. He was far enough alongside and massa braked later and would prob run wide at the exit of the corner, when will people relise you dont turn in on another driver unless you dont care about the rest of the race. Massa is dangerous but if you think its hams fault then we may aswell ban overtaking on corners and then go watch indy!

      4. You totally didn’t see what Massa did.
        Brundle anc Coulthard got it wrong.
        Hamilton got alongside, Massa saw him( now aware Hamilton is alongside), then Massa lifted from braking to inch ahead ten turn into Hamilton.
        Hamilton didn’t dive inside, Massa dived outside then turned in. Simililar to his action in Monaco when he dived to his left to block.
        Massa caused an avoidable accident.
        He did same thing in Singapore, Hamilton yielded the position but unfortunately him him from behind.

        1. Eddie Jordan had it right, he noticed that Massa clearly looks and sees Hamilton before turning in on him.

          1. While watching live that’s was the one thing I noticed, Massa turned his head twice I believe towards Lewis and still turned in. I think that’s the main reason he got the penalty.

      5. Odd you say it was 100% hamiltons fault when the roles were reversed in singapore last year it was 100% hamiltons fault aswell.

        1. And that crash was in a narrower corner making avoidance more difficult and involved a less blatant turn-in.

        2. Hamilton was the overtaking driver then, as well. More obligations to keep clear for overtaking car…

      6. Hamilton was almost fully alonsgide before braking. At that point it was going to end in several ways.

        1. Both brake an equal amount and are still level- Massa either turns in on Hamilton or chooses to yield.

        2. Hamilton outbrakes Massa. This allows him to either take the corner or it means that he has braked too late and actually runs wide into Massa (assuming Massa is taking a wider line and not turning into Hamilton already).

        3. Massa outbreaks Hamilton, putting him slightly ahead. Hamilton has essentially been committed to the corner since pulling alongside Massa- from there it will be very difficult to pull out. It is up to Massa to turn in on Hamilton or take a wider line. Massa chose to crash.

        All of these outcomes end with Massa hitting Hamilton or losing the position. Therefore, Hamilton pulling alongside before braking essentially means he has the corner claimed.

        1. Excellent analysis. Massa moved over to the right and basically left space for Hamilton to pass, while having enough time and track to brake safely himself and take the corner along a different line, behind Hamilton. It’s a concept known as ‘being overtaken.’

      7. there isnt a single corner in the world where two drivers cannot go around side by side, given there is enough room of course. it only takes two willing drivers. then anything can happen. in my view it is just a racing penalty at all
        I think most of us started following this sport when stewards werent playing such a huge role as the are doing these days…its just a shame

      8. Hamilton was far enough alongside, but he tried to get out of it when he saw that Massa was going to ram him again.

        And yet again Massa crashes out stupidly after he rams another car.

      9. SennaNmbr1 (@)
        30th October 2011, 11:40

        He did back off. Watch the onboard replay again and you’ll see Massa shoot ahead slightly as Hamilton brakes.

        1. Massa was already on the brakes, lifted to get ahead then turn in. A very reckless move as is his wont in his career.
          It is clear Hamilton had his wheels just behind Massa’s front wheels, so Massa has the blame for this one.
          Brundle and Coulthard are not so bright when it comes to such matters anymore. The fail to realise that the accident took a long time in happening, Hamilton didn’t make any sudden dive which is the key issue, Massa chose to turn in, Hamilton even tried to avoid the accident.

      10. @damonsmedely I am sorry, but I have to disgaree strongly with you here.

        I am not looking for an argument, and Hamiltons move might have been on the edge of what is possible. But isn’t that just what we want drivers to be doing?

        I am convinced that had it been Alonso or Webber, or maybe even Vettel in the car being passed, they would not have turned in, perfectly well knowing that could only end in hitting each other.

        1. you are absolutely correct. When a driver is alongside, you take a wider line to defend.
          Webber and Hamilton had a long tussle for position in Korea. They didn’t hit each other. Massa clearly doesn’t know when he has lost a position and it is unfortunate.

      11. @damonsmedley

        hmm i dunno,…. i wrote above a comment regarding the Mas-Ham incident. i still think it should have been classified a racing incident.. because it seems like both drivers had a brainless moment. Hamilton once again trying to pass at almost “impossible place”, …But really Massa should have expected something … but i dont think Massa even saw Hamilton on the straight… anyway Massa did teach all of us a good lesson with sausage kerbs. i loled the 2nd time, that was just right down embarrassing ..

        i agree with matt90: Hamilton was almost fully alonsgide

        1. These fast corners is where happens racing incidents, HAM is crazy to do a move there and MAS could have easy things for Lewis but NEVER in actual circunstances caused by the previous incidents of them bouth. I think them bouth forms an exciting duo of rivals. The two have made the most comic and embarrassing things this year.
          But MAS two broke suspensions is a comedy…. i remember him in Barcelona defending Vettel in 2009 when in the last laps the fuel was ending… was one of the last great races of him…. after the accident he never back to the old winning form.
          It’s a shame.

      12. Cars cannot go through side by side? Based on what history?

        Hamilton showed cars can go through side by side, the guy on the outside just needs to give room.

      13. Two cars can go side by side through there. the track is wide enough for 2 F1 cars, therefore 2 F1 cars can go through these side by side. They just have to look out for each other, which they didn’t do.

    3. this is probably the first time Massa’s the one to blame rather than Hamilton tho.

      To be honest, they should do it more often. Specially in Valencia, for example. If the FIA wants to improve the show, they should give them extra points everytime they touch!

    4. I politely disagree. MAS was clearly in front of HAM, in fact HAM hit Massa’s rear left tyre. MAS was just following the trajectory.

      Also Alesi said that there is a reason if no overtake was made during the whole race in that turn…

      1. The reason being nobody else got as good a run out of the previous corner and actually got fully alongside before braking.

      2. I think you will find HAM was ahead in terms of track position. if you draw a picture of their car positions and then draw a straight line to the apex of the next corner you will see HAM is closer to the apex, therefore he is further ahead in terms of track position.

        1. straight line, closer to the apex?..that’s why driver always turn in from the inside of corners, because it’s closer to the apex

          1. We’re talking distances here, not racing line. We are determining who is ahead. Use your brain before making sarcastic comments!

          2. Massa was ahead because his front wheels were in front of hamilton’s front wheels, it’s as simple as that..braking zone is in a straight line, and then comes the corner, for which you have to be on the outside in order to take it properly..the incident was completely avoidable, as there were other perfectly suitable corners for lunging up the inside down the road.

            Even if Massa had been staying on the outside, potentially spinning off on the dirty run-off, there is no guarantee Hamilton would have made that corner cleanly.

          3. These arguments defending Massa are ridiculous. It’s motor racing, to get past most of the time you’re going to have to force the other driver to take a different line or slow down. It’s a concept neither Massa or his supporters appear to understand. The issue is – or should be – whether the driver being passed is forced into an unsafe maneouver or off-track, and has been left sufficient time and track to avoid a collision. Massa did have time and track. Hence the penalty. Compare with Hamilton – when someone goes past him, he allows space and let’s them by. The same happened in Monaco – Ham lets Schumacher go past at the hairpin, Massa doesn’t let Ham. I’d have made the later a racing incident only because Massa came out worse. Otherwise, imo, it was the same event as today. Massa turning in to wreck a legitimate pass.

          4. Massa had the racing line, that’s it. Hamilton was not ahead of Massa, that is ridiculous and measure all you want but Massa was not in Hamiltons mirrors. Hamilton caused the accident and Massa got run into him while on the racing line. There is a reason Button is now the number one driver at McLaren, he has the skill to not run into others.

        2. i think it’s more clear the racing line than the distance to the apex of the corner, and Massa was on the racing line.

          1. Neither of them were on the racing line. The racing line before a left hand turn would be at the far right of the track, HAM was on the left and MAS was in the middle.

          2. So as the racing line is always from the outside of the track to the inside, whenever somebody makes a move up the inside (on any corner at any track) and is clearly alongside/past the defending driver, the defending driver (now essentially overtaken) is allowed to crash into the other driver as long as they take the racing line?

          3. Actually @matt90, that’s indeed how it usually works.

          4. @Patrickl In destruction derbys maybe. Not in F1. Watch Jenson Button’s battles as he is probably the best at leaving enough space and knowing when to except that he has been overtaken. Hamilton is also very good at this, which is why they have had good close racing together without crashing and why Hamilton hasn’t had an acident while being overtaken. Massa on the other hand is awful at this and it shows in the amount of accidents and other incidents (i.e. forcing button off track in Aus) when he is defending a position.

          5. @The Last Pope

            Actually, Button is good at ramming an opponent off without getting a penalty (Australia 2010, Canada 2011 twice etc). Probably the best at this right after Webber.

            But yes I guess both he and Hamilton are known for accepting when they are passed. It’s unlikely to see them defend as hard as Kubica or Schumacher.

            Anyway, my reply was incomplete. It’s the one who has the inside line who can apparently just ram into his opponent going into the corner with impunity.

            In this case though, I agree with Jordan that it was simply too obvious that Massa knew Hamilton was right beside him and still he elected to crash. Had he simply not peeked and just caused the crash, then Hamilton would have been penalised.

          6. @patrickl Neither of the incidents Button was involved in in Canada was anything like this. He was clearly blameless in both, as the stewards rightly concluded.

          7. @Keith Collantine

            Button rammed both drivers off the track, clearly was to blame and still he drove on without penalty.

            It’s not the same as this incident, but it clearly shows he’s a master at getting away with this type of accident.

            The BUT-HAM incident proves my point 100%. The stewards blamed Button for the accident but they stated that he hadn’t seen Hamilton. That’s why he wasn’t penalised.

            Had Massa not peeked 3 times at Hamilton right next to him he would have been in the clear.

            In that case I’d be pretty amazed if they hadn’t handed Hamilton the penalty.

          8. @patrickl

            The stewards blamed Button for the accident

            That is simply not true.

            They said Hamilton had a “legitimate overtaking opportunity” but that “it is reasonable to believe that Button was not aware of Hamilton’s position to his left”.

            No way can you construe that as them blaming Button. They specifically called it a “racing incident”.

            Contrast that with what happened today – there is no way Massa could not have known Hamilton was there. And even if he hadn’t moved his head, he moved his car off the racing line, which also proved he knew where Hamilton was.

          9. @Keith Collantine

            They excused Butto’ns actions yes. Which is not needed if he didn’t do anything wrong.

            Since when is that an exuces for anything. he rammed into Hamilton because he was cooling his tyres. he should have looked before he did so. or stuck to the actual racing line.

            Although I guess the fact that hamilton was his team mate and apparently had no desire to get his mate paneliased would have helped a lot too.

            Anyway, the fact that Button gets away with that accident on Alonso while Hamilton get’s penalised for the accident with Maldonado in Monaco. Proves that Button somehow gets away with this type of accidents.

            The fact that the stewards call the one a racing incident and the other not is exactly my point!

          10. @patrickl

            They excused Button’s actions yes. Which is not needed if he didn’t do anything wrong.

            They didn’t say he did anything wrong, they didn’t blame him, as the stewards’ verdict makes abundantly clear. An explanation is not an excuse.

          11. @Keith Collantine

            So I say that Button gets away with these incidents without penalty and then you say that’s not true because the stewwards don’t fault him for them?

            Wasn’t that exactly my point?

          12. @patrickl You say he “gets away with these incidents” because you have decided he was to blame.

            If the stewards had said he was to blame but not given him a punishment, then I would agree he had ‘got away with it’. But they didn’t blame Button for it.

            He didn’t “get away with” anything, because he’d done nothing wrong.

          13. @Keith Collantine

            He crashed other cars off in simply avoidable incidents. Incidents where other driver get a penalty without fail.

        3. This is possibly cotd from djdaveyp, “straight line to the apex” How many cars corner in a straight line? I pose to you; if Lewis was beginning to back out of his half-maneuver, do you think he thought it was such a good idea after all, given the radius of that particular corner and knowledge of who he was racing?

      3. Well if that great world champion Alesi reckons you can’t overtake into that corner it must be true….

        Come on now, that’s not helping your argument.

        1. JA may not be a world champion, but he wasn’t certainly a timid driver, probably he’s more similar to Lewis that Felipe.

      4. @matt88

        Also Alesi said that there is a reason if no overtake was made during the whole race in that turn…

        Well let’s just disallow overtaking completely except for the one-two hairpins at the end of DRS zones then. yawn

    5. I’s love somebody who can lip read to tell me what MAS’s brother said when he saw it.

      I’m not sure, but I think he said “idiota”, which is, of course, portuguese for “idiot”. I’ll check on youtube later :P

      1. That’s a bit hard on his brother …

    6. I’m a Massa fan but thought it was Felipe’s fault but a completely unfair and inconsistent penalty. I’m also sick of the vitriol against both drivers. I don’t think any less of Ham despite him keep crashing into Massa and I’d hope Ham fans would hate Massa for today. These things happen and the fans don’t need to take on a new rivalry, they can fight their own battles.

      1. Let me explain why I feel the way I do about MAS, I think it is an unfortunate sequence of events, but I can’t help feeling the way I feel. I think it is more what MAS says about the incidents that riles me up. The incidents themselves are a result of close racing, but MAS exaggerates everything. The comment MAS made about HAM being dangerous and the FIA really need to look into it is ridiculous, they are simply just incidents. Anyway, thats why I don’t like MAS.

      2. @Steph, I just hope this will be the last of these two guys repeatedly tangling on track. Attacking the podium instead of each other now.

        Hamilton learnt to be more carefull, took him long enough, Massa now should realise its not just Hamilton crashing into him and learns as well.

        1. The media always blows things up and drivers always get riled up after stepping out the car because of the adrenaline- look at ham’s Monaco rant or Alonso waving his arms at Petrov last year. It’s just a human reaction. I don’t see Massa excessively moaning I just see he has an excessive amounts of DNFs partly because of one driver and he has a right to whinge about that. Some have been his fault, some Ham but my respect or opinions for them haven’t changed.

          1. I am curious how hard the reporters will push both of them for a nice headline quote now ;-)

          2. So pushing Hamilton from behind and then running off is ok? Let’s face it, Massa doesn’t seem to think he can do any wrong, whinges about the FIA needing to give other drivers penalties and you try and overtake him at your peril as he’s ego doesn’t allow for it.

            That’s why i have a dislike for Massa.

        2. @BasCB

          i don’t think Massa will be learning anytime soon, i mean just ask the sausage kerb…

      3. Massa completely deserved that penalty. He purposefully keeps running into Hamilton. He has learned that he can get away with it. In fact the rules approve of it, so why not? Luckily (and finally) the stewards had enough of that kind of behavior though.

        1. Hear hear well done johnny herbert!!!

  6. 4/10 but gave it a 6/10 just for Rowan Atkinson’s Reaction!

  7. 5/10. Meh.

  8. 4. It was as underwhelming as Hamilton’s pace. The track’s lovely and the atmosphere and build up were great but the action on track …well, it didn’t exist.

    1. I find myself still looking for the action i hoped we would see, but it seems lost somehow. But at least AbuDhabi won’t be as much of a shock to us now, right :-(

  9. 5/10 action as stop-start as the track itself. Pirelli should have brought super-softs instead to spice it up.

    1. Agree. If the tyre choice had been less conservative it could have been much better.

      1. Ignoring the obvious logistical complications and immense cost to Pirelli, it would be nice if they could bring 3 tyre compounds — just in case!

        1. That would actually be quite awesome, shame they don’t do that! I am willing to bet that we will see different compounds allocated for the race next year.

          Then we will get a truer picture of the circuit, and hopefully it will be just as exciting for us as it is for the drivers, instead of the snoozefest it was this weekend.

  10. SennaNmbr1 (@)
    30th October 2011, 11:11

    Terribly dull race. Hamilton and Massa needs to be sorted out off the track. Penalty was right in my opinion. Massa looked in his right-hand mirror and then moved left. It seems that Massa will just turn in when it’s Hamilton. Pretty soon they’ll have a really big one.

  11. It was very boring… 5/10 just because the first 10 or so laps were exciting.

  12. 5/10.

    Not a boring race, but it wasn’t a 2011 classic by any means. I’m disappointed Pirelli have caved to the bad publicity they were apparently getting and gone conservative with the tyres. The races at the start of the year were fantastic, but ever since the tyres have been getting harder, the quality has gone downhill. Or is that because everyone’s used to the 2011 rules and calmed down?

    But overall, it was a great inaugural event for India! Very well done.

    1. @damonsmedley, I don’t think Pirelli heeded to any critisizm leading to choose these tyres. Just the fact no one knew what to expect had them bring a conservative tyre set.

      Had the track been finished earlier so we could have had some racing on it before the event, Pirelli might have felt secure enough to bring the softer tyres as well.
      I think a big part of why the past couple of races have been less suprising to us has to do with teams getting to grips with the tyres and learning better how to best use DRS.
      Remember that Mercedes and McLaren, and Ferrari to a lesser extent, got the balance on their DRS a tad wrong early season. Focussing too much on what it could do in the race, but having less use of it in qualifying. Now they have catched up with Red Bull, this means another variable less into play come race day.

  13. I vote that for the Abu Dhabi and Brazilian Grands Prix, we take the top step off the podium and just celebrate whoever comes second, third and fourth.

    1. I’m definitely for this! Or maybe Vettel should take a compulsory holiday instead… :P

    2. Good Idea @prisoner-monkeys, it could even make Vettel another record. Finishing the season with the most points and laps led and getting the WDC not even competing in all races!

      1. Sadly I think Jochen Rindt probably claimed this record (not sure about laps lead), though under tragic circumstances.

        1. Sadly he was the first (and luckily so far the only one) to do that. But Vettel would do that while also having led most laps and get most points ever in a season.

          1. Ah, didn’t realise you meant most laps and points ever. I thought you meant in a single season.

    3. Haha yes, you could almost make it 3rd, 4th and 5th as Button’s second most of the time now.

  14. dull race except some incidents and retires.

  15. 6/10

    Race at the front was non-existent. The Massa/Hamilton incident and subsequent penalty provided the biggest drama of the race.

    There were battles throughout the field, however – proving that there can be overtaking around this circuit. The one issue was that the the majority of passes were as a result of DRS. When DRS zones become your only opportunity to overtake – that’s a problem. I wonder how many battles and overtaking manoeuvres we would’ve had without DRS.

    1. I am afraid we could have had quite a few more. Still wonder, why they did not give the track a shot at doing it without DRS zones for the first race here.

      1. @BasCB

        I am afraid we could have had quite a few more.

        Why do you think that, may I ask?

        1. @magnificient-geoffrey, I think without the DRS we would have seen different gear ratios, and therefore possibly a different balance of where cars were fast, or not, helping to let drivers have a go at overtaking.

          But its hard to be sure without trying.

          1. @BasCB I see what you mean, but I feel that’s a very speculative view at best.

            I think DRS did its job here. It allowed drivers the opportunity to pass without making things too easy. It’s just a shame there was such a field spread at the front – having more battles for the top positions would’ve made a massive difference to the overall excitement of the race.

          2. @magnificent-geoffrey, you are probably right about the speculative nature of my view there.

            I just find it wrong not to give the track a chance to show what it has to offer without DRS before putting DRS zones in there.
            I did not mind the DRS overtakes here (them being the only ones makes it hard not to be happy for a bit of supported racing at least), but I think its sad they did it this way.

            Or we should just say Tilke made another dud track where its not possible to overtake, as DRS was not even invented yet when he put pen to paper.

          3. @BasCB

            I just find it wrong not to give the track a chance to show what it has to offer without DRS before putting DRS zones in there.

            To be honest, I don’t contest that. I don’t think there would be anything wrong with saying “it’s a brand new track, let’s try no DRS zones just to see what happens”. I wouldn’t have any issue with that personally.

            As it turned out, however, most of the overtakes we saw were DRS assisted. That suggests to me that had we not had DRS, we would’ve had an entirely processional race, and not just at the front. So in hindsight, it was pretty good for us that they did choose to go with two DRS zones after all.

  16. Really hope Newey produces a dud next year so we don’t just have race after ace of Vettel scampering off into the distance and then just maintaining the gap in a superior car in clean air.

    Sadly he probably won’t and we’ll have another period like with Schumacher when many less devoted fans just tuned out as the result was so predictable.

    1. Or maybe Red Bull can at least also give Webber a car where he can challenge again. At least the team mates fighting it out gave us gave us some fun to watch in 2010.

  17. I watched the lap times screen more than the race because there wasn’t much happening. 5/10

  18. Good event as a whole, but a pretty dull race. Even the drivers looked bored on the podium!

    1. They weren’t bored, they were subdued because they were remembering the deaths of Dan and Marco in the previous weeks. From the few words we heard in the room pre-podium I think they all agreed not to celebrate as exhuberantly as they normally do, given what’s happened recently.

      Part of me thought that Button would take his Wheldon armband off and place it around the neck of his champagne bottle, which would then be gifted to the family, but that’s probably my mind wandering after what was quite an uneventful race.

      1. @pjtierney – ta, missed the pre-podium bit.

  19. I wish that Pirelli had made a different call about the tyres, Super-Soft and Soft seemed the best option after the GP

    1. Anybody can make the best decision in hindsight :)

      I think they made a fair decision considering they had (pretty much) no data for the track and couldn’t risk drivers burning up all their allocation on an overly abrasive track.

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