Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the first ever Indian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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319 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix”

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  1. 5. Great track, but the race just didn’t seem to ever really develop. A shame Button didn’t have the pace at the beginning to challenge, but I don’t think there was any driver or car out there that could have done so, sadly.

    Driver of the race: Schumacher. Another impressive start and had the pace to jump his teammate in the pits.

    Team of the race: Lotus. Again, with Kov, showing that they have developed a good race pace. Looks promising for 2012.

    To be clear, though, it is a 5 by 2011 standards. In other years, I might have given it a 7.

  2. 5 – forgettable is the best word to describe this GP. Roll on Interlagos

    The stewards are really starting to get me down now, neither driver should have been penalised. Hamilton was up the inside and Massa was incredibly slow coming out the previous corner but where was he supposed to go once they reached the corner? Is it really necessary to punish every single incident?

    The race also confirmed two things to me:
    1) Felipe Massa does not deserve a seat in Formula One any more, the sooner Ferrari get rid the better
    2) If Mercedes develop a car capable of winning races next year it will be Schumacher who delivers the results; he has been fantastic in races over the second half of the year.

  3. Second most boring race after Valencia, the tyre choice of soft and hard by Pirelli was too cautious. Rowan Atkinson with Lewis Hamilton and Massa was the highlight of the race. Gave it a 5/10

  4. 4/10

    Massa penalty was very odd, either a racing incident or a penalty to Hamilton surely, interesting choice to give it the other way.

    Vettel totally dominant just playing/pacing to Button .

    Very good drives from Button and Alonso.

    Webber very poor running wide several times and very inconsistent pace.

    Hamilton needs to find the gear shift to engage his brain, its seems he gearbox is broken.

    Better pace from the Mercs.

    Very disappointing from Di Resta, if he keeps preforming like that its a good job the decision on the driver for next year has been brought forward.

    Great track dull race.

    1. Rated the same, agree on everything you said.

      Massa/Hamilton incident, it seemed PR more than common sense – and I like Hamilton and never cared for Massa at all.

      Can’t see why FI should drop Sutil either.

      1. Interesting that Eddie Jordan reckon that Massa looked a few times and knew Hamilton was there before turning in on him and that is probably why Massa got the penalty, still seems very odd too me.

        They both need there heads banging together, if there is any truth in Eddie Jordans comment, again Hamilton put himself somewhere he didn’t need too and almost inviting the incident.

        1. Why interesting? I was there, large as life on the telly!

          Massa has become so used to ‘destroying’ Hamilton’s races with impunity (he drives for Ferrari after all), he has the audacity to repeatedly look in his mirror and do the most idiotic think in the book: try a ‘Schumacher Special’. Rather crash than concede eh Massa? The un-professionalism exhibited by him of late is coming home to roost. Neither did he learn from his qualifying blunder. Oh dear.

          I thought Alonso did a great job today with an inferior car, and Button was pure class, once again.

      2. Sutil performed well under pressure and the thing is he usually does. I mean he’s been told this is the deciding race and then they’ll decide (even though it sounds as though they’ve already decided). What does he do? Qualifies ahead of di Resta and finishes in the points. I’m proud to have stuck by him whatever happens…

  5. Jeez, i made the first comment and the server crashed. Pretty dull race except for the now predictable HAM MAS clash.

  6. Good track, good race.. spoiled by a Vettel Grand Slam.. 7/10

    Whiners gonna whine – “No overtaking”, “no crowds”, “too much run-off”..or something else..

    This track is perfect.. the race is to stay.. and it is gonna be good next year onwards, the drivers agree, the teams agree..

    1. Good crowds, good track that punishes cutting the corners, there was overtaking, just a shame Vettel was so dominant.

      1. Pretty much that. And possibly the dust and dirt from being completely new took away a bit of others having a go at each other, not at Vettel way up ahead though.

  7. 6/10. Most of my enjoyment today was from it being a new Grand Prix and it being all Indian and different. Like others have said I think next year with the race being one year old and fully established we’ll see less conservatism and more excitement!

  8. Pedro De La Baldwin
    30th October 2011, 11:19

    Boring race but I don’t think it was all down to the track. I’d give the race 3/10 but I think the track has the potential to deliver a 7 or 8 /10.

    With Vettel driving off into the distance and that horrible phrase “LOOK A THE LEAD VETTEL HAS” on lap 2, it’s never going to be that exciting.

    With a bit of luck, Newey will get the design horribly wrong next year and we’ll have a good battle between a few teams instead of going back into the dark ages with one driver in a different class.

  9. Good venue, great track, but a Webber of a race, had it’s moments, but mostly struggled to entertain.

  10. Gave it a ‘5’. Nothing special. My Drivers of the Day: M.Shumacher and Perez. Not looking forward to the next gp in Abu Dhabi ..arguably the worst track on the calendar. Vettel win probably dominate the next race in Abu Dhabi. Brazil is anybody’s race.

  11. I think that Massa needs to learn that sometimes it is better to concede a place than take a line and risk breaking the car. Webber and Alonso have been great examples of this this year. The most obvious being Webber at eau rouge, Alonso could have run him off, but it would have damaged his car and could have hurt both of them. Take Hamilton Massa in Monaco at Lowes, if Massa had conceded as Schumacher did he probably would have avoided contact and perhaps later stayed in the race. With regard to the kerbs, the fat kerbs are dangerous, if a driver makes a genuine mistake he could be launched and hurt… however Massa needs to stop making these mistakes. I thought his penalty was harsh today but no harsher than the vast majority of penalties dished out to Lewis.

    1. In the same corner it was actually Hamilton who conceded to Schumacher in Monaco. As did Rosberg.

      Massa always does expect people to yield for him in corners where there is no overtaking possible unless the driver being overtaken completely yields. For instance Tabac.

    2. @sw280 Very well put… I’m pretty sure he’s seeing the red mist lately, just as Lewis appears to have mellowed and adjusted his mind-set, Massa steps up to the plate! At least it makes for interesting races!

  12. Looking at the results, I think people were expecting a whole lot more than what was offered. There was some good stuff out there – like di Resta, Perez and Petrov working their way through the field early on with a reverse strategy.

    I think that if the Indians can clean the circuit up for 2012, and if they rent the circuit out to other categories (and maybe bring GP2 along next year) to get some more rubber down, I think it will be much better.

    1. With a wide track I agree, I definately expected more on track action. Hopefully next year will be cleaner / better as I need an excuse to go back to India!

    2. I agree PM, plenty on offer this race. It a little quite at the start but then settled into a nice race with enough to keep me occupied.

      It was also nice cause it wasn’t as hectic as other races. Some races this year have been amazing sensory overload.

      I have not seen the Massa Hamilton incident again but for me it looked like lewis wasn’t up far enough. I think lewis might actually realise that he didn’t need to do that there and that he could have waited and made it stick and taken a result.

      Can’t believe Webber soooo bad.

      Happy for Schumi and Button.

      Impressed with Alonso he just keeps positive and working hard even though the car is lacking (lewis take note).

      Vettel again just playing maintaining the gap.

      I gave it an 8.

    3. I think there are bigger problems with the track than simply dust. Turn 4 was a constant source of annoyance with it’s 20 lines in but only 1 line out making it impossible to gain an advantage from taking a wide line.

      1. That’s not how it’s supposed to work at all, Ragerod. The fastest line through the corner is the wide line – staying out to the extreme left and clipping the apex as a driver normally would. The “twenty lines” through the inside of the corner are designed to facilitate overtaking by giving an attacking driver plenty of room to make his move. We’ve seen drivers hold position for laps on end (Schumacher fending off Hamilton for 30 laps at Monza springs to mind) because there are only two lines into the corner: the racing line, and the defensive line. But here, a defending driver cannot defend every racing line into the corner. The attacking driver has more space to position himself. Even if there is only one line out of the corner, physically placing yourself between the apex and a defending driver means that you dictate the speed at which both cars exit. The problem is that the sheer amount of dust made the inside lines going into the corner unattractive.

  13. BORING!!!!!!! Back to the bad old days of F1. I could hear millions of TV’s being switched off across India.

  14. Extra points should be awarded for Massa breaking his suspension it exactly the same way as yesterday. What did he say about Hamilton not learing from his misstakes and needing to engage his mind?

    Positively delighted to see Massa take himself out again today. Hello Felipe, is anyone home?

    1. Lol. Massa should not be a F1 driver – if he can’t position his car in the right place (eg. away from the orange bumps). Even most amateur drivers can avoid a huge great big orange bump. He is either a very bad driver or need his eyes tested, or a combination of the two.
      To Massa, “please go to Team HRT next year”. Amen.

  15. The race was OK. I wasn’t bored, because there were battles to watch, but I wasn’t excited either, because there wasn’t much action. The battle with the Toro Rossos were fun, the Hamilton-Massa battle is becoming really irritating, the Webber-Alonso battle was interesting, and Schumacher’s race was fun to watch. Hamilton’s race was disappointing after the incident with Massa, but Button had a strong race, so it’s a compensation..

    Overall mark : 7/10 for me.

  16. 4/10. Dull.

    Nice to see the stewards not jumping down Lewis’ throat as soon as he touches someone. Massa severely needs to learn some racecraft.

    1. There wasn’t much Massa could do, @taurus – he actually held the racing line. Even if Hamilton had made it cleanly through the corner, he could have had to brake just to make the next two, which would have made him slower for turn eight and turn nine, and Massa probably would have been able to get him in the giant turn ten. It was a racing incident, and I think Massa was unfairly penalised; after all, Hamilton had only drawn partially alongside him. Perhaps it was a show of good faith for Hamilton to demonstrate that the stewards do not target him unfairly.

      1. @prisoner-monkeys I agree Massa shouldnt have been penalised. The fact a penalty was issued is down to the over-the-top stewarding of the last few years, where by any contact whatsoever is punished. If Massa hadn’t simply chopped across we may have seen a good battle for position. He knew Hamilton was there.

  17. I don’t share everyone’s negativity about this race. It was still enjoyable for me, it had it’s share of tension and incidents. 4 different teams in the top 5. It reminded me of some of the races in the last decade. Surely most of the people here still enjoyed F1 then, it’s just a matter of taking a different perspective – I liked being able to take the time to really follow the timing screens and the live comments on this site. To me races like this are like relaxing with a whisky, where a lot of the races this year have been rounds of tequila shots. Both can signal a good evening but the outcomes are very different!

    Not a classic, but I’d still choose watching a race like this than doing almost anything else.

    1. Thats a nice take on it @f1addict, well i guess you’re addicted, eh!

      I think you are right in saying that its pretty much level of what we were used to pre-2011. But is that a reason to be satisfied with it. Not in my opinion.

      And this is coming from someone who actually liked seeing the intimates of pacing the car through Valencia this year, gave that a solid score.

      I think this track could have offered more, and the great turnout shows the Indians are the right people to enjoy it. So it really was a bit of an opportunity lost.

  18. I gave it 6/10. I felt it was pretty boring, but that’s after we have seen some pretty good races this year. I think this track and this event can provide a lot more, esp. if it is less dusty; and maybe different tyres.

    But as it was, the race became a poster board for how F1 in 2011 goes, as BBC said – it had all the common elements, apart from a HAM penalty, I suppose.

    There were some good fights in the midfield, but too much DRS – I keep having the feeling that w/o DRS there would have been other, better, overtaking opportunities, although HAM trying to overtake the Ferrari’s via the pits is an ominous sign of how it could all go.

    I hear BBC saying Button the only man to regularly race Vettel this year – unfortunately, it rarely is a real race, just Button being 4-5s behind, matching on pace as he’s managed by Vettel being asked by his team to not go for that fastest lap, sadly. And that’s the best someone is able to do. Great job once again by Vettel, clear why he is the WDC of this year. But please can we see him have a less simple time of it, maybe even a real fight for it? Guess not.

  19. when is CH going to admit there is a different between webber and vettels cars, about time i think

    1. I think Webber just needs to pull his finger out, its a shame RBR gave him another contract as that seat has been wasted this season

      1. Webber has been competitive with Vettel in 2009 and 2010. Now all of a sudden he istn’t.

        Webber’s KERS never seems to work and neither does the strategy that they give him.

        I wouldn’t be surprised they decided to focus even more effort on Vettel after the Vettel vs Webber incidents in 2010. From that it was clear they simply want Vettel to win and they don’t want Webber to get in the way of that.

        They don’t need Webber to fight Vettel to bring in the constructors championship. Giving Webber P3 to P6 is enough for that.

        1. Webber can be competitive with Vettel, if Vettel makes silly errors and has a less unreliable car. And still lose to him. And Alonso’s Ferrari.

      2. A little harsh me thinks. I wouldn’t be surprised if RedBull are designing a car that suits Vettel’s driving style as he is the future of the team and Webber simply has to deal with it.

        1. So what’s harsh? Me saying that RB put all their focus on Vettel or the poster above me stating that Webber is a waste and needs to pull his fingoer out?

        2. @Ragerod, this seems like a reasonable explanation. Assume something similar is happening at McLaren (not regarding the “future of the team”, but the direction of the car to suit a specific driving style).

    2. @tv154 Even if that was the case, why on Earth would he admit it?

      Webber couldn’t seem to get the primes going today, at all.

  20. A 7 from me.

    To be honest, the racing itself perhaps was not worthy of a 7, maybe more a 6. But the track is good and I would class this as a great inaugural race. Given the instability of the world economy at the moment it’s encouraging to see a race that might have a more long-term home than what we saw in Turkey. Of course, India is on the up in the world so perhaps better placed than most but let’s not take away from India’s success.

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