Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Buddh International Circuit, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the first ever Indian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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319 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Indian Grand Prix”

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  1. The circuit similar to Bahrain, good overtaking opportunities, but too much dust making the extra width of the track unusable.

  2. Michael’s race pace is better than Britney. He is surely ahead of Nico in points without Petrov hitting him.

  3. If I could vote with iPhone, would’ve given à 4. And that’s because of bonuspoints for massa/Hamilton, massa/kerbs and Schumi beating Rosberg.

  4. I think people are judging this race a bit harshly because Vettel didn’t look threatened at all during the race – the reality is he hasn’t been really threatened (he always seems to have some time in the bag) for awhile now. I would say that this race was better than South Korea for example, where it was a similar story with Vettel, the only reason it looked a little different was because he slowed up to allow Button to catch up a little in the end.

    The director is also at fault, the interesting battles between the Toro Rosso’s, Force India’s and Renaults weren’t followed nearly enough, especially the alternative strategies of Di Resta, Petrov and Perez. The intra-team battle at Mercedes was pretty good too, Schumacher’s

    It’s a shame that this poll isn’t “Rate the race weekend: 2011 Indian Grand Prix”, because the pre-qualy/race features were some of the best yet, everyone’s excited about a new circuit and that excitement passes over the airwaves. The scenes in the pit lane after the race were reminiscent of Japan (however I don’t think anyone can realistically expect to have grandstands full so long after the race like in Suzuka).

    Anyway, based on the average rating South Korea got I gave this race a 7, and I fully expect the race to be better next year – hopefully when formula 1 will be a bit more competitive at the front end.

  5. It was a boring race, but then I found most races boring this year even when others cheered for the tyre difference induced “overtaking”.

    By now the teams have pretty much worked out the optimum strategy for these boring tyres and the ultimately worst result comes out.

    Drivers need to just bring the car home pretty much from the start in order not to damage the tyres. No more displays of racecraft. Just drive gingerly and bring it home.

  6. Massa time is running out for you . lots of mistakes told to stay away from yellow curbs just iginored it damage the saspesion once again.

  7. A pretty boring race. Don’t think is due to the track lay-out, rather the rules (tires and DRS). It’s all about the strategy and preserving tires rather than drivers pushing from the start untill the last corner.

    Although I’m a Lewis fan, I think the Massa penalty was unnecassary (not saying it wasn’t Massa’s fault!). Obviously the stewards are trying to send the drivers a message: ‘stop this crap’. It looks like Lewis’s got the message (giving Massa room at the start), now Massa has to do THE same

  8. Not a dull race…
    Great Drives by:
    Jamie Alg
    & Heikki..
    And as an Indian…my dream is fulfilled now…I’m proud..

    1. @Rahim.RG

      good comment, i gave the race an 7. But i think ppl here are just used to seeing more action in top 6, and some ppl are sick of seeing Vettel win… I bet you if Button won, it would be a different story ….

      1. Mable Mable arms off the table
        30th October 2011, 16:27

        I have to disagree, yes people are tired of seeing Vettel just go for a Sunday drive. However, if Button, Alonso, or Hamilton just held a huge gap the entire race and then won with no meaningful position battles most likely people would still find the race boring.

  9. oh dear, after all the hype and driver compliments, we got… another procession race. Uneventful and tiring.. apart from the (now) usual dose of Hammy and Massa bumping wheels. Good drives from Schumy and Algy and Button.
    My thoughts on the Massa penalty? Uncalled for.
    It was at least a racing incident, at worst another case of Lewis pushing into a nonexistent gap. The rule states that the car in the lead has precedence at the corner. From Massas rear camera it was obvious that we could see both wheels of Lewis’s car. Casus restus, Massa has the lead, irrelevant that he saw the McLaren and turned in. Hamilton should have conceeded. The commentators agreed, but the stewards got it wrong.

    1. Lewis pushing for a non existant gap? Blind? he was alongside until they braked, and hamilton braked a bit more thinking with a ferrari there the track will be half as wide on the exit, but massa just thought ill just take the racing line no matter what and get away with it. Any and I mean any other driver would have not crashed into hamilton there. If you cant see this then stop watching f1 and go watch banger racing!!

      1. Rejkjavicsdottir
        30th October 2011, 12:29


    2. I suppose you all think that Lewis Hamilton should have precedence just because he is British, drives for Mclaren and has had a rough time of it this year. Well as a fellow Brit, and Mclaren follower, I think if the positions were reversed you would all also be quoting the lead car rule and Lewis was obviously in front stance. Watch the race for the racing. All the drivers have rules to follow, without them there would be chaos and death. I think when Auntie Beeb does a review we will all see just how reckless Lewis has become this year, disappointingly.

      1. Stop trying to discredit an arguement! does not matter who the two drivers were eg alonso button it still would have been alonsos fault! massa was making no attemt to get round the corner cleanly! otherwise he would have been more catious and left a cars width at the apex and raced to the next corner. Lets ban overtaking on corners and then you will get what you want with no drivers going for the overtake in corners. I have raced semi pro and if someone is on the inside of you approcing a corner its your own fault for not defending the inside and you certainly dont just cut to the apex knowing theres a car there!

        1. finally, a common sense response. This is why Massa got a penalty.

    3. Massa deserved a penalty.
      This was not a last second dive by Hamilton, the were already alongside each other, and Massa just doesn’t know when he should yield. That is the difference.
      When cars go past Hamilton, he knows when to yield the position and avoids accidents. But it isn’t the same for massa. And he deserves the penalty completely for causing an avoidable accident.

      1. This is exactly it.

        In every overtaking move thats ever happend, there comes a point when the driver infront decides either the position is completly lost and yeilds. Gives some room and try to go side-by-side, or completly ignore that the car along side you and turn in as if hes not.

        Massa _always_ choses the latter.

    4. Webber Canada, Button Canada, Maldonado Monaco, Massa Monaco, Massa Singapore, Kobayashi Hungary… Do ya get the feeling there is a conspiracy in F1 to take out Lewis Hamilton and make it look as if its his fault? All these drivers cannot be guilty of closing the door when Hamilton decides to make a challenge. In the lower rankings, repetitive collisions may happen, but for the top ten drivers in F1 this is unacceptable.

  10. Couldn’t believe India was a total Sell out…

  11. 6/10. It wasn’t that boring, but again, there was very little real excitement. Just cars going round and round.

    – Hamilton vs Massa. Who didn’t see that coming?
    – Rowan Atkinson, awesome.
    – DRS, at times, worked like I’d want it: gets the driver alongside just before the braking zone.
    – Vettel setting fastest lap in the end.

    1. – Rowan Atkinson, awesome

      Yeah, says a lot for the race that the best part was watching Rowan after the HAM/MAS crash.

  12. Bored. I decided to play minecraft for most of the time

  13. 4/10 for me, vying with Valencia for the worst race of the year so far.

  14. 6/10

    While it was a successful weekend for F1 and India the race itself was rather processional. The Massa/Hamilton incident was the only real highlight in my opinion as the drivers tended to settle into their eventual finishing positions with the exception of a few mechanical mishaps and varying pit strategies.

  15. 6/10
    I was dissapointed to see such little action, especially since it was India’s first race and they deserved more after all the effort they put in to get the track ready in time. Highlights for me were the Massa/Hamilton incident, Petrov catching Perez and Sutil, and at one point Button was catching Vettel (though it came to nothing once Vettel got into a rhythm).

  16. I think people really need to sit down and think about the situation in F1 when race after race people have to point to and plead that Petrov, Alguersuari and Buemi DRS-ing around 10th place makes for a satisfying race.

    1. Most people aren’t giving this race a particularly good rating, and I agree with them.

      Last week, it was Hamilton and Webber fighting in the podium positions that impressed a lot of people, so there goes your argument.

      1. My argument is that everyone is conceding the actual purpose of the race, the reason everyone shows up at the track (you know, to win!) is foregone so rather than get angry at that as we should, many people are settling for second best. This is the premier motor sport category in the world. No one involved in it from the drivers to the teams to the fans should have to settle for second-best anything.

        1. In addition to that regarding your point of Webber vs. Hamilton. What would have happened had the places swapped? How would that have then proceeded to define the shape of the rest of the race? Would Webber have then gone on to attack Vettel, did Hamilton? How would those events have affected the championship? It’s plainly obvious that nothing much would have occured to any of those factors. Sure the actual dicing at the time is entertaining for its immediate visceral thrill but it could mean so much more than that and at the moment it doesn’t.

          1. Sure, it’d be nice to see tons of lead changes, but at the end of the day, there’ll be races that are lead from lights to flag. This is how F1 has always been, and not every season will spoil us with a title battle like 2010’s. Deal with it, or take @trenthamfolk ‘s suggestion.

    2. @lachie Have you taken up my suggestion of Crown Green Bowls? Loads of one-on-one action there… You’d never have to put up with anyone coming third!

      You’ll generally find that in a race of 22 cars or so, there is a 10th place around half way through the field, which is important to those drivers. I do have to wonder what your point is?

      1. Here’s a question for you @Trenthamfolk, say your beloved Crown Green Bowls fans are told what the results of all matches past a tournaments quarter finals will be. Should they then be content to watch a match between the players who came 12 and 13th with relatively mediocre play just because its the only match where they don’t know the result already? Should they be content to watch two players who came to the tournament knowing they would never win?

        Of course not, they should be angry that they were told the results. They should expect these players are aiming for the top. They should have a decent expectation that a surprise may occur. They shouldn’t have to resort to watching also-rans just to get to see a match.

        To quote the film ‘The American President’. “They’re so thirsty for it they’ll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there’s no water, they’ll drink the sand”. Settling for getting excited over 10th place because you concede there’s no race higher up is just drinking the sand.

        1. @lachie Is that really what you think? or is the actual reason for your dissatisfaction that fact that you’re man isn’t winning? Be honest now…

          Williams used to be the team to beat, where are they now? Barichello used to be a championship contender… today? Red Bull were considered naive upstarts a few seasons ago. Look at them now!!! Button spent years in or about 10th place, and look at him today, not to mention 2009. Ferrari? So-so, no longer the greats they used to be, but their time will once again come. F1 constantly changes. It’s strange that you are constantly on here being miserable about it. Given that I don’t believe in prophecy, I still fail to see your point. If you have one?

          1. My point is pretty simple. I am angry that F1 has returned to the state it was in in 2002 and 2004 and no one else seems to be angry about it. I love this sport, you clearly don’t believe me and frankly I don’t care if you do. I stopped watching back then because honestly there was little point in watching a sport without the sport. It frustrates me that I may stop watching now. I can only take so many races where the exact same series of events take place and we try and fool ourselves that we’re truly seeing a stochastic series of events, which deep down is why we all watch sport.

            Please be honest with yourself and truly tell me that the events of the 2011 Indian Grand Prix weren’t almost mirrored by at least 9 other races this year and really a few more. I don’t believe in prophecy either but I do believe in probability and the odds get greater and greater every race that we’ll see a fizzer. I shouldn’t have to be happy with that, I’m not and I express myself. But unfortunately there appear to be a troop of F1 Karma Police who don’t think someone should be allowed to display frustration over the sport. That we should love it unconditionally.

            If you can honestly say that F1 can never disappoint you, that you will enjoy every race without reservation. Then I envy you, but I cant agree with you.

          2. @lachie, why should we be angry? They might not be the most exciting races of all time, but as far as we can tell, the best driver and the best team is winning, and doing so by complying with the rules. All sport after all is a competition to see who the best is. And what does “stochastic series of events” have to do with sport? Nothing, sport isn’t about the probably of generating a certain result, it’s about competing to be the best. If you want randomness, maybe you need to be watching something over than sport, cause it doesn’t matter what sport you watch, the result will be the same, the best competitor wins, and continues to win until another competitor becomes better.

        2. To quote the film ‘The American President’: How do you have patience for people who claim they love F1, but clearly can’t stand F1? I’m sure that’s what they said…

  17. Great track. I think there will be some really great races there in future, especially if we see more adventurous [softer] tyres. This is rate the ‘race’ though, and the race was pretty dull. Gave it 5, and one of those was because Vettel didn’t do the annoying finger. But well done India

  18. After reading 183 comments here, it’s fairly clear that we all agree that without the Hamilton / Massa collision (and possibly Mr Bean), this would have been the most boring race of 2011.

    However, let’s get back to “driver of the day” and start the ball rolling with Vettel — not for pole, best lap, winning, most laps led, proving that Newey plus himself are unbeatable, or anything other than his interview afterwards. His comments about India and the Indian people showed him to be not just a world champion but a very understanding and caring gentleman at the age of twenty-four. My hat goes off to him.

    1. I thought it was rather embarrassing how Button upstaged him on the commemorative aspect of this race though. Although Alonso’s bit was the most embarrassing yet. He didn’t even seem to remember the names.

      1. @Patrickl Button and Wheldon raced each other many times in their youth. Why shouldn’t Button be allowed to pay tribute to him as well?

        I’ve replied to two comments from you on Button in the last few minutes, one erroneously claiming the stewards blamed him for something when they didn’t, and now using his response to two deaths to have a go at him.

      2. I’m having a go at Button??!?! If anything, I’m having a go at Vettel.

        1. @patrickl Oh sorry, I misunderstood what you’d written here. I take it back.

          I’m right about the Canada thing though! :-)

          And I must say I’m not comfortable with comparing drivers’ expressions of sadness and saying “that one did better”.

          1. Just saying on (or actually two) speech sounded rather hollow while Button gave a clear and touching message.

            But as you said, it’s probably due to the fact that Button actually knew Dan Wheldon.

  19. boring race and another boring circuit of herman tilke

  20. 6

    Pretty boring race apart from a few incidents and the promise of a fight for the lead when Button suddenly closed the gap by a few seconds on the hard tyres.

    Then Vettel remembered he’d already given the Japanese GP to Button and that he won’t give away another until Brazil. That way he can keep on scoring turkeys (triple consecutive race wins).

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