Adrian Sutil, Nico Rosberg, Interlagos, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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152 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. 4/10

    Disappointing. Just goes to show that qualifying order and extraneous circumstances are greater determinants towards the quality of ‘the show’ than track layout itself.

    1. Dull, dull, dull 4/10
      I reckon BBC would be challenged to produce more than ten minutes of highlights out of that.

      1. Last race of the year, no new dev. parts, so that was expected. 5 from me, but I was anticipating some more racing from the teams that have nothing to lose.

    2. I think 4 is fair. Second worse race after Valencia, shame such a fantastic season had to end on such a bum note.

      About 2 overtakes in the whole, no other action and a win that
      was caused by another drivers car failure.

      Also the ‘threat of rain’ is the most annoying thing ever.

      1. Also the ‘threat of rain’ is the most annoying thing ever.

        Yeah, the weathermen were the rejects of the race.

    3. @Prateek727 I agree, totally. I think some tracks are more conducive to exciting races than others but it’s rare you can put a dull race purely down to layout. This proves that.

  2. Same as the last few races with the added spice of a team order.

    1. …which we didn’t hear, if there was one. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

      Team orders are legal in 2011. Red Bull issued a clear one in Silverstone, why would they obfuscate it here?

      1. To be fair @keithcollantine we didn’t hear a team order in Hockenheim 2010 either.

        1. @raymondu999 Team orders weren’t legal then, they are now.

          Anyway, this is all covered properly in a separate article:

          Was Vettel’s ‘gearbox problem’ team orders in disguise?

      2. Because the drivers wouldn’t have to know if it was the truth.

        Its possible they fixed the win for Mark to boost his confidence. Personally I don’t think they did, but I can see the argument.

      3. I don’t think Red Bull faked a gearbox problem for Vettel just to let Webber win, and there’s certainly no hard evidence of it. However, I can think of why they might have wanted to do it: because Webber is too proud a driver to accept having a win handed to him. He was very subdued after getting out of the car, which might be explained by him suspecting the team arranged for the result to happen as it did. Or at the very least, he knew he wouldn’t have won if Vettel’s car had worked properly.

        Anyway, my rating is 3/10. The only real excitement was Alonso vs Button and Rosberg vs Sutil, and a race with no real battle for the lead will always get a low score from me. The DRS wasn’t particularly effective, which I was more than happy to see, but that just highlighted the underlying flaw in the cars’ designs which prevent them from following one another closely. Rain would have helped things out enormously.

        I thought the BBC did a good job though, particularly on the red button forum – one of their best of the year.

      4. I do think there was a team order, however I don’t see anything wrong with it. Vettel’s car was hurting, he didn’t have the pace and there is no reason to risk both cars in an incident. And it’s legal.

        US commentators immediately said that Vettel should let Webber pass as soon as Webber started closing the gap.

        I don’t feel the viewers got robbed. If they had raced, I believe Webber would have passed Vettel at the end of the DRS zone anyway. Instead of having complaints on team orders, everyone would instead complain of another DRS pass.

        28th November 2011, 11:46

        So “team orders” it was not, but it was definitely “team manipulation” of the race result, and that needs to be investigated pronto!! SV was told 5 laps into the race his gearbox had an issue, and it then went on to last another 66 laps and set some FLs!! Didnt look like he was “nursing” his transmission to me! The last “team manipulation” of a race result that caused so much fuss apart from Germany 2010 was Singapore 09, when Renoo fuelled Alonso long, and then got Piquet to bring out the SC when it most benefitted his teammate!! If team principles are now “fixing” the race order of their drivers, then whats the difference between 1 example or another? The fact is, the result order is being determined by someone on the pit-wall, not the racers!!

  3. What a anti-climax. Threat of rain, McLaren’s fast in Practice, and more, but nothing interesting happened. Vettel’s gearbox problem wasn’t major, Webber got a win by default, and there didn’t seem to be much racing.


    1. i dont think there was any problem with Vettel’s gearbox, it’s just something to cover up their team order.. Vettel was consistently registering 1.16 even after “the problem” surfaced.. and Button on softs in the last few laps were only 0.01s slower than him

      1. Button was on medium tyre at the end

  4. Average race. Rain would have been nice. Well done to Webber (even if it was gifted to him..). Gave it a 5/10. I will miss Formula 1 this winter :(.

  5. decent race but Brazil has seen better races

  6. Generally dull race only gearbox problem of two drivers gave +1

    1. Gearbox problem of one driver + one decently choreographed gift of a race win under the disguise of a gearbox problem.

      1. Exactly, I was so disappointed with RedBull but not surprised. Great final effort from Button.

    2. Actually Paul deresta had also Gearbox problems

      1. RADIO:Vettel, we have very serious gear box problems.

  7. Nice to see Webber win, but a flat race.

    2012 can’t come quickly enough now, but without a Sky subscription it might not be the same for me.

    1. apparently you can pay just for the SKy Sports F1 channel, next year. So it might to be too expensive. But, I’m NOT certain.

      1. Or you could just watch online streams…

  8. Alonso_McLaren
    27th November 2011, 17:43

    Ugly team order。

    1. I was just saying the same thing.

    2. This really means a lot coming from an Alonso fan….


      1. I think @Alonso-McLaren just means that Red Bull didn´t need to put on that show about the gearbox. Team orders are legal and they had all the right to try and secure Webber’s WDC position.

  9. Really didn’t look like to me that vettel had an issue. Empty victory for webber.

    1. Yeah.

      Because Vettel is always 5 tenths slower than Webber….

    2. Not exactly empty,with a few “possible” sponsors pre the race, now they are neatly “secured sponsors” post race..
      Very Disappointed with Red Bull, the ” very serious problems” still managed to give them a 2nd.
      Lewis had gear box problems too,but they never used the words very serious,and he was knocked out of the race.

      1. They did tell Lewis that there was nothing he could do about it which indicates that the seriousness wasn’t information which he needed to know.

        Red Bull told Seb that short shifting in 2nd and 3rd and turning down the engine would help but they had to stress the seriousness of the problem since Seb doesn’t like to slow down.

        I think some people really read too much into such unimportant details when there’s a conspiracy theory to back up.

  10. 3/10 – a boring race. Nearly nothing interesting happened.

  11. That was the least dramatic Brazilian Grand Pix for several years. No rain. Most significant passes due to DRS. No championship implications. And did I mention no rain? Tire strategy was rather uninteresting. Some good battles lower down were not covered by TV. Oh well. Wait until next year. 6.

    1. I have to agree, it wasn’t a great race. Without DRS maybe that Alonso/Button fight would have been a bit longer, the Massa/HAM fight

      1. Enter too close: was a bit lackluster, seemingly Hamilton to careful or not able to do much with his car (gearbox?), Sutil did well though, and Rosberg too, even though he ended behind Sutil.

    2. I guess you are right. Only the Buzz of seeing Button do some really fast laps (and his fight with Alonso) seem to bring up the ratings a bit.

      But the result is ok, with Webber doing everything he could to capitalize on Vettel having problems. And both Sutil and Rosberg showed some nice dicing today as well.

      I am going for a 6 or 7, not completely sure yet.

    3. 3/10, a dull race made duller by being utterly insignificant and even duller by the winner being handed to the victiry – to no avail. Was Hamilton having another dire race, or was he letting Button stay ahead? Really don’t know.

      Just one highlight: Alonso’s pass on Button on the outside of larajinha corner, that was genius racing.

      Dull end to a season that had some great races in the first half and went seriously downhill thereafter. Really hope a team like Mercedes can do a Red Bull next year and come up with a stunning new car design, it’s all becoming extremely tedious.

  12. I didn’t fall asleep, but I’ve seen better races.

  13. Just a boring race that demonstrated everything wrong with F1 2011, dominant team, easy DRS or completly ineffective, promised a lot, never materialised. 3/10

    1. agreed. DRS MUST GO.

      1. or find a way to make it less effective ; eg, have the DRS over a shorter distance – say for just 200 metres.

        1. It will never work over 200 meters, it was too short this weekend. It needs to go.

    2. @anydreden-on-f1 Just about sums it up.

  14. I liked the race. It was a little bit dissapointing, as we were all expecting rain for today, but i’ve seen worse races this season!

  15. There was racing here and there, but it was a rather dull race. A Red Bull victory was guaranteed from turn 1 as long as the rain didn’t arrive, and the result was never really in doubt throughout the field.

    Shame that the races in the second half of this season haven’t been great after a strong start. I’m still not sold on DRS, although I could tolerate it here. Good for Webber winning his first race this year, and for Sauber securing 7th in the championship.

    2012 will be really interesting now, so long as the coverage remains good under Sky.

    1. well as sky have an f1 channel for next year you would imagine its going be full of great coverage and hopefully old races re-runs

      apparently although its a HD channel it will be free to all sky sports viewers which will be good.

  16. 3/10 Webber’s win was too artificial.. Disguised team orders which is just a joke, bring on 2012! Hopefully the gaps between teams will be significantly less and the huge advantages RB have will make for some great racing..

    1. Disguised team orders which is just a joke

      I’m not convinced it was. I don’t think Webber would do it.

      1. ahem!ahem! perhaps Webber had no knowledge of the cloak and dagger masterplan?

        1. @duke the whole point is that what people are saying, is that because Webber is adamant that he won’t take a win that has been “gifted” to him through team orders, they disguised it as such.

          1. Yes that was my point too,re read my earlier posts.

    2. Well if Vettel actually hadn’t a gearbox problem and RBR just made up the whole struggle then they all deserve Academy Awards for such a show. And no driver would fight for a position with his team mate if he knew he was hampered by a technical problem. Yes Vettel did let Webber pass without a fight but that was the only sensible thing to do.

  17. 5/10.

    Slightly worse than Abu Dhabi and a hollow victory, even for a Webber fan.

  18. I gave it 8. I think it was rather entertaining race, even though the win was robbed from Vettel :/ On the contrary, I’m always happy to see MSC and HAM struggling :)

    1. an 8 .. are you high or something ?

      1. No, not really.

        1. One thing which probably affected my rating was that me and my friend had a race going on throughout the season: after the qualifying and before the race we had to name TOP-10 drivers from upcoming race plus name the driver, who improves his position most in the race compared to qualifying. 3/3points from correct race winner, 2/2points from correct driver at correct position, 1/2points from correct driver in wrong position and 3/3points for knowing the driver who improves his position the most.

          We headed to last race in 187-187 tie, but it turned out so that I won it by 4 points. That really brought some extra excitement to the race.

          1. fair enough

    2. @Huhhii 8, Entertaining? Where you watching the race that the rest of us were? May I ask what you found entertaining?

      1. See post above.

        1. @huhhii Ahh, that wasn’t there when I started my post ;) Even so, a 8 still seems a tad much personally.

  19. Dull. Dull. Dull. McLaren’s threat shown in practice never materialised. Ferrari’s threat shown in first half of the race never materialised, Mercedes team threat of straight line speed never materialised, the threat of rain never materialised, RBR’s threat of a possible gearbox blowing up never materialised, Lewis’s threat of turning the corner and showing some sped never materialised, Jenson’s threat of 2nd place in the last stint never materialised.

    In fact, nothing threatened materialised. All we got is a sullen winner and the curse of the Sao Paulo Pole Position striking again.

    1. @kbdavies, COTD….so insightful :)

  20. Dunno bout you guys but I really enjoyed it.

    Bit of excitement, good passing. no, Great passing. And Webber got himself a win.

    I’m gutted that Rubens start went so bad, but he pulled out a decent finish anyway.

    1. I’m with you on this one. There were some good passes, some nice battles (Massa vs Hamilton), at least one collision, drama created by technical trouble and a new winner so I just can’t see what’s wrong with this race. I still haven’t changed my opinion on DRS (adjustable rear wing = BAD) but I think this was a very good finale to a decent season so I gave it an 8.

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