Adrian Sutil, Nico Rosberg, Interlagos, 2011

Rate the race: 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Brazilian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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152 comments on “Rate the race: 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix”

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  1. Boring race, boring season. Only exciting races were earlier in the year where the Pirelli tyres were actually making a difference, or in the wet. Also get rid of DRS.

    What we need next year is what we had in 2010: the teams close together and no DRS or KERS. They tried to fix something that wasn’t broken, I very much enjoyed ‘real’ Formula 1 rather than the artificial stuff we’ve seen this year. The tyres were nice when they degraded, although that just seemed to disappear halfway through the year.

    You know something is wrong when Spa, Monza, Brazil and other classics aren’t producing entertainment. This was the case this year.

  2. Sutils body language was very revealing. I really think that Force India has made their decision on next years line up today or yesterday, which will be Di Resta and The Hulk.

  3. A very disappointing race at a superb track. Victory was handed to Webber as a morale booster. Mclaren didn’t seem to be a threat and their strategy for Jenson was unbelievable. Not the way i expected the season to end. With coverage going to Sky i think i will be watching less of this sport from next year!

  4. I also don’t understand why HRT will put De La Rosa in a seat next year when they could have like Karun Chandhok or someone like that instead

    1. Karun Chandhok? Are you serious?

      1. I am serious. He is a good driver, and a better driver than De La Rosa.

  5. It wasn’t boring, when you knew what to look at. The midfield battle was once again exciting, and there was something going on for most of the race. And for once DRS was pretty good, though pretty unnecessary on such a good track.

    Originally I gave 6/10, but with Massa’s donuts in the end I ended up with 7.

    1. Despite that we didn’t see much of the battle in the midfield?

      1. That’s why there’s the live timing :)

  6. I’ve been obsessed with / watched F1 for a long time now and never miss anything F1-related, but today’s race was yawn-inducing. The only thing remotely exciting was Alonso’s pass on Button. I can honestly say for the first time in well over a decade that watching this race was a waste of time. I was really looking forward to it as well and got up this morning with high hopes of a great GP to end the season (as Brazil has always produced great racing), but it just didn’t materialise. Ah well, only have to wait a few months before the new season and looking forward to the RB day in Milton Keynes!

  7. DRS actually made the race worse!!

  8. Bore-fest. Nearly fell asleep. Just like last year.


  9. I voted 6 but wonder if I should have downgraded to 5. Certainly the least exciting Interlagos race I can remember. I’m sure the stewards had their reasons but Senna’s penalty was annoying. Hey ho. Roll on 2012!

  10. Got to reduce the importance of aero. How many cars would be competitive if the aero effectiveness was redused 50% Would we as fans miss the reduced downforce?

  11. credibility of race 0/10
    fictional creativity 10/10

  12. I don’t know why everyone is disappointed, I enjoyed this race, it was decent.

    I saw interesting battles : the Button-Alonso was fun (Alonso did a great pass on Button, and then I was excited when Jenson came back at the end to pass him eventualy), and the Hamilton-Massa was really good too (I felt really tense during that battle, and I was really excited when I sensed Lewis was about to pass Massa after the pitstop).
    Sure, there were disappointments (the rain didn’t come, and a rain dance didn’t help :-( ), and I felt really gutted when Lewis had to retire.
    Finally, it was good Mark Webber has managed to eventualy win a race : he fairly deserved a win this season. A pity he didn’t win the race in a fair fight with Vettel, but you can’t have everything can you?

    Anyway, I voted 7/10 : a good race to close a season, which I would also rate 7/10 : the championship battle wasn’t great, but we were able to see some awesome things during this one!

  13. 9/10 great atmosphere in braziill

  14. I think Ronaldo’s little lad had it about right…
    Not a memorable race. Still better than many of last year’s ones though. Good to see Webber win again, but like Hamilton in Abu Dhabi I doubt he’d have kept up with a trouble-free Vettel.

  15. Have to say 5 or 6/10. Primarily, there were some tense moments, but otherwise, incredibly dull, second worst race after Valencia. The only thing that clinched it above it was the unfortunate retirements, and Rosberg v Sutil, and Sutil’s impressive drive. So, it was low, but thank God for a little shake up.

  16. 8, many will disagree but the biggest reason is many of the overtaking happened not in the DRS zone & whatever happened there was a reason of tyre issue or the car behind was actually a lot faster then the one in front.The move of Alonso on Button should go to be nominated as one of the best moves of the season.

    1. If Button hadn’t backed out then yes, but still an awesome move to even attempt it is pretty amazing.

      Although Vettel did the same thing in 2009, without someone lifting.

  17. should i go as far to say that Abu Dhabi was more interesting???

  18. For a track that “scared” Martin Brundle silly, it hardly kept me awake.
    Vettel should have won, if he had a fully working bunch of cogs. Webber knew it and we knew it. Therefore it was a pretty dull victory.

  19. I gave it a 7, which some people will probably think is pretty high. I even watched the race on iPlayer which takes something away from the excitement but it didn’t seem to this time. I made sure I kept away from twitter and the site so I could enjoy it fully.

    I gave it a 7 because I just love Interlagos and watching the cars around that track is pure awesome. FOM seemed to provide team radio of teams further down the field and also showed action further down the field which was really nice to see for once.

    I enjoyed the fact that no one knew what strategy people were on and that the tyres were not lasting as long as originally thought. I am happy for Mark Webber finally taking a win but you can’t help but feel that without Vettel’s problem, he would have been a long way behind.

    I think part of the reason I gave it a 7 was because it was the last race of the season and I wanted to soak up as much of the enjoyment as I could.

  20. I rated it 6/10. Just not good enough for such a fantastic track.

    I think part of it was the stupid obsession with rain, which meant people were disappointed not to have it, meaning people didn’t like the race.

    Although, apart from Alonso overtaking Button, Senna and Schumacher colliding, I can’t remember much that happened.

    A shame to end such a wonderful year with a poor race.

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