Lopez: Raikkonen will disprove doubters

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In the round-up: Gerard Lopez says Kimi Raikkonen will prove his motivation on his F1 return next year.


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Gerard Lopez – “It does seem like a motivational decision” (Renault)

In terms of motivation, I think he?s more motivated than ever. The more people that question it (his motivation) the better, because it?s only going to motivate him further. It?s a very important step in getting the team to where we want it to be, which is one of the top teams in Formula 1.

Team Germany wins fifth RoC Nations Cup (Race of Champions)

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel secured the fifth consecutive ROC Nations Cup title for Team Germany to delight their home fans.”

F1 Fanatic via Twitter

“Tried and failed to get excited about the Race of Champions. I could if it was an actual race, not a rather inconsequential time trial.”

F1-Technik: So sehen die Formel 1-Autos 2012 aus (Auto Motor und Sport)

Diagrams showing how the 2012 technical regulations are likely to change the shape of the cars next year.

Red Bull?s Merci Mission To Renault Factory (Red Bull)

Adrian Newey: “I worked with Renault in the ’90s and was impressed with the commitment, innovation and drive of the team at Viry-Ch??tillon. Renault understands that the engine-chassis package is just that; it?s a joint effort. RSF1 has been crucial in the development of the RB7, so I?m really pleased to be able to thank everyone behind the scenes who has contributed so much to the success we?ve achieved this year.”

Fisichella meets the fans at the Bologna Motorshow (Ferrari)

“On the subject of his brief time as a Ferrari driver in F1, following Felipe Massa?s accident in 2009, Fisichella explained how difficult he had found it to adapt to a very different car to the one he had raced up to that point. ‘I was unable to show what I could do, but I am still proud to have been able to do a few GPs in Ferrari colours. The Maranello Scuderia is still the dream of all drivers and for me, as an Italian, it represented one of the most exciting moments of my career.'”

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Comment of the day

John H on the inevitable tension within FOTA:

FOTA was never going to survive because its always better in the short-term to put self-interest first, but the group in total would probably achieve more in the long-term by sticking together (especially in times of crisis). For example the FOTA Fans Forum was probably good for F1, but who is going to organise such things now?

Personally I think it?s naive of HRT, Ferrari and Red Bull but when chasing the dollars their actions are totally understandable.
John H

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Noel!

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On this day in F1

I’d forgotten about this proposal for an alternative qualifying system put forward by FOTA, which we discussed here three years ago.

F1 Fanatic readers said they preferred the current system or the old “12-lap” qualifying hours.