Ferrari F2012

Ferrari F2012 launch – first pictures and video of Ferrari’s 2012 F1 car

2012 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari F2012
Ferrari F2012

Ferrari have revealed their 2012 F1 car in Maranello. The team’s latest challenger has been named the F2012.

After Fernando Alonso narrowly missed out on the championship in 2010, Ferrari endured a poor season by their standards last year. Alonso won just once and Felipe Massa never finished higher than fifth.

The team vowed to take a less conservative approach with their new car.

“The main changes when compared to 2011 concern the height of the front section of the chassis, the position of the exhaust pipes and the mapping for the electronic engine management,” said a statement released by the team.

“Practically every area of the car has been fundamentally revised, starting with the suspension layout: both the front and rear feature pull-rods, aimed at favouring aerodynamic performance and lowering the centre of gravity.

“The front wing is derived from the one introduced on the 150??? Italia in the final part of its racing life and has been evolved from there. Further evolutions are planned in this area for the opening races of the season.

Ferrari F2012
Ferrari F2012

“The nose has a step in it that is not aesthetically pleasing: with the requirement from the regulations to lower the front part, this was a way of raising the bottom part of the chassis as much as possible for aerodynamic reasons. The sides have been redesigned, through modifications to the side impact structures, the repositioning of the radiators and revisions to all aerodynamic elements.

“The lower part of the rear of the car is much narrower and more tapered, a feature achieved partly through a new gearbox casing and a relocation of some mechanical components. In recent years, the area of exhausts has been crucial in terms of car performance and much effort was expended on this front, based on changes to the regulations introduced this year. The rear wing is conceptually similar to the one used in 2011, but every detail of it has been revised and it is now more efficient.

“Naturally, it is still fitted with DRS (a drag reduction system,) which is operated hydraulically. The front and rear air intakes for the brakes have been redesigned and work was carried out in collaboration with Brembo to optimise the braking system.”

Heavy snow in Maranello forced the team to cancel their launch ceremony and scrap plans for a shakedown run on their Fiorano circuit.

Here are the first pictures of Ferrari’s new F1 car:

2012 F1 cars

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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  1. Design inspiration taken from Ferrari 312 t4. One of the worst looking F1 cars ever, although Jody Scheckter did become world champ……

  2. P.S. Sorry about the double post above my browser kept crashing its been on the blink ever since it had two deal with two dodgy F1 Noses in one day. Oh and it is very FUGLY!!!

  3. I just got sick in my mouth…

    I just hope this car performs as badly as it looks.

  4. Oh boy.

  5. Nose aside, she’s gorgeous!

    I think a new paint job wouldn’t have gone amiss though – that dull scarlet colour looks, well, dull.

    The best view of the car is from the top, the shape is very intriguing.

    1. I’m taking this comment back slowly…The more I look at the FI especially…

  6. Keith are the front suspension Pull Rod ?
    i think the last time we saw this was with Minardi in 2001?

    1. Suspension is a pull rod mark hughes on the F2012.

  7. Another lost year in ugly car design. We need some modern thinking instead of a bunch of senile oldies trying to scare audiences away with these ugly snowplough tractors.

  8. the Caterham nose does not look that bad now seeing this

  9. That nose is awful but the profile view is wonderful. It looks very aggressive though, I quite like it.

  10. God grief… even for a Ferrari fan it is still difficult on the eye

  11. cool, a lego ferrari ! maybe call it the Fugly

  12. My first post here, so I could be (and probably am) talking complete nonsense – but it looks to me like the exhausts are directed towards the the brake ducts. My superficial understanding was that this was the most efficient and aggressive of the methods to cope with the loss of rear downforce this year, but it had some big problems that would be difficult to engineer around. Does this mean Ferrari have solved that problem? Could they be serious contenders to jump McLaren and possibly RBR this year, who look like they’ve directed the exhausts towards the rear wing as best they can? Or will Ferrari end up redesigning it all prior to Australia, like McLaren last year, if it proves too difficult to work with?

    1. @AlexFrost
      I have heard about those problems as well.
      A fundamental flaw in that method is that the brakeducts are there to cool the brakes, so to blow 700 degree hot gas on it could potentially cause overheating issues.
      It should be a quite tricky system to drive as well, because it will make you loose a lot of grip when you let go off the throttle. A bit like the blown diffuser, but now that they have clamped down on the engine map it could be hard to make it work.
      Whether it works in the real world or not is yet to be seen, but surely they must have seen that it worked on the simulator before they started building the car.

      But don’t forget that the exhaust is easy for the teams to rework, it is not like McLaren are forced to blow the rear wing, they can just change the exhaust outlet to blow another part of the car. Especially not as their system looks more like a bolt on system with little aerodynamic influence on the rear bodywork, where as the Ferrari system looks a lot more integrated in the design.

  13. Dear Ferrari,

    Please cover this “thing” over again. Sell it on eBay.

    3rd February 2012, 10:37

    maybe if Alonso does wear that wig, maybe it will take attention away from that nose

  15. Come on guys, this isn’t a caption competition! Just consider that there’ll be a reason they chose an ‘ignorant slope’ over a sculpted one.

    From the front view, there is a LOT of space for airflow under the car. The top view shows that rather than creating the typical ‘coke-bottle’ shape, they square out and you’ve got a sort of lizard tail which pokes out near the rear wing.

    I’m loving the fact that all 4 cars revealed so far appear to be different, and I’m hoping that the RB carries on the trend. To have 3 cars fighting at the front is one thing, for them all to work differently is another.

    And then there’s Mercedes…

  16. Looks like something out of Star Wars… I just want to cry.

  17. Hey, where is that totally cool comparison with new and old ferrari?? I really love it!! ;)

  18. I’m actually curious as to why Force India, Caterham and now Ferrari have those ugly bulge-like front noses. Is this because of the new regulations? If so, why didn’t McLaren implement it?

    1. yes its because of regulations. for safety of drivers the nose should be lower than an specified standard.
      Mclaren’s nose was already within that standard last year so they didn’t change it.

      1. It appears Mclaren has lowered their chassis, or so Martin Brundle says on twitter…

        “McLaren have tray/tongue system under front of their chassis and such a concept means they lower the chassis and not just the ‘broken’ nose”

  19. it looks like a dog and normally thats not good news. i think if the RBR looks ugly then maybe Mclarens rather beautiful 2012 offering will be the dog but Ferrari have always dreamt up new ways of being icompetent with ever greater resources, Schumacher years apart.

  20. Tom (@tomforpresident)
    3rd February 2012, 10:45

    by not having the raised shoulders cars sport of late, that nose seems even more predominant, eek. interesting exhaust work though, makes the top view look cool, and the body work covering the exhausts must be great for funneling air to the diffuser.

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