Ferrari F2012

Ferrari F2012 launch – first pictures and video of Ferrari’s 2012 F1 car

2012 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari F2012
Ferrari F2012

Ferrari have revealed their 2012 F1 car in Maranello. The team’s latest challenger has been named the F2012.

After Fernando Alonso narrowly missed out on the championship in 2010, Ferrari endured a poor season by their standards last year. Alonso won just once and Felipe Massa never finished higher than fifth.

The team vowed to take a less conservative approach with their new car.

“The main changes when compared to 2011 concern the height of the front section of the chassis, the position of the exhaust pipes and the mapping for the electronic engine management,” said a statement released by the team.

“Practically every area of the car has been fundamentally revised, starting with the suspension layout: both the front and rear feature pull-rods, aimed at favouring aerodynamic performance and lowering the centre of gravity.

“The front wing is derived from the one introduced on the 150??? Italia in the final part of its racing life and has been evolved from there. Further evolutions are planned in this area for the opening races of the season.

Ferrari F2012
Ferrari F2012

“The nose has a step in it that is not aesthetically pleasing: with the requirement from the regulations to lower the front part, this was a way of raising the bottom part of the chassis as much as possible for aerodynamic reasons. The sides have been redesigned, through modifications to the side impact structures, the repositioning of the radiators and revisions to all aerodynamic elements.

“The lower part of the rear of the car is much narrower and more tapered, a feature achieved partly through a new gearbox casing and a relocation of some mechanical components. In recent years, the area of exhausts has been crucial in terms of car performance and much effort was expended on this front, based on changes to the regulations introduced this year. The rear wing is conceptually similar to the one used in 2011, but every detail of it has been revised and it is now more efficient.

“Naturally, it is still fitted with DRS (a drag reduction system,) which is operated hydraulically. The front and rear air intakes for the brakes have been redesigned and work was carried out in collaboration with Brembo to optimise the braking system.”

Heavy snow in Maranello forced the team to cancel their launch ceremony and scrap plans for a shakedown run on their Fiorano circuit.

Here are the first pictures of Ferrari’s new F1 car:

2012 F1 cars

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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  1. The teams who ran high bulkheads last year and ’10 where always going to have this stepped nose. They know what works with their particular car. Mclaren have ran lower bulkhead/nose than everyone last year so it stands to reason they would still keep that philosophy also. Neither design is going to put someone at the front or back of the grid, theres thousands of factors that go into a car being quick.

    I suspect the running order at the front this year will still be the same as last year, maybe just tightend up a bit, which hopefully will see the Redbulls not on pole so much.

    1. I think your post makes the most sense… McLaren are used to having a low chassis… By increasing the car’s rake they have managed to stay within the rules without making much changes to the nose.
      Also last year ferrari had one of the highest noses, so this does make sense.

      All that said, as long as the car is fast there are no issues.

  2. As I said when Caterham launched, I’ll get used to it.
    To me it’s starting to look beautiful already, especially because of the flat red.

  3. I like it :) Maybe the cars doesn’t look nice at the front but each of them is different. It’s like coming back to the old days. Maybe we will see the same excitement!

  4. Without a shadow of a doubt, the ugliest Ferrari ever.

  5. where is the exhaust
    i cant find it

  6. Personally, I like it.

    The front and rear wings are nowhere near what they are going to race. You only have to look at the simplicity of the front wing to know that.

    I think we will see most cars with a step there TBH. Plus that little step will create some extra downforce right over the front axle, in an area where they weren’t usually able to put aero devices!

    Lets see what its like when it hits the track. I hope McLaren kick their bottoms :)

  7. Is it me or am I the only one who like something different and the ever changing look of F1 cars, if they were all the same all the time it would be boring and if they never changed it would be boring.

    It’s a breath of fresh air, I like the big front wings, I like the weird noses, I just wish they would have big rear wings as well.

    Or bigger wheels/tyres like in the 70’s so that they can have the same sized wings.

    1. From my point of view, the point is not that this is different… If somebody just came up with the idea and it worked, everyone would folllow and we would learn to live with it.

      My problem is that this change is a very visual acknowledgement that the rules tried to squash the cars downwards at the front, and this is EXACTLY what happened. It serves no purpose except to meet a rules target. That imaginary box outlining the maximum dimensions for the bulkhead that we have seen in diagrams? You can almost see it, bending these techonlogical marvels into wonky crash-victims. It is sad to see.

      1. I’m sure I read somewhere when the regs came out that the lower noses where for safety.

      2. i think the FIA should just draw an F1 car and have the teams fill the mold. Looks like thats where we’re heading. The walls are getting closer and closer each year, and eventually all the cars will look the same because the rules will be so tightly defined.

      3. Yes it’s ugly. But I applaud the FIA for making a rule for safety before an incident happens. Looking at history, it almost always took someone to get seriously hurt or killed before anything changed.

        I’m happy they took this step before a drivers head got hit by a nose cone. Personally I think they should make them even lower.

  8. the stepped noses are ugly but i am happy the sharkfins are gone. those were even worse IMO.

  9. Oh my. That’s a train wreck isn’t it?

    I’m pretty stunned that they went for that interpretation, I don’t get qhy they are going for that jump in the nose as they all have to be at the same height at the tip, the McLaren just kinks down more.

    What an abortion.

  10. Keith, I appreciate that the Caterham, Ferrari and Force India look the way they do at the front because of the regs, but I think it would be useful if we could all understand the differences in height beneath the chassis at the front. The stepped noses are due to the aero departments looking for the biggest unobstructed area on the underside, as I understand it. Does this mean that Mclaren are already on the back foot? Is there any photo comparison work that you can do to try and establish the differences between each car as with the exhaust regs as they now are I’m sure that most teams see this area as 100% critical, which begs the question, why have the woking boys (and girls) not gone this way. Another dose of your legendary analysis please!

    1. Well, the McLaren MP4/14 was very good looking, same with the Maserati 250F. What are you on about?

      The Ensign on the other hand is awful, but don’t compare that to those 2 others you posted!

  11. I love the new Ferrari !!!!!!!!
    Its beautiful from all angles, notice on the Ferrari website they are not showing the diffuser as it is blocked by a board of what looks like carbon-fibre.

      1. no i’m not ray, and i hope your not implying i’m blind. I think the nose, which I’m guessing what your getting at, is quirky and anything with a Ferrari logo always looks beautiful. give it time it might grow on you.

  12. Suddenly only being able to see half the season doesn`t seem so bad. That is one ugly Car,

  13. Ferrari seems to have placed there very large centre tail funnel really low. This could be really clever as they could use the hot air from the radiators and top scoop to maybe blow on to the rear diffuser as wel as on to the black wings at the rear. Maybe someone who knows alot about aerodynamics could explain if this possible. Also could the secondary air duct behind the roll hoop form part of a passive f duct kind of thing that is connected and works with the centre tail funnel?

    1. @yr
      I think scarbs mentioned it a long time ago, but as far as i remember he came to the conclusion that the air wouldn’t be hot or go fast enough to improve the downforce on the diffuser, but maybe Ferrari have made it work.

      1. @mads thanjs for that..yeah i also thought of the air speed. wanted to ask the question if maybe they found a way to speed up the air flow or maybe use the air scoop behind the roll hoop to aid the speed or intensity of air flow. some passive sort of mechanism.

        1. yr, the cooling duct up there is for the KERS and Engine cooling system as was seen on the MP4-26.

          Ferrari keep copying others……. even Pat Fry could not bring much needed innovations :(

    2. As a rule, good solutions are always very simple as well…

  14. Anyone know when the rest of the car launchs are? i cant find the list that was on this site

    1. So you know where to look next time. Drop down the 2012 tab and select 2012F1 calendar.
      On that page just above the map is a link to the F1 Fanatic google calendar

  15. My god that is hideous! looks like it was made from Lego! ewww

  16. Well the changes in rules were because the fia were worried the high noses would spear the car and driver. seems a reasonable rule change, just a pity most designers these days dont have the flare of a Gordon Murray. Its all about empirical changes with these guys, any major changes seem to leave them clueless.

  17. Tom M in Australia
    3rd February 2012, 12:16

    I actually said “lol” out loud…

  18. It’s a revolutionary design in reverse…

  19. I think Im gonna cry.

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