2012 Australian Grand Prix grid

2012 Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton heads a McLaren one-two on the grid for the Australian Grand Prix.

Romain Grosjean claimed third ahead of Michael Schumacher and the two Red Bulls.

Row 1 1. Lewis Hamilton 1’24.922
2. Jenson Button 1’25.074
Row 2 3. Romain Grosjean 1’25.302
4. Michael Schumacher 1’25.336
Row 3 5. Mark Webber 1’25.651
Red Bull
6. Sebastian Vettel 1’25.668
Red Bull
Row 4 7. Nico Rosberg 1’25.686
8. Pastor Maldonado 1’25.908
Row 5 9. Nico Hulkenberg 1’26.451
Force India
10. Daniel Ricciardo No time
Toro Rosso
Row 6 11. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’26.429
Toro Rosso
12. Fernando Alonso 1’26.494
Row 7 13. Kamui Kobayashi 1’26.59
14. Bruno Senna 1’26.663
Row 8 15. Paul di Resta 1’27.086
Force India
16. Felipe Massa 1’27.497
Row 9 17. Kimi Raikkonen No time
18. Heikki Kovalainen 1’28.679
Row 10 19. Vitaly Petrov 1’29.018
20. Timo Glock 1’30.923
Row 11 21. Charles Pic 1’31.67
22. Sergio Perez* No time

*Five-place grid penalty due to gearbox change.

Did not qualify: Pedro de la Rosa, HRT and Narain Karthikeyan, HRT – outside 107% rule.

2012 Australian Grand Prix

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129 comments on 2012 Australian Grand Prix grid

  1. JamieFranklinF1 (@jamiefranklinf1) said on 17th March 2012, 7:19

    Wow, what a phenomenal qualifying session! I was willing Jenson along to get on the front row, and wanted him to get pole, but I’m not unhappy that he wasn’t. Only a tenth behind and I had Hamilton for pole anyway :)

  2. F1fan55 said on 17th March 2012, 7:20

    Can’t believe Red Bull are down there! Webber said he had no KERS, so that may make a difference, but still, amazing from Mercedes, McLaren and Grosjean!

  3. Preekel (@preekel) said on 17th March 2012, 7:21

    My pole prediction was .175 away, do i get any points for that?

  4. HUHHII (@huhhii) said on 17th March 2012, 7:21

    As a huge Räikkönen fan, I am feeling disappointed. But at least Grosjean proved today that Lotus is very competitive. Kimi will win races with that car!

  5. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 17th March 2012, 7:22

    I have $20 US on Rosberg to win tomorrow. Anyone with me?

    • blackmamba said on 17th March 2012, 9:17

      The only two things that can beat Lewis tomorrow are safety cars or car reliability!!!!!

    • Jake (@jleigh) said on 17th March 2012, 10:59

      I think it all depends on Grosjean. If Lotus have as good a start system as they did at the beginning of last year he could be first by T1 and then anything could happen

  6. Ken said on 17th March 2012, 7:22

    Darn im so dissapointed that Michael missed out that 3-rd position so so narrowly ,but well done Grosjean and i don´t believe that Rosberg would ahve taken a pole position…maby third,but he isn´t that much faster than Schummy atm.

  7. Savas said on 17th March 2012, 7:25

    !!the smartest move mclaren ever made was that sent Pat Fry to Ferrari!now we understand who was responsible for the slow starts all these years!go Lewis!i feel sorry for Alonso!he has so much talent and he can’t use it another year!so many years in a row having to fight with mediocre cars in his hands!although the last seems not mediocre but terrible!and someone should persuade massa to retire!

    • blackmamba said on 17th March 2012, 9:26

      You might have a point there mate about Pat Fry (lol) I never thought of it that way!
      Now if only Whitmarsh would stop interfering btwn the 2 drivers with saving fuel comments we might have an exciting battle btwn them. They get along great, better than any other team I can think of even in years gone by. Let them race, they are big boys!

  8. F1fanNL (@) said on 17th March 2012, 7:26

    Well, I got the pole sitter right. I was more than a second of the time though. And the way things are looking I’ll be scoring some good points tomorrow. I only expected Rosberg to do better and didn’t count on Grosjean.

    • SimBri (@f1addict) said on 17th March 2012, 8:10

      Same here – I’ve got Raikkonen rather than Grosjean in my top 5, though. Maybe he’ll do what Webber did in China last year. I don’t think he used any of his soft tyres in quali.

  9. verstappen (@verstappen) said on 17th March 2012, 7:26

    Shame that both Kimi and Alonso didn’t make it to Q3. But at this level you got to be error-free.
    DiResta and Senna also not looking good.
    But good old Schumi up there, no RedBull’s on the first row, two worldchampion’s having to fight back… Hope double DRS won’t spoil it, but apart from that it’ll be classic!
    Oh and hats off for McLaren as well, seems Hamilton found some rest in his head.

  10. Kenny Davies said on 17th March 2012, 7:28

    The real shocker this season is going to be Mercedes – and this is more than just the DRSF-Duct. The car is simply inherently well balanced. Both cars looked like they were capable of pole today, and both drivers are well capable of winning grand prix’s and taking away points from any title challengers.
    I predict the team will win at least 2 GP’s this season; and they will develop their car much faster than Lotus can. Bring on the season!!

  11. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 17th March 2012, 7:29

    When was the last time to Red Bull qualified on the first two rows?

    Monza 2009?

  12. badger (@badger) said on 17th March 2012, 7:31

    2 McLarens on the front and a really close mixed up grid behind. Really looking forward to it. I would love to see a Schumi/Hami battle for the win, but i cant rule Button out after how well he did last year. Or Grosjean to take both McLarens out and Schumi to win? Anything can happen and thats why i love F1.

  13. Preekel (@preekel) said on 17th March 2012, 7:37

    Does anyone know if the lap Lewis abandoned at the end of Q3 was was quicker than his first lap?

    • Aldoid said on 17th March 2012, 7:48

      It wasn’t. He was off by a few tenths in sector one & didn’t bother pressing on.

    • Lemon (@lemon) said on 17th March 2012, 11:27

      “It was a good lap. The second lap I tried to brake 10m later into Turn One to see if I could do it, but it didn’t work out. Fortunately the first lap was good”

      Lewis Hamilton

  14. Carl said on 17th March 2012, 7:37

    Ferrari still Sandbagging?

  15. Cyclops_PL (@cyclops_pl) said on 17th March 2012, 7:38

    Fantastic Grosjean. Too bad Kimi made that mistake in Q1, two Lotuses could have really make the difference.

    I still tip Button for the victory and Schumacher for a podium.

    Also Vettel now has the opportunity to show what he’s made of. Not starting from the front row with a car significantly behind McLaren and probably Mercedes and Lotus. A true champion will make something from it.

    The true looser of Q is Massa. A gravel trapped Alonso was faster than him. That’s more than enough said.

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