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Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Australian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

Did the two DRS zones make for a better race than the single one used last year? Have your say in the comments.

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268 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Australian Grand Prix”

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  1. 6 – Button had it under controll all through. There was always something happening up and down the field, but we’ve seen much better races.

    1. So you are basing most of the race on Button leading from the start? Did you not see what was happening for most of the race?
      As for Alonso, how on earth can he pull that car so far up the grid!??
      In regards to the double DRS, that first zone didn’t really do anything, but help the car behind get closer for the second zone, so I guess it worked out well, there were certainly no easy overtakes.

      1. This year Bridgestone-like conservative tyre choice will kill overtaking again.

        1. Oh wow. You do realize that last year they also made two pit stops in Australia (except Perez who had one just liek this year.)

          1. I was talking about speed differences of two compounds and between new and old tyres.
            It gave us all that glory of last season.

            Didn’t see that today.

        2. BUT kimi vettel made the tough choice both ran soft for the first stop unlike other who when on the hard tyre to make up the same distance.
          vettel and kimi both had great pace in middle of the race and showed more promises of improving on there place unlike other who when to save the race by going on the option tyres.

      2. Yes. There’s hardly anything better in F1 than a battle for the win, and there wasn’t much of that today. It was great in the midfield, but prefer battles for victory.

        1. Pretty much agree. Although I am rating it a bit better for some nice action I give it a 7.

      3. I agree with you! but it seems that alot of folks are still posting in anger.

      4. i don’t even understand that Fernando is always attacking very aggressively from the beginning & he doesn’t care what are the cars behind & in front of him & in the same time he doesn’t seem very hard on his tyres
        i think that the Ferrari is only faster than Caterham even Williams today looked faster with Pastor but another time Fernando is bringing a phenomenal performance
        with all my respects to all the drivers but i believe that if he was driving a Mercedes or a Lotus today he would probably challenging Jenson for victory

        1. Totally Agree.. This Ferrari is probably faster than the Caterham… look @ Massa he just cant drive it… The Caterham drivers were even catching Massa in the race.. Ferrari are in BIG trouble.. I dont know for how long Alonso can manage to drive a car like this… and bring results such as this which is clearly way above the potential.

          1. I don’t get that “Alonso gets 120% out of the car” stuff… Why ?
            If he drives perfectly, he gets 100% out of the car. That’s it. And if he gets 5th place, that’s because the car is worth 5th place, not because “the car is Soooooo bad but he can get more out of the car than the car has to give”. That is just fanboyism…

          2. @gwenouille, Agreed. No driver can more than 100% out of a car, that’s just stupidity, but probably more often than not when we think a driver is extracting the absolute maximum from their car they’re more likely getting about 95% out of the car. Certainly Vettel came as close last year as any driver to getting 100% especially when you consider that the advantage the RB7 enjoyed was drastically reduced compared to the RB6. Alonso does seem to get more out of his car more consistently than most drivers though, and it may be that the car wasn’t worthy of 5th, but he didn’t get more than 100% to get that result, that just means that drivers with faster cars (I’m looking at you Mercedes and Lotus) probably got less out of their cars’ potential. I’d like to see Alonso in the Lotus or Merc for a little comparison.

          3. Absolute fanboyism… Its like they use Massa’s pace as the yardstick of what actually that Ferrari can do and Alonso’s pace is much more and transcends the car… rubbish.
            truth is Alonso does get the max out of the car and right now Massa is a useless driver… he was killed in hockenheim when Fernando was entitled to be faster than him.
            The F2012 is not the fastest car-true… but saying its only better than Caterham is a cheap attempt to glorify Alonso.

      5. Alonso did a great race as always. But I don’t think it was as bad as many people thought. After all, he was running 4th in Q2 when he went off. I think people thought it was worse because of Massa’s pace. I think the Ferrari will come good once they get enough info on it. They need to sort out the reared grip and the balance on entry vs exit being different, and they need a little more top speed.

      6. @ivz

        He rates the race the same way people rated every race last year that Vettel won. No matter how much stuff was going on in the field, or what happened.

    2. I rated it with an 8. Yes, the result was out of the question right from the moment when Button built a 3 secs gap, and yes the top 5 were the same names we’ve been used to see in the first places.

      But I think it was a very exciting race, even taking aside the fact that it was the first one and we all get very excited about it because it’s been a long time. Alonso getting up to 4th was worth watching, so was Vettel’s efforts to improve his position and the midfield battle was superb.

      It all looks great for a classic year. McLaren and Red Bull seem evenly matched (even if JB has a bit of and edge), Mercedes could well be in the conversation and so could Lotus and Ferrari. Sauber and Williams look very strong, and Force India and Toro Rosso shouldn’t be far off either!

    3. iain (@pitlaneclarky)
      18th March 2012, 19:54

      I think Jenson will win the title this year and will dominate Lewis so much this will end Lewis Hamilton in F1 and off the the brickyard for him.
      Jenson button and Fernando Alonso are the only drivers who can challenge Vettel, in my opinion..

      1. Provided Alonso has a good like Jenson… without a deacent car i dont think so…

    4. I say 7.5 – it had some great moments. I can’t remember a boring race at Albert Park.

      I wouldn’t say it was great because of Jenson, because he didn’t do anything extra special except get a good start and control the race from the front which he is VERY good at. And I’m a Jenson fan.

      There was plenty of overtaking, accidents and general stuff to keep you on the edge of your seat tho. From the front to the back of the grid it was wheel to wheel.

  2. Alex (@smallvizier)
    18th March 2012, 7:42

    An excellent race from Jenson. His speciality is turning in consistent, focused laps in the style of Schumacher or Alonso – but he also absolutely nailed the only overtake he had to make.

    Vettel even more impressive, to me. We’d seen his car was so much slower than the others (at least with low fuel), but he overtook Rosberg in short order, and crucially passed Perez in just a few corners when it had taken Hamilton several laps. Ultimately that quick overtake is what put him in 2nd.

    So gutted for Schumacher and Grosjean. Different reasons, but they will both have craved a good performance. And disappointing from Hamilton who had a race-winning car but couldn’t live with Button; couldn’t build a lead over Vettel before the safety car; and couldn’t overtake him (in at that point a much faster car with DRS) afterwards.

    You could look at the final finsh and conclude that little has changed since last year… McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari at the front. But with Mercedes and Lotus so close and Maldonado putting in Williams’ best performance in some while, this is finely poised for more close racing in Malaysia.

    1. Alex (@smallvizier)
      18th March 2012, 7:43

      Only voted a 7 in the end though because of Schumacher and Grosjean’s early retirements.

    2. Great analysis, I share most of these thoughts.

      1. Agreed. Had Shumacher and Grosjean been able to finish it could have been even more exciting. It would have been fascinating to see if Schumacher could have held onto a top 5 position or if he would have slipped back like Rosberg did.

        A real shame that Mercedes and Williams scored no points today, after such an impressive effort.

    3. I don’t count starts as overtakes. They are getaways or something.

      1. Alex (@smallvizier)
        18th March 2012, 13:06

        Button’s plan for the race
        Step 1: Steal Hamilton’s win
        Step 2: Make a clean getaway

        I can’t write ‘getaway’ without thinking of bank robbers. But on a more serious note, you’re right that making up places at the start uses a different skill-set to overtaking in the race. What they’ve got in common is that you need to produce the goods in a high-stakes situation… Jenson will be happy to have done so.

        1. Don’t forget how many overtakes Jenson has had to make over the last couple of years because his qualifying has been off, the move on Schumacher at Monza last year was breath taking especially taking into account that Lewis had struggled for ages. Jenson used intelligence sensing the tyres would go and wonderful race craft to make it stick.

  3. Exciting race, gave it an 8

    1. it was great race. Top performances from button, alonso, vettel especially. as well as a few notable good performances from others.

      Poor performance by rosberg and massa. Rosberg was mugged by vettel, not for first time he gave up a place where he should of easily had it covered. its day like today which for me show rosberg will unlikely be world champion.

      also disapointed in Vergne who actually moved over to let vettel through while in a racing position. This must be stopped instantly.

      1. If Toro Rosso starts to be Red Bull helpers, something needs to happen ASAP.

    2. I really don’t get why so many people voted 8. Sure the midfield action was chaotic but at the sharp end of the grid almost nothing was happening… After the SC webber couldn’t pass hamilton who couldn’t pass vettel who couldn’t pass jenson. This could have been a race from 2011. 6 imo.

      1. Shane (@shane-pinnell)
        18th March 2012, 22:51

        I gave it an 8 because the midfield battles were great and I love true street circuits. The danger and excitement of a real track, just ask Maldanado!

  4. Incredible race!

  5. 9/10 Great race
    Plenty of battles, a lot of overtaking.

  6. Amazing race, I gave it a 10. Great start to the season. Hope the remaining 19 are just as good.

  7. PJ (@pjtierney)
    18th March 2012, 7:43


    Good early battles.
    Good late battles.
    Middle of the race didn’t peter out into boredom.

    SC wasn’t bad, just long.

    1. I rated the race an 8 also. Enough battles to throughout but you always had the feeling that Jenson was out of reach after the early gap plus gap after safety car.

      I also thought the safety car period was too long but at least the front-runners did have an opportunity to pounce upon leader.

      1. What was Petrov doing stopping there anyways… that was silly…

        1. His car developed some mechanical problem and that the only place he can park ,close to the wall.As the albert park is a street circuit there arent many slip roads and run off areas

          1. well he could just let it go untill end of pit lane and let marshalls push him back in.
            and I would call it CLOSE to the wall, he barely parked on grass…..

        2. well i would imagine it’s pretty hard two park your car in suited place once it stops rolling….it’s not like he parked intentionally in front of the pits so he had a shorter way to the loo…

  8. Amazing:
    Extremely close racing everywhere

    Hamilton not as fiery as I thought he would be
    Mercedes not as fast as I thought it would be
    Red Bull faster than I thought it would be
    That safety car period
    Vettel being gifted a free pitstop
    Grosjean’s collision
    Caterham’s retirements
    Felipe Massa

    Pleasant surprises:
    Toro Rosso
    The DRS zones not sucking


    1. Vettel was gifted a position. If he had been gifted a free pit stop, he would have finished first. It ended up saving him probably 5-8 seconds.

      1. K. But he passed a few cars in the race, which shows that he can pass cars. While hamilton instead of gainig spots lost 2 places and could’t pass slower cArs or took him so long like when he passed perez. To me the star of the race was alonso gained 7 spots, kimmi gained 10 spots and probably perez but he was helped alot by the sc and did one less pitcstop than the other drivers. Last but not least i was very impressed how fast the mechanics are changing the tires. The ferrari crew was really fast.

        1. The ferrari crew was really fast.

          Well, atleast one part of the Scuderia has improved going into 2012 ;)

        2. Good points. I almost forgot about Lewis not being able to pass. He also couldn’t pass Vettel with the DRS either.

          1. Lewis is pretty ordinary driver now IMO.. i might be wrong. Jenson is brilliant.. I don’t like finger boy Vettel but he is getting better racer with or without the fastest car.

    2. mercedes were fast, just in michael schumachers hands.

  9. Feel bad for Maldonado, he was doing so good and does anybody know what happened to Rosberg?

    1. I believe he ran out of fuel on the last lap

      1. no, he made contact with perez (whom he had passed)

      2. rosberg had a puncture after contact with perez.

    2. SeattleTrick
      18th March 2012, 8:07

      Well, all I am going to say is “karma is a b**ch” for shoving grosjean off.

      1. Aye, a little slower and he still would’ve made it..instead..thwack. Although Grosjean perhaps coulda seen Maldonado was coming through and let off, whislt trying not to be passed by others.

        1. He left more than enough room and Maldonado just drove straight into him

          1. Racing incident. Senna on Massa however, now that’s massa just driving into someone.

    3. Don’t really feel bad for him, that’s two great points finishes he’s thrown away for Williams (regardless of Hamilton’s shenanigans in Monaco last year). Over reaching with his attempt to grab 5th from Alonso on the last lap.

      1. That was my thought in watching him trying hard to pass Alonso. He lost that very important points as we don’t know if Williams can competitive as other teams progress through out the season.

        1. pastor tried so hard, too hard and lost everything… imho he got too excited
          lewis is shadow of old good quick lewis who made nice moves to overtake others, but now he is just waste of space on my screen
          alonso yet again get 120% from car he drove
          shame for MSC i hoped for podium finish for him and for battle agains vettel

          1. Agree with you.. Lewis can’t overtake.. or hesitate to do some calculating moves. I wonder what Kamui can do with that Mclaren car. Alot of overtaking I guess :)

      2. Hamilton did nothing to him in Monaco he was at fault there too.

        1. Yeh I agree, that’s the point I’m making, just carefully wording things in case I annoy Hamilton fans/haters!

      3. It’s more entertaining to see drivers battle to the end. Would you preffer it if everyone above 6th place slowed down in the last few laps so they dont crash? Didn’t think so. It’s a long season and still loads of points to grab.

    4. Rosberg had a puncture after overtaking Perez, whos front wing touched Rosbergs rear left tyre.

    5. As a Lotus fan i feel bad for the move he made on Romain Grosjean,totally incorrect from him.It’s a good thing Maldonado won’t be qualifying that high any more,since Williams will go downhill from now on.He won’t be seeing much action with Lotus,exept when his being laped.

      1. the gros vs mal clash was just racing incident.

        id be interested to see what that williams could do with a decent driver onboard.

  10. Just saw BUT appropriate “the finger”, nice one?

    1. That should be an exclamation mark.

  11. Good weekend overall. Good battles up until safety car. Top 4 battle after the safetycar fizzeled out, quite dissapointing finish really, but, like I said, good weekend overall. 8/10

    1. How is the finish dissapointing you know what happened at the last lap?

    2. @mattynotwo With regards to fizzle out at the front in the end I get what you mean, disapointed with Hamilton, he should have taken the fight to Vettel a bit more, he seemed to accept 3rd as a high points finish to put in the bank.

      1. 1) People moaning about Maldonado putting the fight to Alonso, saying he should have been conservative. 2) People moaning about Hamilton not quite putting the fight to Vettel and perhaps being conservative (it’s just guess work as no-one here has access to the throttle/brake mapping for hamilton and no-one can say, with any conviction, that he wasn’t pushing the car as fast as it could go)….You just can’t win either way.

  12. 8/10. Lots of racing in the midfield, even if it was more pitlane based at the front. Very surprised that Hamilton didn’t make more of the SC restart. The last lap was brilliant, so much happening!

  13. 9, would’ve been 8 but that last lap was amazing. Shame about Maldonado, Grosjean and Mercedes were rather disappointing.

  14. 7 Race was really goods till the safety car appeared. Tyres have become a bit conservative. Shame Mercedes and Lotus didnt look as good in the race as they were in qualifying. Gutted Schumi retired and Maldinado binning it in the last lap

    1. Yeah would have liked to have seen Schumacher on the podium once again; however, I feel it deserves more than a 7.

  15. Great to see so many different constructors in the top 10. And good news for Ferrari that they’ve managed to make a comeback after difficult qualifying.

  16. 7 – I thought the race was not that special.

  17. Great race,, JB won… :-) shame I had to watch it on streaming TV….. was better last year when I could watch it for Free on my TV…..

    1. Also watched it on streaming, I`m now watching the Sky version of “F1 Forum ” ! The Sky coverage seems a little bit boring and I hate breaks !!!!

  18. Marty (@martysomething)
    18th March 2012, 7:50

    Great race to start the season. Button had it under control but it was far from a “sure thing” with Vettel, Hamilton and Webber not too far behind. The midfield battles add to the depth and excitement, though it’s a shame that Grosjean and Schumacher were out of the race early — that would have spiced the entertainment factor up even more! 8/10

  19. Great race. There was always a battle happening somewhere, super happy for the Sauber boys after a less than stellar qualifying. Happy to see Mclaren take the win but honestly kind of expected it. The safety car really messed up Lewis’s race which was disappointing for me. It Nice to see Kimi get up to 7th, wasn’t honestly sure how he would do. Feel terrible for Grosjean and even more really gutted for Maldonado. Never been a Maldonado fan but that sure was tough to watch Williams so close to a good result to lose it on the last lap.


  20. *takes mclaren coloured glasses off*

    Pretty good for a season opener! Safetycar killed the race. Would have loved to see if VET would pass HAM in a one on one. Brilliant finish for the last points! Good race for ALO, STR and RAI.

    1. Would have been good to see if Hamilton could pass vetel in a one on one. Oh wait he couldn’t.

      1. Troll… -.-‘

        1. Not trolling. Just a thought. Also Lewis had the DRS thing going and couldn’t get past.

          1. – And he was running out of fuel, meaning he had to turn down engine/shortshift/etc.

      2. @bearforce1 Cheeky comment :)

        1. @bearforce1 – I still agree with you BTW :)

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