Rate the race: 2012 Chinese Grand Prix

2012 Chinese Grand Prix

What did you think of the Chinese Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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290 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. gorgonzola said on 15th April 2012, 10:40

    To me today showed that Button IS underrated and that he is indeed the real deal, the great prodigy Hamilton was kept honest… This lad Button is good.

    • Jenkins (@jenkins) said on 15th April 2012, 11:08

      Indeed. To my surprise he is also the 2nd most experienced driver out there! (1st obviously Schumacher)

    • Jason Ferguson (@jason5165) said on 15th April 2012, 11:25

      Hell yes!

    • OOliver said on 15th April 2012, 12:04

      Your comment is just like saying because Schumacher DNF, he is the worst driver in F1, and Rosberg is the greatest ever.
      Button is a very fast driver no doubt, but his he was released into less traffic but the last one, even at that, he only had 4 cars to get past, while 6amilton had to get past 7 to finish right behind him.

      If I had to make a judgement based on the race, I’d say both drivers are about level or even say Hamilton is better.

      Team strategy rules.
      hamilton was ahead of Webber but after they both stopped, Webber was 2 places ahead without even passing Hamilton on track.

      Look at thw whole picture then arrive at a well informed conclusion.

      When 2 race drivers in one team are on the same pit stop strategy, there in only one optimum pit stop especially like today when the field was very competitive, it is then left to the team to chose who gets the best time to stop. And inthis race it was Button.

      • Postreader said on 15th April 2012, 13:08

        In the two races both of them finished Button was ahead. That’s the only conclusion that will possibly matter in the end. What a way to ruin an honest comment with Hamilton apology talk where it isn’t needed.

        • OOliver said on 15th April 2012, 14:15

          And who made you judge of what direction a comment should take. If you felt i put a damper on your feel good moment I have no regrets. And I am no apologists.
          If you are happy to see a driver finish ahead of another, I am happier when they both have a straight forward race.
          So no need to get too emotinal over a comment that takes more than just the final result into perspective.

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 15th April 2012, 14:23

            When you accuse a team of favouring one driver over another and offer nothing to support it, you can’t expect people to take you seriously.

          • OOliver said on 15th April 2012, 17:11

            Keith I said Button got the best strategy, I didn’t say he was favored. Besides he was ahead, so it was proper that he got preferential treatment.
            The main point of my post is simply that if I was an employer of racing drivers, I can’t just go into a results archive and use that as the only basis for employment, I also have to take into context the perculiar scenarios each race went through.
            That is why I used Rosbergs win as an example. He won, schumacher didn’t finish through no fault of his. But Schumacher was running second even though many seconds back.
            Do we then say Schumacher is useless because he has only scored one point in 3 races?
            In another post I had said Mclaren denied Button a chance to challenge Rosberg, does that also make me biased against Button?

            Consistently I say the Mclaren strategy crew are not often doing a good job and they are losing out on valuable points. Mclaren got a 2 – 3, but it was so nearly 4 – 5 or 5 – 6 or 7.

            I did not accuse the team of bias, although I have in a few previous races, all Itried to highlight was that finishing position doesn’t tell the true story about a driver’s performance.

            Finally I believe you are becoming a bit biased by reading meanings into my posts that are not even there.

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 15th April 2012, 18:17

            You’ve made the same claim several times in the past, you never provide anything to back it up – and you still haven’t.

    • jpowell (@jpowell) said on 15th April 2012, 18:51

      I don’t think Button is underrated,there is no doubt that his talent with the new tyre has given him great confidence. His performances have increased whilst his team mates have reduced, I said that last year that with the current even softer compounds his advantage over Lewis would show even more.I see nothing in the first three races to change my mind. I would love to see a good dry race again with proper racing tyres ,but I am afraid these are lost to Antiquity. As are the skills of seat of the pants racers like Lewis. Comments suggesting it is good for Lewis to drive without flair amaze me.

  2. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 15th April 2012, 10:41

    Judging by the bloody stubs that were once my fingernails, I’d say it was a pretty good race.

  3. me262 said on 15th April 2012, 10:51

    that race would have been a 10 if there was a shunt at the beginning

  4. Lee Hughes (@comusat) said on 15th April 2012, 10:51

    Can’t give this a 10, but a strong 9. Would have been 10 if Mclaren hand’t been let down by the wheel gun and Jensen would have been fighting Nico for P1. Best race I’ve seen in a long time!!

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 15th April 2012, 11:50

      How about if Schui hadn’t been let down by the wheel gun and Jensen had been fighting him for second. I think your ( and many others) prejudices are showing.

  5. brum55 said on 15th April 2012, 10:51

    Maybe I watched a different race to many here. The first 3/4 was very dull. Any chance of a fight for the win was ended with Button’s last pit, the DRS didn’t work and the overtakes were a mainly result of tyres falling off the cliff and it was fairly predictable who was going to suffer (i.e. the ones who 2 stopped). Obviously the ones who didn’t suffer so much deserve a lot of credit – Grosjean, Vettel and of course Rosberg.

  6. me262 said on 15th April 2012, 10:56

    Hamilton will be 2012 world champion if he keeps coming 3rd

  7. F1 98 said on 15th April 2012, 10:56

    8/10 a little dull for the first half of the race but last 10 laps were AMAZING……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  8. Jason Ferguson (@jason5165) said on 15th April 2012, 10:56

    10 – 9 for the awesome race +1 because I got to see it live! Go Nico!

  9. Pamphlet (@pamphlet) said on 15th April 2012, 11:02

    Boring first 40 or so laps, but after that…damn. I just wish Michael and Jenson weren’t so unlucky with their pit stops. Sucks that Lotus compromised Kimi’s race with that pathetic strategy as well (although I have to hand it to Massa for keeping him at bay for as long as he did).


  10. xeroxpt (@) said on 15th April 2012, 11:04

    Great race but above all great story, yes the pole guy has some leverage about tactic but Daimler accionists were about to pull the plug and now Brawn is yet again on the top of the world showing other sponsors and former teams that patience is key on F1, yesterday i recall some Rosberg almosts thankfully today he did it another GP winner, there are alot of champions and rac winner on F1 for those who love WRC just remind that only 21 rally drivers have ever won.

  11. Bendanarama (@bendana) said on 15th April 2012, 11:12

    10. Easilly. Fantastic racing, a new winner, and plenty of overtakes. Fantastic.

  12. xtophe (@xtophe) said on 15th April 2012, 11:17


    Yes we had a surprising result, but it wasn’t overly exciting for me personally.

  13. Normally limit races where all the action is behind the leader to no greater than 9, but the fact that it was Rosberg’s maiden win was somewhat special.

    Also, given his previous record at the circuit and the tire degradation suffered to-date, I wasn’t completely certain his car would hold out until the checkered flag.

  14. Adam (@swansf1) said on 15th April 2012, 11:19

    Loved Brundles comment: ‘I haven’t been this disappointed since Shrek 2′

  15. Alex Bkk (@alex-bkk) said on 15th April 2012, 11:19

    As usual, I’m a bit more conservative than the rest. I gave it an 8. Was great, really!

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 15th April 2012, 14:12

      I will do the same shortly alex!

      That was a great race that really had a lot of good racing in it for the first half, and then we had Webber doing the wheelie setting of Vettel to have a good go at Kimi start off the frenzy in the last third to make it special!

  16. infernojim (@infernojim) said on 15th April 2012, 11:21

    How was the first 40 dull?!?!? I loved all the confusion with the strategies. seems to me that some people don’t like it if they have to use their brains to try and figure out the real race positions when people are on different strategies.
    Personally i love it.

    DRS was spot on. Not too easy like last year. A shame it gets difficult when everyone has DRS at the same time, but what can people do about that??

    Kimi strategist needed shooting. should have stopped around lap 48 and would have been taking candy from babies atthe end, most likely pushed thru to 7th or 8th.

    So much great overtaking and wheel to wheel action, hard but clean. Only reason i’m not giving it 10 is because we were robbed button hunting down nico for the win. in a normal pit stop scenario he would have come out around 12 seconds behind with 17 laps to go and nico would hAve had to push and tyres wouldve been more marginal at the end… still what a great championship we’re looking at. 3 races, 3 different winners from 3 different constructors. Pecking order seems to be emerging too now in a

  17. HUHHII (@huhhii) said on 15th April 2012, 11:21

    6. Boring start, but the last 20 laps or so saved quite a lot.

  18. infernojim (@infernojim) said on 15th April 2012, 11:25

    Sorry mobile post fail. was going to say that a pecking order is finally starting to emerge on normal race pace too.
    Red bull = Mercedes
    Lotus = Williams = Sauber = Ferrari
    Force India
    torro rosso

    But mclaren have the benefit over red bull because their quali is good as well as race pace…

    • Leftie (@leftie) said on 15th April 2012, 11:41

      But it will be also very telling in the hot conditions of Bahrain next week, at the stop-go circuit with few fast corners.

    • vishy (@vishy) said on 15th April 2012, 12:08

      Not so sure about the Mercedes. We have to wait for a few more races, but looks like they are on pace of McLaren (or maybe even better).

  19. Nigel said on 15th April 2012, 11:26

    Got to be at least a 9. The ideal race ought to be more exciting at the end than earlier on.
    The slow buildup with different strategies playing out contributed to the spectacle, IMO. Couldn’t believe how early Hamilton first-stopped: a great gamble which didn’t quite come off.
    Even more impressive was the sight of Grosjean, Maldonado, et al contributing to the racing spectacle without shunting anyone.
    I don’t mind the odd pitstop screwup, but two mistakes affecting two potential winners is a bit excessive – so 9 rather than 10.

  20. Leftie (@leftie) said on 15th April 2012, 11:30

    Dunno, fellas, i was excited like crazy from start to finish with all the action going on. After emotions turned down a bit i see the point of giving it less than 10, but still feeling like it was a nothing less than a perfect motor race for me.

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