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Rate the race: 2012 Chinese Grand Prix

2012 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

What did you think of the Chinese Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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290 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Chinese Grand Prix”

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  1. There was a prison break in Pakistan by Taliban and about 300 prisoners escaped and now what to Bahrain . kk

  2. Good race, I gave it an 8. I think I’m giving it an extra point based purely on the result, which I’m not meant to do, but having a new winner is just a cause for celebration in itself, regardless of your preferred driver/team persuasion. The field was so close throughout which makes for a great spectacle. The heavy use of strategy certainly kept me on my toes, it’s not often I use live timing during the race but today I did so.

    Biggest disappointment? Mercedes getting in wrong for Schumacher.

  3. Wasn’t great for the first 30 laps. Then it became quite simply the best 26 laps I’ve ever seen in 20-odd years of watching F1. Outstanding racing.

    If you found that boring you are watching the wrong sport.

  4. This race gets a 10 from me.

    We had:
    • A brilliant drive from a first time winner
    • The thrill of not knowing who was going to win for most of the race
    • Battles up and down the field, with teams having to take risks to try and keep their positions.
    • Lots of traffic that doesn’t have to move to keep the battles even more exciting (which is why they should scrap blue flags!)
    • Lots more stuff here
    • Even more stuff here
    • Yet more stuf here

    This race was just action, action, action. It was a huge thrill to watch and I’m immensely proud of Nico Rosbergs maiden win. The third son of a race winner to be a race winner himself.

    My bladder was pretty full by the end of the race because I could not move out of my chair to go to the loo.

    If every race was like this, F1 would have more fans than football!

  5. 9/10. Great dry race. Dominating win for Rosberg. Alonso scores points. Thats the only time Massa will be leading a GP ever again hahah! McLaren still having problems with the pitstops. Schumachers problem. Kobayashi did the kamikazi fall to 10th I think? Raikkonen got eaten up at the end lost a ton of spots due to the tires I guess. I thought for a second that Vettel was on podium, so happy hes not! Both Williams in the points. Fantastic race all together. Good close racing decent passing. Very happy over here. Looking forward to the next GP. See you in Bahrain. (i guess we are still going)

  6. 9. It could have been perfect if we hadn’t been robbed of Schumi’s presence and Button’s chase for P1 due to faulty wheelguns. I am also very disappointed with Lotus’ strategy blunder to leave Kimi on worn rubber which surely cost him a place in top ten. Still, it was a perfect antidotum after the highly overrated Malaysia GP.

  7. 8. Not much in the way of excitement in the first 40 something laps, but it all built up to fantastic final few laps. Just a shame Rosberg was long gone by that point, it would have been nice to see him under a bit more pressure at the end.

  8. Crazy race. ALO said they did a wrong strategy with 3 pit stops. If McLaren did 2 pit stops, maybe Button won the race and Lewis finished with 30 second less than Vettel. Button and Lewis are better drivers and with better car than Vettel and Webber and they had to fight in last laps

  9. For me it came very close to being a 10, but i gave it a 9. As a die hard Mclaren fan since the 80’s it would have been 10 if it was a Mclaren 1-2.

    It was a great race though, plenty of action and was amazed that before Kimi ran onto the marbles, the field was so close together. wonderful stuff, great action and lovely to see the drivers having a go and being aggressive without making contact.
    I am very happy to see Rosberg get his first win, he thoroughly deserves it, it was long overdue. If the rest of the season is like this, I will be very happy!

  10. 9/10

    I’ve seen a few comments about how this race was harder to follow due to varying pit stop strategies and the multiple trains. I too found myself wondering what happened to certain drivers because announcers weren’t letting you know who was pitting all the time. It was crazy when Raikkonnen dropped back, but the US announcers couldn’t fathom why.

    This brings me to two criticisms with FOM coverage that would make it easier:

    1. Need more information on number of pit stops and tyres currently on cars. I suggest leaving the M or S tyre icons by the names on the timing crawl at the bottom and a number in parentheses for number of stops. Also maybe a * if the drive has met the regulations on using both tyres.

    2. The races desperately need split screen shots in certain situations. Showing two battles or, say, showing one car in the pits, while another is rounding the last corner to see their perspective as that car exits the pits.

    Maybe this could be another thread: What can FOM do to improve the broadcasts?

  11. Moron (@fokkinmoron)
    15th April 2012, 22:45

    That really was a fantastic race. Most exciting one so far. Can’t wait to see how this season unfolds.

  12. Congratulations to Nico, I’m delighted for him, he is a really nice guy and he deserves the win :) I am loving this year, partly because of Vettel’s struggles, partly because McLaren are leading, and mostly because of the tight racing. Loving 2012!

  13. What amazed me given the amount of passing that there was no crashes. There were some great passing moves and strong defences but everyone gave each other just enough room.

    Loved Hamilton’s firm but fair moves without any last minute lunges, Loved the scrap between Raikonenen and Alonso.

    After the apprehension of the new passing and defending rules this showed they could race and jostle for position and not one word from the Stewards.

    SO I give 10/10 to the Stewards for staying out of it.

  14. I looked up and saw Lap 56/56 and I didn’t want it to end.

  15. 10 for constant action at the end. Unbelievable! What a season we have here!

  16. Very good idea. Although I’m in the US as well and the SPEED announcers said that Raikkonen was falling back bc he was on old rubber, and he also had that off. As far as the split screen, for sure would be a great thing to have. To be able to see a pit stop (good or bad) they affect the race, but I also want to see what’s going on on-track while in the pits. With all this technology you would think the broadcast would be top tier.

  17. Amazing race, seems like everyone had troubles getting past and as result being harsh on tires constantly pressuring man in front.

    Love to see Nico at last winning a race!!

    Was total failure on Lotus part regarding Kimi. I can’t believe my self that at such level they were in such denial about the situation…what did they expect? Kimi walk on water? If they pitted him for Soft tires 3-4 laps (when he lost pace and started driving defensively) before he started loosing positions. He would have been on fresh set doing 1:40s while most of top10 struggling.

    I mean seriously, he was 11 seconds behind before he dropped pace dramatically. Lets say 25 second for that 3rd pit stop that would put him on 30-40 seconds behind Rosberg, not mentioning he would be gaining 1.5 seconds instead of loosing 2. Total failure on Lotus part. Btw P10 was +43 sec behind Rosberg, he would be top10 if they just pit him instead of hoping for a miracle to last them 15 laps…..

  18. Nara (@narazdache)
    16th April 2012, 6:55

    Voted 7 as this was indeed entertaining and close race.

    I was very disappointed by lack of overtaking considering how close cars were. They should have moved DRS zone closer to corner exit. Marbles were terrible through out whole track, making it almost suicidal to do any overtaking even at the end of the straight it was dodgy.

    Button had a nice race, but I think both Lewis and Kimi could have kept better pace with Mercedes in the first part of the race and could have avoided traffic better as the result.

    Thats why its is as ever important in F1 to start as high up as possible, cause even if you have the pace, it’s never granted that you will be able to go through field as many world champions realized today :)

    Grats to Rosberg with maiden win!!! Can’t wait for Bahrain GP!!! So good that it’s a back to back GPs :)

  19. Another dramatic China GP. Better drama than last year. Pity that pit guys ruined Schumi’s podium stand. Waiting to see the king back on podium since he got the machine this year. Congrats nico and mercedes gp.

    I also gave.. 9 out 10 since i agree with most of other ‘s comment that not much battle for No.1.

    Now i hope we will see may other teams how they are going to copy Merc’s Super DRS. Like how the teams were running to copy the Mclaren’s F-duct

  20. Sorry that I don’t have time to read everyone’s comments, but I thought I’d add my own.

    I rated this race a 10. Why? Because I can’t find a single fault with it. I was on the edge of my seat the entire race. Wheel to wheel action all the way. The race was as near perfect as I could imagine.

    If I could rate in percent, it would be 98% as Rosberg storming off in front and the McLaren pitstop error stopped us seeing a battle for first, and Mercedes’ mistake for Schumacher denied us the chance to see him come back with a strong performance. Although I don’t like Schumacher, I was gutted for him.

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