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Rate the race: 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Bahrain Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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267 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix”

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  1. 10 for button puncture, but consider it’s bahrain. 1 for me..

  2. I think it deserved an 8.5 rating. So, as it’s currently having 8 on average, and many people are, uncomprehensively, rating it 1, I gave it a 9.

  3. I voted 8. I fully understand why people have voted 1 and I had thought of doing it as well. But as I went to vote I read the instruction “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was” and being honest even though I think the whole weekend has been very damaging for F1, I thoroughly enjoyed the race itself.

  4. Best of bahrain race great performance of lotus renault

  5. I gave it an 8, but to be honst I think we’re spoiled a little bit, last year this would have been a solid 9 or even a 10 , especially in Bahrein!

    Politics aside, great race, though I wished raikonnen would have won it , all in all great overtakes, great racing and exciting through the end :)

  6. 6/10 from me – good race, but my enjoyment was marred by the whole thing going on around the circuit.

    And before anyone shoots me, yes, the whole mess going on around the race really did impact my enjoyment of the actual race. Especially the smugness of the Crown Prince when he sauntered into the Lotus garage after the race.

  7. That’s what I’m talking about! Great race and fantastic drive from Seb! Some great battles in the middle of the pack, particularly involving Rosberg (I wonder if Barrichello happened to be in that McLaren, would he already be doing a publicity tour for his book called ‘Rosberg tried to kill me’). It’s a bit of a shame they used team orders at Lotus to get Raikkonen ahead of Grosjean, but even more of a shame that we didn’t hear ‘Fernano, Felipe is faster than you’ or ‘Fernano, Felipe is on a different strategy’ when Felipe on fresh options got right on the tail of Alonso, who was on primes and quite slower. Not that it was even remotely possible to have been said, considering the state of affairs at the Ferrari. All in all, very entertaining Grand Prix, easily 9/10.

    1. (I wonder if Barrichello happened to be in that McLaren, would he already be doing a publicity tour for his book called ‘Rosberg tried to kill me’).

      pfftthffp!!! <–the sound of me doing a spit-take

      (Good one!)

  8. Prisoner Monkeys on F1Fanatic on 23rd November, 2011:
    “No, I don’t think it was harsh at all. Raikkonen might have a top driver when he left the sport, but he has no experiece with DRS, Pirelli or fuel-heavy cars. Just one of these rules would leave serious questions about a driver’s ability, but Riakkonen has to answer to all three. For some reason, people seem to think he can be compeittive from the get-go, but there is no way this is remotely possible.”

    No offence, I just had to post this since I’ve been saving it for Räikkönen’s first podium :)

    1. +20.
      P.S. BTW Where is he now??

  9. Good race. Kimi, welcome back! :)

  10. 7 – same as China. Although a 6 would have been a bit more appropriate for both races.

    All about the first 15 laps today, Grosjean and then Raikkonen closing in on Vettel, Massa matching Alonso’s pace, watching Di Resta performing well and pulling off triple-overtakes on track, the usual middle of the field action and that’s pretty much it.

    A weekend to forget for a lot of the guys out there. McLaren, Sauber, Torro Rosso, Williams…
    Ricciardo – a huge dissapointment, starting sixth and becoming practically invisible for the whole race even since the first lap.

    If it wasn’t for Lotus, for the mishaps that threw McLaren in the middle of the pack and for the fourth different winner this season, I’m afraid this would have been an insanely boring race.

    On a more-or-less related note, after what happened this weekend, the political situation and FIA and Ecclestone’s reactions, the awful coverage (Force India, Torro Rosso, Williams completely overlooked, important battles overlooked, Raikkonen closing in on Vettel overlooked on multiple occasions etc.) and the fact that we might not have the same context that animated today’s race in the future, I’m now convinced Bahrain should be dropped from the calendar.

    As an European circuits fan I’m also convinced Bahrain is just the first on a list of Middle-East / Asian circuits that we could very well do without…

    1. I think you sum up my feelings on the race pretty well, and I appreciate that, because I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what was bugging me most about it. It wasn’t terrible, but I wasn’t nearly as entertained by it as many others apparently were.

  11. What people choose to feel about the situation outside the track is very complex.
    I’ve voted on the race, so I went for 7/10. It was amazing to see the pace of the Lotus cars climbing through the field, and Raikkonen looked fantastic.
    I think there needs to be a question asked about the tyres though. Yes they are throwing up totally unpredictable races (four different race winners show that). But are they now creating synthetic racing where even the teams are unable to accurately dial in the cars to extract the most from the tyres?
    Ominous from RBR.
    Horrendous from Mclaren, there need to be some stern words with the pit crew in Woking, and get that Ferrari wheel nut solution in place ASAP.

  12. It was ok race, considering the standards that have been set in last 2 seasons, and for that reason only I gave it 6/10.

    But, I’m very disappointed with the editor of this site that continued to promote personal political views on the situation in Bahrain even after the FIA’s decision has been made. I agree that this GP should’ve been skipped and that it probably isn’t the right time to host a GP there, but than again – is this site about sport or politics around sport? I came because of the sport to this site about 2 years ago, and I loved it, but all of this is leaving a bitter taste and I doubt I’ll be back any time soon.

  13. I think something needs to be done about the people’s entitlement to their so-called opinions. Greatly disgusted with Keith’s and Damon (Smedley)’s behaviour throughout the weekend. I’ll be sticking around simply because the community is decent enough, but…yeah. I’m willing to bet that, starting from tomorrow, nobody will care about the situation in Bahrain anymore, at least not until next year. Shameful. Immature. Stupid.

    I’m relieved that this weekend is over.

    As for the race, 8/10. Not the best race so far by any stretch of the imagination, but lots of excitement and some surprising results. Macca’s throwing it all away with those horrible pit stops. Gutted for Button as well.

    Nice to see Seb at the top again. Really pleased with him, Raikkonen, Di Resta and Massa today. Speaking of the latter, those upgrades should help him and Fernando get some podiums, that’s for sure. Just a few more similar performances and maybe, just maybe, he’ll keep his spot at Ferrari until the end of the season.

    1. Have to agree +1. Hopefully won’t have to listen to the trendy protesters from here on.

      I really did not know what to expect from Kimmi this year. I hope he keeps it up as he is super to watch. Also happy to see another team in the mix, go lotus.

      1. The trendy protesters are incensed by a small number of individuals who run our fantastic sport – permanently.

        Bahrain is just bar far the worst example of their absolute ineptitude and many believe – corruption

      2. +1. In a week we wont see concerned posts on Bahrain.

        I mean common, we are rating the race and not it’s surroundings. We know what has happened is wrong and the race shouldn’t have gone ahead, but since it has gone ahead, why don’t we all rate the race itself rather than arguing about morality?

    2. +1 any day.

    3. “I think something needs to be done about the people’s entitlement to their so-called opinions.”

      You’re not Khalifah bin Salman al-Khalifah, by any chance ?

    4. Pamphlet (@pamphlet) said on 22nd April 2012, 15:54
      I think something needs to be done about the people’s entitlement to their so-called opinions. Greatly disgusted with Keith’s and Damon (Smedley)’s behaviour throughout the weekend

      OMG – I can’t decide whether to laugh hysterically or weep. Maybe if you have barbed wire errected around your house, permanently patrolled by brutal mercenarys who fired shotguns at you every time you opened your door and kidnapped and killed your relatives and friends……..

      …….Forget it!!! Its not worth it is it. Some people are beyond redemption!

      At least they can voice their “so-called opinions”.

      After that comment though @pamphlet, I’m almost tempted to say you’ve persuaded me to agree with you

    5. @Pamphlet Fair enough, you’re allowed your opinion just as I’m allowed mine… or am I? You just said that you were “greatly disgusted by (my) behaviour”, but what are you referring to? Having an opinion that differs from your own?

      But whatever. I’ll try not to be too upset by it all. Instead, how about you tell us all why you believe F1 had any right to be disrupted? Why should F1 get involved in politics? Why can’t we put human life (or any life for that matter) above a race? Can you honestly tell us that F1 hasn’t exacerbated the already fragile situation? I disagreed with you the whole time in the lead-up (and during) the event, but I don’t think it’s fair to say you’re disgusted because of it.

      1. Oh my, silly silly! I meant to say “how about you tell us all why you believe F1 had any right to disrupt Bahrain’s political situation?”. Fingers = engaged. Brain = …kinda.

  14. I rate the race a 3. I didn’t want F1 to go there in the fiest place but after I saw my favourite team failling for the fourth consecutive time, the weekend couldn’t get any worse. It went to a rating of 4,5 untill Jenson got problems. It stays 3,0 because Lewis still got some points.

    And there is only one of the drivers that I don’t like (I’m sorry) and it’s the driver who wins. If Kimi would have won the race it might have been a 5,5.. But I’m not happy with the podium.

    1. I think you may have failed on your rating process:
      “Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”

    2. @spafrancorchamps – You must have been feeling pretty dirty when Vettel took pole and won on you last year.

    3. @Tom, noted.

      @david-a – If I need to be honest, I hated last season yeah. On a certain moment I stopped watching qualify because it was no surprise who would take pole. Vettel on pole just gives you boring races. He is almost unbeatable when he starts on pole. He can control a race perfectly. He will get more trouble this season, since he is not a second quicker anymore but still.

      I like this season more. The field is real close so it is more of a surprise each weekend. But the tyres are rubbish. Drivers should be able to push like hell and not drive conservative just to make the tyres work.. You see drivers like Schumacher & Hamilton struggling while we know their full potential. I wish Bridgestone never left..

  15. I watched, but I didn’t rate it. Although I thought it was a pretty good race, it was sad. World leaders were against it, amnesty orgs were against it, the press was against it (some even got locked out), most fans were against it (myself included), and the teams played along with it even though they didn’t want to go and were too scared to say so. It was sad that Force India got hammered for not wanting to be in the middle of a war. It was sad cause F1 races are to celebrate, but we couldn’t. F1 basically flipped the whole world the bird. It was a decent race.. just a sad one too. I can live with the artificial gimmicks, but it’s gonna take while for this one to go down. I’m really having a struggle here.

    1. Wow!! You are disturbed by the happenings in Bahrain and support what is said and felt by world leaders, amnesty orgs., press, most fans (including you and the teams). In spite of all this, you watch the race itself but decline to vote as if voting is immoral and watching the race has no effect.


    2. You sir a a saint,you have made the greatest sacrifice, not voting to rate the race.

  16. One like we like to watch, China I rated also a 9, cool season so far.
    Thank you Kimi, and a French on the podium since 14 years and Jean Alesi in Francorchamps.
    Well done Lotus :)

  17. well said Pamphlet,
    i to feel for people of the world that don’t/cant have a say in how there country is run,
    we as a site can not help, go to a site that can and take your views with you,
    i come here to talk/read F1 nothing else.
    i gave it a 8, Kimi kept me on the edge of my seat,
    McLaren need a kick in the pants for another stuff up.

  18. What Mr Collantine has said:”Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.”.
    This is for all those who gave the race one per cent, which is a pretty sizable no. of people. The teams who witnessed the horror themselves(Sauber, Force India) showed great sportsmanship in turning up for the race… thumbs up to them. And thumbs down, to all those self-professed “pundits” who spoke about supposed atrocities when they themselves were in the safety of their living room, thousands of miles away.

  19. I hope all the races to be like this one,to keep ourselves on tension untill the end of the race and with a lot of overtaking and breathtaking duels.Kimi a pleasent surprise to seem challenge Vettel(witch drove without mistake) for the win,I thought it will be possibile,but second place after 4 races and 2 years out of F1 is very impressive and the same for Grosjean.I am pretty happy about this season and I hope RedBull will not go like last year with pole after pole and win after win :) .McLaren were disappointing in this race and MercedeGP the same.I hope to be a spectacular season with fight for the championship untill the last race.I want to ask If someone of you know or did understand what KImi said at the end of the race on Team Radio?Ahh and yes why did Vettel and Rosberg stop right after the finish?

    1. @ionutf1fanatic They probably stopped at the end to make sure they didn’t run out of fuel. There is a strict minimum weight the cars must be at the end of the race (around 650kg or something like that), if they are below that they can be excluded from the result. That’s also the reason why they try to pick up debris on the tyres on the in lap.
      Also I know in quali but possible in the race as well, there must be a certain amount of fuel left in the tanks for the FIA to test it’s contents, another reason to not risk running out completely.

      1. Thanks a lot for answer very useful :) .Nice to see someone reply my comment:) Really appreciate it :)

      2. I think Rosberg was starting to experience an exhaust issue, same as Button’s. That’s why the team told him to stop the car at the end of the start-finish straight. At least it’s a hypothesis that’s been circling round the internet since yesterday.

        Alonso and Massa also stopped somewhere on the circuit before reaching the pits, after the race. It would be interesting to find out whether this was a fuel consumption issue or if there were mechanical failures involved.

        However, Sakhir is rather well known for taking its toll on race cars and F1 material is known for being built right at the edge of its resistance, so I wouldn’t say its something THAT unusual to see cars stopping right after crossing the line. :)

  20. 2.

    Like with USA 2005, it should have never gone ahead.

    But however, the racing was better than at USA 2005, so the teams and drivers get a sympathy point from me.

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