Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Barcelona, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Spanish Grand Prix

2012 Spanish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Barcelona, 2012What did you think of the Spanish Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Spanish Grand Prix

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219 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Spanish Grand Prix”

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  1. 8/10 Great race for Maldonado, he beats a two times champion by his own! Great race for Hamilton also, wonderful work for him.

  2. Gave it an 8/10, great race, sooooo happy with Williams an Maldonado winning! A few battles here and there, might have given it a 9 , but have to hold it against the other races this year , so an 8

  3. Good race, well done to Maldonado. Good job Hamilton. Very embarrassing for Schumacher. –> I guess if one can not go “around the car”, the next option is to try going through it! Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work… Fair enough that Senna was blocking, but Schumacher should have expected something and hit the brakes or anything. Now Rosberg has 41 points vs Schumacher 2. That looks quite awkward.

    1. Thats coz michael fights for every point and rosberg collects every point

      1. Looks like Michael didn’t win any of those fights

        1. Michael has won 7 times & rosberg none. collectors never win.

          1. At the moment, though, it’s Rosberg with the race win. Unlike Massa, though, there is some capability for Schumacher to turn some of the points deficit around. I’d rather have the pace to be running 2nd or 3rd in a race before something goes wrong with the car, than eternally running around in 15th a lap down on my teammate.

  4. A 10 even as I read the text live for the past hours.
    Great job Pastor and especially Williams; a sensational win after 7-odd years
    Slightly disappointed as the Lotus pair did no agitation, but great potential!

    This season is scintillating!!!

  5. 10. Action from start to finish, what more do you want?

  6. It astounds me that some people are saying this race should be rated 8th or lower. What more realistically can you expect from a formula 1 race. If you gave this race an 8 or lower I don’t think you’re really a fan of motor racing as much as you think you are.

  7. 9. Incredible race, I’m really looking forward to the Monaco GP.
    I don’t even know where to begin, it was fantastic.
    A lot of tension because of the battle between Maldonando and Alonso, very good drive by Vettel after his drive through, incredible to see Hamilton managing his tyres so well, amazing final stint from Raikkonen..
    I am forgetting something, right now I’m thrilled. The standings look very interesting, I would say that Alonso, Vettel and Raikkonen are the guys who are in the best position to fight for the champioship. But anything can happen.

  8. As a Venezuelan I’m feeling so proud right now, it’s incredible what Maldonado has just archive. I would love to hear now those people who said that Pastor was just another pay driver, he’s showing what is capable of and with a midfield car. A true Champion!!
    Thank you Pastor for making us Venezuelans so proud

    1. Heaps pleased for you. It is a terrific thing PM has achieved today.

  9. Hope your CAPS is fixed

    1. o.O Reply doesn’t work?

  10. Fantastic race, so many intriguing battles on track, Main one of course being Maldonado vs Alonso. Great to see another new winner in F1. Also good to see Kimi remaining quick. And good to see Hamilton start from the back and beat Jenson!

  11. Quite good, quite good… I’d have to say 8 for a race with a definite european vibe to it, that delivered the fifth different winner on a fifth different car in the fifth race of the season. Didn’t really think this was possible anymore. :)

    Great drive from Maldonado. I have to say, last year I didn’t think he had the potential to win a race in F1, but for once I’m quite happy I was wrong. Really glad for Willams. Always a nice image, with their car/cars on the podium. Hopefully this will not be a one-off this season, but yet again, who can take the risk of predicting what’s gonna happen next anymore? At this rate the next winner could very well come from pretty much anywhere in the middle of the pack.

    Also, brilliant drives in order for Koba, Vettel, Raikkonen (a bit closer and the race could have been his) and Alonso (massive improvements at Scuderia). Grosjean – doing a good job keeping the pace.

    Schumacher – I still can’t quantify the amount of bad luck he keeps getting just as I can’t really point the finger at him or Senna over that incident. Stupid, stupid situation there…

    McLaren are just hilarious to watch at this point. Massa – not even delivering expectations anymore…it’s just sad.

    After Barcelona, we still have no clue how the season will unfold. Jesus, can’t wait for Monte Carlo…

    1. I hope you’re not including Lewis in the ‘hilarious’ comment, 24 to 8 with only 2 stops, 30 laps on the same tyres and some fantastic overtaking!!!

      1. Nah, Lewis limited the damage as much as he could, I’m aware of that. However, races are planned, driven and won as a team so my “criticism” goes to McLaren as a team.

        China happened, Bahrain happened, there were changes in the pit crew, then Saturday happened and after all that they ALMOST screw Lewis up AGAIN in the race?! I’m sorry but it’s becoming a laughing matter now…

        Starting the season with the fastest car, having two of the best and complex drivers on the grid in your line-up, one incredibly fast, the other incredibly smart and STILL throwing it all away, getting next to no results out of it because of repeated, well known, solvable issues? It sounds surreal even to me and I haven’t rooted for McLaren since the early Hakkinen-Coulthard days…

  12. 8/10
    Good but not as much as Bahrain and China and Malaysia. Well done Pastor.

  13. Dreadful scenes at the track at the moment, a huge fire appears to have broken out in the Williams garage.

    1. Been explosion, some people hurt apparantly

    2. I’m watching it now, such a sad way to end a great weekend.

    3. whoa.. is everyone okay?

    4. Any news? Forum now gone off – didn’t see the last bit. BBC F1 says some people hurt.

  14. 10- the best championship. Unpreditable. Anyway i’m a little confused. Which is the best car?? As Ferrari improve or RB and McLaren loose???

    1. Given Mclarens pace in practice, and how theyve looked after their tyres, we probably would have seen Hamilton take a relativly easy win had he started at the front.

      1. And what happen with Button??? He didn’t finish on top. Do you really think McLaren is the best car ??

        1. You mean Jensen ‘couldnt-find-the-balance’ Button? :]

          The McLaren is definatly the strongest car. It had the best race pace in practice over long runs, looked after its tyres, and stuck on pole by half a second.

          1. and another hick-up in the pits with Ham.
            fire that wheel man left hand back.
            how many more s–f-ups do we have to put up with.

          2. You said it right there: It had the best race pace in practice

            Today it was a lot colder, than yesterday, witch was cooler than before.
            HAM could switch his tyres on, BUT couldnt, give it +10 celsius, and BUT has balance, HAM is overheating.

            @nico74 @N

  15. As GP’s at Barcelona go. That has to be one of the better ones.

  16. Massive fire, hope all is ok in there! Looks like no one hurt though. Senna’s car is ruined by the looks.

  17. 10/10. Tense at the front, battles all through the field, excellent!

  18. It was an entertaining race to watch at times. I just feel like, once again, the tires played waaayyy to big a role in the outcome of the race. I’m not taking anything away from Maldonado, he drove a superb race, but when a williams is lapping a red bull something weird is going on, and it could either be a) pastor is the next coming of ayrton senna b) the williams is faster than the lotus, the red bull, the mclaren, the mercedes, etc or c) he won the tire lottery. I think it’s great that Williams won for Sir Frank’s 70th, but I don’t like how tires are dictating the outcome of races

    1. c) He won the tire lotery. Yes, he drove a great race also. But Schumacher is right about tires. Racing is something else…

  19. 9, great entertainment, any time we get a new winner it’s good for the sport IMO, sure put a smile on this ugly mug ! :)
    Hugo’s probably dancing the Joropo …..

  20. Sviatoslav Andrushko (@)
    13th May 2012, 17:13

    Great perfomance from Williams, especially after disappointing last year. Great race for Kobayashi: his style of overtaking is something I’ll never forget. Race wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t boring with lots of not-so-beautiful-to-watch DRS overtakings. Though I’m not a fan of Lewis, but his ride was extremely impressive. And I’m not satisfied, because I would love to see Alonso on the top) Anyway, race was nearly perfect: 9 out of 10.

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