2012 Monaco Grand Prix grid

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

Row 1 1. Mark Webber 1’14.381
Red Bull
2. Nico Rosberg 1’14.448
Row 2 3. Lewis Hamilton 1’14.583
4. Romain Grosjean 1’14.639
Row 3 5. Fernando Alonso 1’14.948
6. Michael Schumacher* 1’14.301
Row 4 7. Felipe Massa 1’15.049
8. Kimi Raikkonen 1’15.199
Row 5 9. Sebastian Vettel No time
Red Bull
10. Nico Hulkenberg 1?15.421
Force India
Row 6 11. Kamui Kobayashi 1’15.508
12. Jenson Button 1’15.536
Row 7 13. Bruno Senna 1’15.709
14. Paul di Resta 1’15.718
Force India
Row 8 15. Daniel Ricciardo 1’15.878
Toro Rosso
16. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’16.885
Toro Rosso
Row 9 17. Heikki Kovalainen 1?16.538
18. Vitaly Petrov 1’17.404
Row 10 19. Timo Glock 1’17.947
20. Pedro de la Rosa 1’18.096
Row 11 21. Charles Pic 1’18.476
22. Narain Karthikeyan 1’19.31
Row 12 23. Sergio Perez** No time
24. Pastor Maldonado*** 1?15.245

*Five-place grid penalty for causing a collision with Bruno Senna in the Spanish Grand Prix
**Five-place grid penalty for gearbox change
***Ten-place grid penalty for causing a collision with Sergio Perez during practice and five-place grid penalty for gearbox change

2012 Monaco Grand Prix

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80 comments on 2012 Monaco Grand Prix grid

  1. me262 said on 26th May 2012, 14:49

    question- why didnt Vettel post a time? Seeing his team mate on pole and how hard it is to overtake in monaco, why wouldnt u wanna post a time?

  2. Stiffado said on 26th May 2012, 15:00

    It’s slipping away from Lotus. You have yo seize your chances in F1, they don’t come round again usually.
    In Bahrain an easy win was not achieved because Boullier was too concerned with promoting GRO and too slow to realise a win was on the cards.
    Currently the team are not able to give RAI what he needs: they should have used the last test opportunity to fix the steering to Kimi’s satisfaction, instead it’s an ongoing prob still..
    This weekend GRO might follow ROS and HAM past WEB into ste devote, But ALO may have other ideas about that !!!
    Looks like a HAM ALO ROS podium, with RAI fourth.

    • Eleanore (@leucocrystal) said on 26th May 2012, 15:11

      Not surprising, really. Their strategies were generally quite awful last year, at times baffling, and apparently that doesn’t go away overnight.

    • BBQ2 said on 26th May 2012, 18:42

      When I write that Kimi is hard on his cars, his fans will not agree with me (obviously). You wrote the team could have used the test to correct his problems but you forgot kimi refused to attend the test!

      His steering problem did not start today, he has always been hard on them during his McLaren years as was confirmed today by Johnny Herbert on Skytv. Who does he think he is???? Arghhhhh!!!

  3. dkpioe said on 26th May 2012, 15:14

    webber and mercedes cars looked really fast today, i think webber will win the race, hes always been good at monaco. mclaren arent looking quick enough for a win, which is surprising considering how well they started the season and looked like the fastest car overall.

  4. John H (@john-h) said on 26th May 2012, 15:29

    Top 5 all in different cars. Has this happened this season at all? I’m guessing most probably.

  5. TheJudge (@thejudge) said on 26th May 2012, 15:57

    Rosberg and Hamilton will top Webber at the first 3 corners. My guess. AND IF schu can pull off a few good first laps,he could be on the podium.

  6. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 26th May 2012, 16:35

    The fastest 9 are covered by less than 1s. Nice!

    Schumacher deserved the penalty but it is a shame that his best chance at vindicating his comeback will be most likely quashed. However, like the guys on Sky said, experience pays dividends at Monaco and I’d certainly fancy him more than some of his higher grid placed competitors. Plus, he is known to start well, but well enough to capitalise before the first corner, who knows!?

    What’s going on with Button, he’s paling into obscurity this season? Sort it out Jenson!

  7. lynnduffy (@lynnduffy) said on 26th May 2012, 17:39

    Am I missing something? I saw the lap record listed as 1:14.439 (MS, F2004). Why is his time from today (or Webber’s, even) being counted as a new lap record? Was there a config change or something?

    • sumedh said on 26th May 2012, 18:28

      Lap records can be set only in a race. The 2004 time has been set during the race.

      Qualifying times do not count as lap records.

      • lynnduffy (@lynnduffy) said on 26th May 2012, 18:44

        Oh Duh. /hits self over head with the stupid stick.

        It’s just that lap records (or even times approaching them) have seemed so rare these days that I got ahead of myself. Thanks for not laughing at me for asking. :))

  8. Sam (@samb91) said on 26th May 2012, 19:27

    Wonder if Hamiton will try and look after his tyres, as Webber and the Mercs might have tyres issues!

  9. manatcna (@manatcna) said on 27th May 2012, 3:33

    Maldonado has had an engine change and will start last

  10. manatcna (@manatcna) said on 27th May 2012, 3:34

    Sorry, meant a gearbox change

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