Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Valencia, 2012

Vettel’s Valencia pace worries Ferrari

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Valencia, 2012In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel’s pace at the start of the European Grand Prix is a cause for concern at Ferrari.


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Ferrari concerned by Vettel’s pace (BBC)

Stefano Domenicali: “They did something very good this weekend; they improved the car. We are not at the level we should be in terms of performance. Red Bull was the quickest.”

McLaren: Maldonado incident avoidable (Autosport)

When asked if he thought Hamilton should have defended so hard, Whitmarsh said: “Clearly not, but you are dragging me into the conversation. In my mind, you saw him defend with [Romain] Grosjean and with [Kimi] Raikkonen, and he didn’t do anything different with Maldonado. It was a different outcome, but he didn’t do anything different with those drivers.”

Lewis Hamilton: “You have these ups and downs” (Adam Cooper)

“I don?t really know what happened if I?m honest. I went in the corner and I didn?t come out. To be honest it happened so fast I really don?t remember what happened. All I remember is sitting in the wall with only a lap to go.”

Horner sure Alonso will stumble (Sky)

“Fernando has done a tremendous job, scoring in every single race, but statistics say he has to have one bad weekend in 20. It will hopefully balance itself out over the course of the season.”

RB8 now a good all-rounder – Horner (ESPN)

“I think that we see form fluctuate from circuit to circuit, but we’ve had three poles in the last three races and that’s encouraging. We were in a commanding position here, tyre degradation looked very low and we were able to match that of our nearest rivals this weekend, and on that side it’s been positive.”

A rush of adrenaline, an emotional moment (Ferrari)

Luca di Montezemolo: “I saw all three champions of ‘my’ Ferrari hugging each other. Thinking back to so many amazing wins in these last 15 years and to the people who have contributed to that ?ǣ from Michael to Kimi, from Todt to the other drivers, from the engineers to the mechanics ?ǣ I was really touched.”

Comment of the day

Another great addition to Stats and Facts from Bleu:

It was first time since 2008 Brazilian GP since the driver won his home race. The longest such streak is between 1958 (won by Peter Collins) and 1962 British GPs (won by Jim Clark). Besides these two, the other time as there has been three years between two wins, is gap between 1995 European GP (Nurburgring, won by Schumacher) and 1999 British GP (won by Coulthard).

But then, nowadays we have a lot more races with no driver having home race. Since that Brazilian race, all Malaysian, Chinese, Bahrain, Monaco, Turkish, Canadian, Hungarian, Belgian, Singapore, Korean and Abu Dhabi Grands Prix have been held without a local driver with the exception of last year?s Belgian GP where Jerome d?Ambrosio was driving (and no one was believing that he would win).

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Last year’s European Grand Prix was one year ago today – Sebastian Vettel scored a straightforward win at a track which has previously struggled to produce exciting races.

F1 Fanatic readers rated it 3.8/10 which was by far the lowest score of the season – next was the Indian Grand Prix with 5.5/10.

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